Merlot Glue Strain Review

A glass of merlot in front of a vinyard

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Drinking a plump, fruity glass of an elegant Merlot wine will always be one of the decadent pleasures of life. Smooth, with juicy dark fruit flavors, these red grapes are widely popular among wine lovers.

Similar to this soft wine, the Merlot Glue strain has caught the attention of cannabis lovers, especially those who live in New Jersey. These dark green with vibrant purple hues buds contain up to 23% THC.

Coming from a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 with Purple Bomb, the red wine flavor and sour notes of Merlot Glue make it a total temptation. This indica-dominant strain is certainly all it’s cracked up to be. 


Fruity, sour, and somehow earthy, the Merlot Glue strain is definitely popular for its flavor. After a few hits, you get the sensation of rich wine on your tongue. Because it has such fragrant strains as its parents, Merlot Glue has strong levels of caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and pinene.


The Merlot Glue strain is certainly not for the faint of heart. The strong effects of these buds create a heavy state of relaxation, but not to the extent of couch-lock. A tingling buzz will go over your body and make you feel comfy. As it is an indica strain, it is best for nighttime use.

Many users found in Merlot Glue a perfect treatment for pain, muscle spasms, and stress. Moreover, the cerebral high of this strain is uplifting and euphoric, having you exploring the depths of your mind.

On the side of terpenes, we get a complete experience of beneficial effects for the body and mind. With caryophyllene being the most dominant terpene in the Merlot Glue strain, your mood will be regulated and the effects of the rest of the cannabinoids and flavonoids will be stronger. Moreover, this is the only terpene that interacts with the endocannabinoid system, enhancing the effectiveness of the Merlot Glue strain.

Then, limonene is known for its citrusy profile. However, there is far more to this strain than just its enticing flavor; it acts as a treatment against anxiety, is anti-inflammatory, and has antioxidant benefits. Pinene, on the other hand, boosts energy and improves focus. Lastly, myrcene is the most abundant terpene of cannabis, and it is highly relaxing and anti-inflammatory. On the negative side, some users could experience dry mouth and mild anxiety in case of low THC tolerance.

Merlot Glue Strain Genetics

With a high THC level, fragrant terpene profile, and good looking buds, the Merlot Glue strain has it all. Thanks to its parents, Gorilla Glue #4 and Purple Bomb, Merlot Glot has become one of the favorite strains of cannabis lovers.


Gorilla Glue #4 is a hybrid strain that leans toward the indica side. Both users and breeders love this strain for its potent effects, all due to the soaring 18-32% THC levels of these forest green nugs.

The power of Gorilla Glue #4 was definitely passed down to Merlot Glue since this parent strain created a heavy high that leaves people couch-locked. Due to these effects, users enjoy using Gorilla Glue #4 for depression, chronic fatigue, and nausea.

Purple Bomb is a lesser-known strain, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. This indica strain is a descendant of Purple Diesel and Black Rose, and it inherits the best effects of these strains. Purple Bomb has a fruity and piney terpene profile, releasing feelings of euphoria, calm, and pain relief when smoked.

Grow Information

Growing a Merlot Glue strain can be difficult when not maintained in the right way. However, with the proper space and control, your dark buds will thrive and give you a yield above average.

Flowering Time

  • 56-70 days.


If you want to grow your own Merlot Glue strain, get 10 regular seeds at Seeds Here Now.

Merlot Glue Strain Price

We know that Merlot Glue sounds like a must-have. Widely known in New Jersey, you can get this strain from Curaleaf here. Prices may vary according to each vendor, but usually, ⅛ oz retails at $50. The enticing aromas and powerful effects of Merlot Glue make it a great indica strain to unwind.

However, at Botany Farms, we know how difficult it can get sometimes to find certain strains. For this reason, you may want to try out our Cherry Blossom strain. This stress-melting indica tests at 11% CBD, perfect for those who are not fond of THC. Moreover, the rich taste of dark cherries and floral citrus are mouth-watering, creating a calm and lovely atmosphere for the end of the day.


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