Nigerian Mint Strain Review

A green and purple bud of Nigerian Mint Strain hovers above a field of mint

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Table Of Contents
Honoring its African lineage, Nigerian Mint is a complex mix of flavors that contains up to 19% CBD and 6% THC. This cross between an African landrace strain and Thin Mint Cookies has dark green buds with a thick layer of resin. Especially bred to aid medical marijuana patients, Nigerian Mint has an effervescence mix of terpenes and cannabinoids to help you feel better.


With prominent percentages of the terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, the Nigerian Mint strain has an intense earthy aroma with some gassy and skunky hints. The combination of these compounds with its high CBD content makes Nigerian Mint a pleasant smoke.


As a hybrid strain, Nigerian Mint will help you relax and relieve your anxiety and pain while keeping your mind awake. Perfect for a soothing smoke, the high levels of CBD will hinder any strong psychoactive effects from inducing anxiety. Moreover, many patients have found in the Nigerian Mint strain a solution to their ailments, allowing them to go through their day without feeling drowsy. Myrcene serves as a muscle relaxant and provides the cannabis plant with analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory effects. Then, caryophyllene helps regulate mood and has analgesic effects. Lastly, limonene is responsible for stress relief and has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Nigerian Mint Strain Genetics

Nigerian Mint is an extremely rare hybrid strain. Nigerian Mint comes from an African landrace strain, containing the best genetics you can find in high CBD- low THC strains.


Known for their impressive medicinal benefits, African landrace strains have energetic and uplifting properties, being predominantly sativas. Known for their high resin content, African strains are strong phenotypes, yielding high THC content that are perfect for medical purposes. Thin Mint Cookies is the result of a cross of OG Kush with Durban Poison. As a perfectly balanced hybrid, this bud is 50% sativa and 50% indica. Thin Mint Cookies smells like mint with a sweet undertone. Being a hybrid, this bud has potent effects both physically and mentally, being perfect for medical marijuana patients. Thin Mint Cookies treats the pain, nausea, and appetite loss often found in serious disorders.

Grow Information

Since the breeders of Nigerian Mint like to remain exclusive about their strains, there is not an overwhelming amount of information on this bud. Being a hybrid, you can expect a moderate growing difficulty. Coming across Nigerian Mint in your local dispensary can be quite difficult. For this reason, Botany Farms offers you great CBD alternatives. Something that can only be referred to as “candy from outer space” is Sour Space Candy. This balanced hybrid is one of the most famous CBD strains on the market. Bred from Sour Tsunami and E.R.B, this strain offers the best effects of an uplifting Sativa and the tingling buzz and relaxation of a sedating indica. Testing at 16.7%, the dense buds of the Sour Space Candy strain have multicolored hues and a delicious terpene profile that will produce a smooth smoke.

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