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Think of the most remarkable artists you can remember, be it musicians, painters, or writers. A master creates unique works that patiently and carefully take their art to a new level and survive through time. That is what happens when it takes three years to come up with a masterful hemp strain like this!

Master is a dominant 70% Sativa and 30% Indica hemp strain. Its high CBD is outstanding with a CBD:THC ratio of 32:1 while THC production remains extremely at a legal 0.3% to 0.5% concentration. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other sativa dominant flower.


The Master hemp strain’s terpene profile is a work of art. It provides a robust, sweet fruity aroma that is attractive enough to breathe when you take out the buds to start your session.

When you grind them up, the smell becomes slightly spicy while there is always some lingering earthy scent and sour citrus whiff in the air. The flavor is a dreamed combination. The first thing you will notice is a sweet citrus flavor that covers your palate while you can catch a light source taste. Then it comes out of your mouth, caressing your tongue with an herbal overtone that remains in the smoke.

The terpenes of the Master hemp strain have a relaxing and anti-inflammatory incidence, resulting in a substantial entourage effect, which gives you a fantastic experience in every drag you take and making Master a top-quality flower.


Being a Sativa hemp strain, Master has predominant energizing effects. This bud provokes a long-enduring relaxing feeling that is the constant companion of the happy and cheerful sensation this strain awakes from the first moment. Master is a perfect daytime strain because of its energy boost.

This is an ideal bud for doing outside activities like hiking or street workout; it is also an excellent strain for social events. It raises your speaking self and celebration spirit. Moreover, CBD prevents the aftereffects of anxiety or paranoia.

The body effects of the Master hemp strain bring highly medicinal benefits. This strain’s high CBD level makes it fantastic for treating spasticity because of the muscle relaxing influence, and its terpenes profile helps treat inflammation conditions. Master alleviates any physical ache and relieves stress and appetite loss.

Master Hemp Strain Genetics

The Master hemp strain is a hybrid from the cross of CD-1 with Swiss Line. This has given Master a phenotype that is simply majestic. At first look, you will notice the oversized airy spade-shaped olive green nugs. There are rich purple undertones, dark amber hairs, and dark frosty purple crystal trichomes gracefully coating the flower when getting closer.


Swiss Line is a Sativa strain that grows natively in the region of Switzerland. It is a variety of the called landraces that gives his offspring much of its rich terpenes profile. Do not expect little of a strain that is part of a three years quest to search for the perfect cross that gave birth to the Master hemp strain.

On the other hand, Candida (CD-1) is a potent marijuana strain for medical users. It is renowned for having high CBD and low THC levels, producing special non-psychoactive effects, and being free to consume in any state. It boasts incredibly high CBD concentrations that range from 11 to 20%.

Whether smoked, used in a vaporizer, or prepared into a tincture, this strain will produce some notable relaxation and even slight sedative effects, all while leaving one’s head completely clear.

Growth Information

The Master hemp strain is an easy plant to grow, so it is perfect for any new or experienced cultivator. The best way to maximize this plant’s true potential is to grow outdoors or in a greenhouse environment.

Flowering Time

  • 55 to 60 days.


  • 450 gr/plant outdoors and 400 gr/plant indoors.


The Master’s seeds guard a potential miracle inside. Watching this plant grow and its flowers bloom is something memorable. Fortunately, you can buy them online in their feminized form. Creating an authentic masterpiece takes time and knowledge, so it can be hard to find a vendor capable of doing so.

That is why Botany Farms, thinking about you, offers one of the top-shelf strains in the cannabis industry. Sour Lifter (Herb X Botany Farms) is a Sativa strain that does an excellent job as the Master Hemp Strain. Enjoy the best hemp can offer and share with your friends.

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