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Many foodies out there value food that makes your mouth water. Textures, aromas, and flavors should come together to create a beautiful experience on your palate. Connoisseurs know best that other things can make your mouth water besides fancy meals and elegant drinks.

Cannabis strains, with their frosty and vivacious appearance, are delectable treats that can give you the same pleasure a five-course meal does. Learn with us more about the Mouth Party strain, a particularly fancy bud that honors its name.

What is the Mouth Party Strain

The Mouth Party strain is a luscious combination of the Wojo Mints and Red Pop strains. Exotic Genetix Seeds bred these buds together to create an indica-dominant with summer flavors that make you smile and get you dancing.

Prepare a fun cocktail, sit down, relax, and burn away these crystal nugs for a chill afternoon, accompanied by harmonious music and friends.

Mouth Party Strain Appearance

Unlike its outgoing name, the Mouth Party strain has elegant energy. Its frosty trichomes make it look like a beautiful cannabis plant covered in snow. The nugs are dense and have various amber hairs decorating their light-green body, giving them a splash of color that makes them a bit more appealing.

Mouth Party Strain Genetics

Exotic Genetix Seeds took two of its best flowers, the Wojo Mints and Red Pop strains, and put them together to create a beautiful bud with a promising high. Exotic Genetix also bred both parent strains. While there isn’t a lot of information available on Wojo Mints, we do know that it is the parent of many strains.

As for Red Pop, it tastes like freshly baked strawberry cake with an amazing 20% THC content. Thanks to its high myrcene content, it has anti-inflammatory effects that make people feel at ease and relaxed, helping them deal with painful symptoms.

THC Content

There isn’t much information regarding Mouth Party’s THC content. However, if we take a look at his parents, we can suppose there’s about 15 to 20% THC in this gleaming bud. As an indica-dominant strain, Mouth Party’s THC content is more likely to present its effects in your body.

Mouth Party Strain Effects

Like a classic Indica, the Mouth Party strain will lull you to sleep. While your palate enjoys the beach party, your body will slowly dissociate from reality. Mouth Party makes your body feel like sound waves pass through it when you’re at a concert and the music is loud. Your limbs vibrate, move, and feel at peace with every second that goes by.

For that reason, the effects of Mouth Party are ideal for those who can’t curl up between the sheets and experience pain or inflammation. In lower doses, the Mouth Party strain will definitely give you a more grounded high.

While your energy levels will still be limited, it is more likely that you can join the actual beach party instead of being the person who falls asleep on the sofa while everyone else is dancing.

Mouth Party Strain Reported Flavors

The Red Pop strain passes on to her child a flavor that reminds you of a Tequila Sunrise. While we don’t know which exact terpenes created such a cocktail, we can rest assured that their combination is as complex as the bouquet of aromas it created for the Mouth Party strain.

Mouth Party Strain Growing Info

Thanks to its easy growing process, the Mouth Party strain is a grower’s favorite. The yield is heavy, with the fragrant buds growing in a medium bush that takes about 63 days to flower.

It is the perfect strain for indoor growing, and many smokers have fallen in love with its thick resin coat and rainbow colors. If you feel adventurous, get your own Mouth Party seeds at Platinum Seed Bank or Area 51.

Strains Like Mouth Party Strain

Cannabis is a versatile plant, making it easier for us to find alternative strains when we can’t find the ones we initially want. While the enticing effects and flavors of the Mouth Party strain are very tempting, it’s a difficult strain to find at your nearest dispensary or online distributor.

For that reason, we recommend you try the Delta 8 Abacus 2.0 strain. This indica bud carries a flavor that reminds you of a freshly baked berry pie with lemon notes. Melt the stress away and drift off to dreamland with this 15.8% CBD and 4.4% Delta 8 bud, and thank us later. 

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