North Shore Maui Strain Review

North Shore Maui strain

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Table Of Contents
The Northern cousin of the Hawaiian Sativa strains, the very rare North Shore Maui strain, delivers lovely light green buds with some forest green overtones adorned with pretty orange hairs. These buds are also prominently covered in trichomes. The North Shore Maui hits with some musky overtones with a fresh floral aroma and a pleasant fruity and floral aftertaste. Although there's not too much information about this tropical cousin of the Maui strains, it is impossible not to talk about it. As it has different effects than most Sativas, you will feel a refreshing, new kind of Hawaiian breeze. Check out our best selling tropical Sativa strains:


Due to its mainly fruity profile, the North Shore Maui strain has a high myrcene content, along with linalool and limonene. These terpenes act as anti-inflammatory agents, regulate mood and can provide pain relief. You can get to know more about linalool’s effects in our blog, as well as many other terpenes that provide your favorite strain with distinctive flavors.


The North Shore Maui strain effects are a bit less uplifting than other Sativa strains. However, this is still an excellent option for those who enjoy the energizing effects of these kinds of buds. This bud’s high tends to begin with a head heavy sensation that delivers a slow cerebral stimulation, which becomes a bit more prominent as time goes by. The high is medium to high lasting, and it can go from 2 to 2 and a half hours for most users. The North Shore Maui strain is a good option for morning or daytime use as it will make you feel uplifted and talkative. Moreover, this bud will increase your creativity without affecting too much your energy levels. Some users have stated that the high feels like a strong cup of coffee with the relaxing, mellow sensation of a Sativa. In addition, you will feel a mild head buzz in the background.

Growth Information

This happy tropical strain has a friendly moderate difficulty growth that will provide big yields when harvested. Users who don’t have a great experience growing cannabis can experience several problems during the process.

Flowering Time

10-12 weeksDo you feel like going to a tropical place? If finding the North Shore Maui strain is difficult for you, there are plenty of options that will do the work. Hawaiian Haze provides the best a Sativa flower could offer. This bud charges an intense pineapple and berries taste with earthy notes while emitting a floral scent. This strain is great to clear your mind and keep you focused, thanks to its 15% total tested cannabinoids.

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