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Among the sweetest ladies in the cannabis world, none is quite like the Miss B hemp strain. She is one of the perfect examples of a top-shelf female hemp specimen.

Miss B is stunning, sweet, charming, incredibly striking, a high-quality hemp strain that surprises its users with the undeniable beauty of its buds, the penetrating fruity fragrance they exude, and the relaxing effects they generate when smoked.

Many CBD lovers consider the Miss B hemp strain one of the best Indica-leaning hemp flowers nowadays. In the following article, you will find out what makes this lady special and the reasons why it is currently one of the highest-ranked top-shelf hemp strains.


The charming Miss B is as rare as its nugs are beautiful. An aura of particular mystery still surrounds this exotic Miss. Nonetheless, there is a fair amount of user reports who have experienced the incredible fragrances and flavors of this stunning hemp strain.

The Miss B hemp strain displays a super fresh and fruity, mango-like smell mixed with complex notes of sweet pepper, citrus, floral, and skunk. Miss B tastes as good as it smells and will deliver a load of flavorful, refreshing smoke at each toke. Rest assured, its aroma will make all the heads turn when it fills the whole room.

Miss B has a beta-Myrcene content at a concentration of 0.50%, being the terpene with more predominance. The beta-Myrcene content in this strain is responsible for the fruity and citrusy smell similar to mango that Miss B presents and its earthy and musky undertones. This terpene plays a crucial role in the entourage effect, allowing better absorption of the cannabinoids present in this strain.

A-Pinene is the second most abundant terpene in the Miss B hemp strain and is the cause of the spicy and piney scents it exudes. This terpene helps regulate the undesired effects of THC while collaborating in the synergistic effect produced together by the terpenes and cannabinoids present in Miss B.

Limonene contributes to Miss B's peculiar citrus scent and is present at a concentration of 0.06%. Limonene is also a popular substance in aromatherapy due to its anti-stress and anti-anxiety qualities.

Last but not least, B-Caryophyllene is also part of the terpene profile of this strain in a concentration of 0.14%. B-Caryophyllene interacts with our endocannabinoid system by changing our mere perception of pain, which plays a precise role in the pain-relieving properties that the Miss B hemp strain presents.


Miss B will make you feel her gentle and relaxing effects as soon as you inhale its delicious and sweet smoke. Due to it being a high-quality Indica-dominant hemp strain, it has the characteristic of getting the user into a state of complete calm and relaxation in both body and mind.

The Miss B hemp strain will help calm any physical pain or mental stress, stimulating in the user an introspective but clear-minded mood. Miss B's soothing cerebral effects make her a perfect CBD flower strain to enjoy lying down in the afternoon to end your spree.

This Indica-dominant strain is the ideal Miss to accompany you to wind down and relax for a while on the couch, watch a movie, or enjoy a relaxing time with your friends.

Miss B Hemp Strain Genetics

Miss B is another of the daughters of the famous T1 strain crossed with the very rare Lions Tabernacle F4. As a result, the Miss B hemp strain stands with a terrific 14% of CBD content.

This is an Indica-leaning hybrid hemp strain that inherited the most striking characteristics of her parents and evolved them into a stunning appearance, smell, and bud structure that can even exceed the expectations of the most experienced users.


T1 is a strain characterized by its fresh flavors and its sweet smell of lavender. Its effects tend to tend more towards its Indica side, offering relaxing and calming effects. This bud is the result of crossing The Wife strains with the classic Afghan kush.

Like her daughter Miss B, T1 is an excellent strain to enjoy in the afternoon and add a delicious and relaxing end to your day. The Miss B hemp strain probably inherits its sharp fruity smell and flavor from its other relative Lions Tabernacle. This rare hemp strain gives off a spectacle of fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, and piney aromas.

Lion’s Tabernacle is perfect for those dealing with poor appetite and anxiety due to the Indica-leaning effects that this strain generates as you smoke. Lions Tabernacle passed on these relaxing and therapeutic qualities to Miss B, who is also now famous for her captivating scent, incredible looks, and soothing effects.

Growth Information

There is still not much specific information on how the Miss B hemp strain grows. But, the growth patterns of this bud suggest she inherits the Christmas tree-shaped structure of her buds from her relative, the T1 strain.

Most CBD plants descended from T1 have bright orange pistils once they reach maturity, and Miss B is not the exception. Under stressful conditions, the Miss B hemp strain may experience unwanted THC spikes, so it is wise to avoid prolonged and stressful growing periods.

Flowering Time

  • Indoors: 7 to 8 Weeks
  • Outdoors: Middle September to middle October

We know ladies run the world. That is why our Hot Blonde strain is one of our favorite CBD strains on the market. As a hybrid strain with some notorious Indica properties, Hot Blonde is an excellent smoke for a relaxing evening with friends. You can remain functional with this lady since it will only allow your body to rest and wash away any anxious thoughts.

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