Hemp Flower New York: CBD Flower Buyer's Guide

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Being the global culture and media capital, it’s only natural for New York to adopt hemp as a legal crop. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the growing, processing, and selling of CBD flower became federally legal. As a result, in 2019, farmers cultivated up to 20,000 acres of hemp in this iconic state.

Due to the initiatives of many farmers and consumers, New York developed a strong and successful hemp program. Although the process to get a license for growing and manufacturing industrial hemp in New York is quite complicated, many small businesses have benefited from the state’s decisions on the matter. This way, many new vendors started to offer quality hemp flower in New York, creating a thriving market in the Empire State.

However, some regulations were implemented in 2020. Although the Empire State has a growing demand for CBD products, the modifications to the first hemp flower laws in New York were useful. In case you are not aware of these new changes, Botany Farms has created this guide to help you understand the basics of hemp flower in New York, its regulations, and some places where you can find this amazing product.

Is Hemp Flower Legal in New York?

The legal state of hemp flower in New York is quite complicated. First off, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC (the compound found in cannabis responsible for its well-known psychoactive effects), making it legal in states like New York, which only legalize marijuana for medical use.

Despite its approval, things changed in 2020, when the state decided to prohibit the growing and sale of hemp flower. This means that you can’t sell or buy hemp flower in New York if it has been grown in-state. Ironically enough, CBD vaping products and CBD-infused foods are legal. This draft regulation has made many farmers, processors and distributors fear for their future, as smokable hemp flower is the most common from of consuming CBD.

Another downside is that you can’t smoke CBD flower in public. While medical marijuana is free to use, you will only get out of trouble if you are a medical marijuana patient. Hemp flower resembles marijuana a lot, and that is the reason why you may want to smoke your CBD flower indoors. Moreover, the state hasn’t legalized the growing of hemp flower at home, and only those who have a license can have their cultivars as long as it is not for personal use.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in New York

You will find a plethora of CBD products and hemp flower in New York. From high-end specialty stores to a couple of CBD strains in some gasoline convenience stores, there is no way you can’t find hemp flower for sale in New York. However, it is easier for you to buy your favorite hemp flower strain online.

For instance, Botany Farms ships everywhere in the United States, selling quality hemp flower and pre-rolls at great prices. Check out our shop here and get to know our craft cannabis made especially for you. In case you want to explore the CBD dispensaries in New York, we have collected the most visited and loved stores in the state.

Hemp Flower New York City

Neat, bright, and full of a great variety of hemp products, Hemp Garden is the best place to buy hemp flower in New York City. The staff at this store will take their time to walk you through all their items, letting you know which suits your needs perfectly. Deals, events, and a special customer affiliation program, there are no reasons for you to not go to Hemp Garden.

In addition, the store has all the lab reports for each of their products in case you want to ensure you are buying only third-party lab tested products. The commitment to ensuring quality CBD to the community is also reflected on their blog and social media, where they share educational information about the effects of CBD on the body.

Hemp Garden is a place you should visit to buy hemp flower in New York. Go to 158 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, and have fun getting the best hemp flower in the city. In case you want to order online, check their website here.

Hemp Flower Buffalo

A most-stop-smoke-shop, Shake N Daze is the best place to buy hemp flower in Buffalo. Known for its excellent customer service and variety of CBD products, those who visit Shake N Daze come out with their needs satisfied. Local and family owned, this shop is one of the most complete in the area. From pipes and accessories to kratom and CBD, there is absolutely nothing you can’t get at Shake N Daze.

If all the products seem to be too much, the staff is always there to help you find exactly what you need, providing their knowledge and training for a better shopping experience. Shake N Daze will definitely become your favorite smoke shop in Buffalo once you pay them a visit.

Find them at 1929 South Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14220, and get high-quality hemp flower.

Hemp Flower Rochester

All Natural CBD Store is Rochester’s finest CBD dispensary. You will find all kinds of hemp-derived products; hemp flower, edibles, tinctures, lotions, pre-rolls, and more. All Natural CBD Store is totally committed to letting you know all the benefits of CBD and its uses, helping you decide on the best product for you.

Moreover, the way the staff walks customers through every aspect of their products is what makes this place so special. If you are new to hemp flower, paying a visit to All Natural CBD will help you clear your mind. There is no other place you can find such a wide collection of hemp products in Rochester.

Visit this amazing place at 2453 Lyell Road, Rochester NY, 14606. In addition, you can get some of their products on their website, along with complete customer service.

Hemp Flower Syracuse

Hemporium is probably the most known CBD store in Syracuse. With a beautiful display that contains the best cannabis products, you will live an amazing shopping experience while learning about hemp and all its benefits. What makes Hemporium such a fascinating place to visit is its great product line.

They sell high-quality CBD products like tinctures, lotions, and hemp flower. Moreover, the staff at Hemporium is trained to provide as much information as they can to help consumers get what they need. Owned by a veteran, the main goal of Hemporium is to build a strong cannabis community that can help each other find the best alternatives to traditional medicine.

This wonderful store is located at 320 Northern Lights Plaza, Syracuse, NY 13212. You can also find out more about Hemporium on their website.

Hemp Flower Yonkers

While it is fairly easy to find hemp flower for sale in New York, you may struggle to find a wide variety of hemp flower in Yonkers. This city has plenty of dispensaries that offer outstanding products, but CBD flower is not one of them. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get hemp flower if you live in Yonkers. On the contrary, there are a plethora of reliable online vendors that ship directly to your doorstep.

If you want to try a vast amount of hemp strains, it is better for you to order hemp flower online. For instance, Botany Farms ships to all the U.S and offers organic craft cannabis for you. If you are interested in fragrant, potent, and out-of-this-world CBD buds, check out our products and find what feels good.

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