Maverick Hemp Strain Review

Maverick Hemp Strain

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You can feel it in your insides, the desire to go beyond what is conventional and known for everyone, the spirit of being your unique self, showing the world the fire that is inside you. That is Maverick, the inner power of doing the unexpected and pulling out from the bottom of yourself what can surprise the world.

The Maverick hemp strain is a unique Indica dominant flower featuring a fantastic 75% Indica and 25% Sativa profile. With a total of 11.88% CBD, it is the perfect fuel to make your day an even better story. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other indica leaning hybrids.


Maverick can be one of the best hemp flowers in the world due to its rich terpene profile. Its flavor is a powerful combination that starts with sweet and fruity tastes that caress your tongue, followed by a delicate scent of pine that makes it pleasant while the smoke comes out of your mouth with hints of sour undertones at the end.

The aroma is a real advantage of the Maverick hemp strain over other buds. Its particular dense trichomes release a dominant sweet fragrance at the moment you open your pack of buds. This smell endures through the thick smoke with a skunky whiff that causes Maverick to stand out on the shelf, being this an experience to remember and share with your friends.

The robust terpene profile of Maverick favors the so desired entourage effect, which potentializes those of the hemp with the therapeutic influence of its terpenes, making it a stand-out strain in the cannabis industry.


Being an Indica hemp strain, the body effects are dominant. The Maverick experience starts with a solid muscle-relaxing sensation you can feel from the middle of your eyes to the bottom of your nape and spreading to your limbs. Some minutes after, it becomes a warm, comfortable feeling flooding your body to the point of sleepness.

The stunning mental effects that characterize the Maverick hemp strain can break the inhibitions of your communication skills in its early stage to make you feel more comfortable speaking. Yet, as time passes, you will feel more like listening as the sedative power takes over.

The potential medical benefits of Maverick consist of making your anxiety and depression go away in every drag and breaks down the chains of the stress of your back. It is a great strain to try on weekends to chill with a moody movie or at the end of the day before bed.

Maverick Hemp Strain Genetics

Maverick is the result of cross-breeding the strains Goji OG X Stardawg, making it inherit exceptional properties in terpenes and the endurance of the plant. The sweetness of the taste of its parents with pleasant sour scent and the therapeutic impact of its entourage effects are genetic gifts you can enjoy from the Maverick hemp strain.


Goji OG is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is as unique as the red Himalayan berry this strain is named after. Users know this strain for its fantastic aroma combination, including red berry, black cherry, strawberry, Hawaiian punch, and licorice.

Stardawg is a popular strain of lovely bright, sparkling crystal trichomes that gently decorates the flower with a cap of glitter or stars. Stardawg offers an earthy pine flavor with sour notes of diesel underneath, perfect for setting the mood to the uplifting effects that give patients truce from stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

Growth Information

Maverick is a good strain for beginners to grow. It is easy to get high CBD levels from it, yet, you need discipline, love, and a constant learning spirit to make any hemp flower give its best to you.

Its robust texture and bushy growth habit favor Maverick’s resistance to harsh climate during the growing season. The Maverick hemp strain focuses most of its energy on flowering, which lends to a more incredible bud to leaf ratio and greater yield.

Flowering Time

  • 85 to 90 days.


Maverick is a top-quality hemp flower worthy of cultivating, so if you are one of the special people who like growing fine hemp strains like this and want to own some of its terpenes blessed seeds, you can buy them online here.

Maverick Hemp Strain Price

Maverick is a genuinely seductive hemp strain to try. If you feel like trying the fantastic experience it can offer, you can buy online some of its buds and share it with your friends, indulging yourselves in the gifts of a fine hemp strain as Maverick is.

Knowing the importance of buying your product from a reliable vendor, Botany Farms is a trustworthy provider with top-quality hemp flowers that do just as well as Maverick. Try our Sour Special Sauce hemp strain, a high CBD hemp flower to put the mind and body at ease.

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