North Shore Maui Strain Review

North Shore Maui strain

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The Northern cousin of the Hawaiian Sativa strains, the rare North Shore Maui strain, displays lovely light green buds with forest green overtones adorned with pretty orange hairs. These buds are also prominently covered in trichomes.

The North Shore Maui has musky overtones with a fresh floral aroma and a pleasant fruity and floral aftertaste. Although there's not too much information about this tropical cousin of the Maui strains, it is hard not to talk about it. As it has different effects than most Sativas, you will feel a refreshing, new kind of Hawaiian breeze. Check out our best selling tropical Sativa strains here.

Key Takeaways

  • North Shore Maui is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70:30) that blends genetics from unknown Hawaiian varieties to provide a stimulating high with sedating effects.
  • Due to the influence of the Hawaii sun, this strain's buds are shiny and light green, with burning orange hair and trichome crystals that make it glitter.
  • The cannabinoids and terpenes in North Shore Maui enhance the entourage effect, thus promoting their therapeutic potential.

What Is the North Shore Maui Strain

North Shore Maui is a rare and exotic tropical variety created from multiple crossings of unknown Hawaiian strains. It is a 70:30 sativa-dominant strain characterized by exotic looks and the best Sativa and Indica traits.

It boasts a mentally stimulating yet beautifully calming high. Its buds represent true art in the cannabis world. For cannaseurs seeking cerebral and soothing effects, North Shore Maui is ideal. It’s 16-23% THC content makes it a reliable choice and an effective remedy against stress, pain and insomnia symptoms.

North Shore Maui Strain Appearance

Its buds are light to dusky green, with crimson-orange hairs and a generous dusting of frosty trichome crystals. For this reason, they sparkle with a glittering appearance that is strongly similar to the buds in Hawaii’s renowned “Hazes.” The buds are densely packed, smooth to the touch, and pleasurable to break and smoke.

North Shore Maui Strain Genetics

North Shore Maui is a 70% Sativa, 30% Indica hybrid strain resulting from the cross of undisclosed Hawaiian varieties. This marked Hawaiian genetic heritage contributes to its fruity, tropical flavors, stimulating effects, and appeal to users seeking an exotic and flavorful session.

North Shore Maui THC/CBD Content

North Shore Maui THC levels range from 16 to 23%, while CBD levels are generally below 1%, delivering a potent high that you'll begin to feel after the first few tokes. This strain's cannabinoids and terpenes blend to provide a balanced entourage effect, with the potential for alleviating a range of conditions minus couch lock.  


Due to its mainly fruity profile, the North Shore Maui strain has a high myrcene content, along with linalool and limonene. These terpenes act as anti-inflammatory agents, regulate mood and can provide pain relief. In our blog, you can learn more about linalool’s effects, as well as many other terpenes that give your favorite strain its distinctive flavors.

North Shore Maui Strain Reported Flavors

North Shore Maui has an intense musky and floral nose, complemented by a fruity and floral aftertaste. Its flavor profile includes hints of mango, earthy tones, spiciness, and citrus, providing an exotic and tropical multi-dimensional sensory experience.

North Shore Maui Strain Effects

The North Shore Maui strain's effects are a bit less uplifting than those of other Sativa strains. However, this is still an excellent option for those who enjoy the energizing effects of these kinds of buds.

This bud’s high tends to begin with a head-heavy sensation that delivers a slow cerebral stimulation, which becomes a bit more prominent as time goes by. The high is medium to long-lasting (2 to 2.5 hours for most users). The North Shore Maui strain is a good option for morning or daytime use, as it will make you uplifted and talkative.

Moreover, this bud will increase your creativity without affecting your energy levels. Some users have stated that the high feels like a strong cup of coffee with a Sativa's relaxing, mellow sensation. In addition, you will feel a mild head buzz in the background.

North Shore Maui Strain Growing Info

Growers interested in the North Shore Maui plant should know that this strain thrives indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile and convenient choice for novices.

While it doesn't require excessive attention, North Shore Maui's Sativa-dominant nature may result in a slightly longer flowering than Indica strains. Sativa-leaning plants typically have narrow leaves and prefer warm climates, making them more suitable for outdoor cultivation and regions with longer growing seasons.

Flowering Time

  • 10-12 weeks

Strains like North Shore Maui Strain

North Shore Maui is a strain worth seeking out. But if you can't easily find it near you, you could explore some similar options—strains like Strawberry Banana Kush, Sugar Queen, Purple Tangie, Lilly, or Early Lemon Berry. These strains have comparable cannabinoid content, terpene profile, effects, and possible benefits, making them an excellent alternative to North Shore Maui.

Where to find the North Shore Maui Strain

While Hawaiian strains may be star performers, North Shore Maui could be difficult to find in your local dispensaries. Not to worry, though; Botany Farms has you covered! Our menu has a spectrum of fruity options.

If finding the North Shore Maui strain is difficult for you, there are plenty of options that will do the work. Hawaiian Haze provides the best a Sativa flower could offer. This bud has an intense pineapple and berry taste with earthy notes while emitting a floral scent. Thanks to its 15% total cannabinoids, this strain is great for clearing your mind and keeping you

Final Thoughts

From North Shore Maui – a sativa-dominant hybrid with tropical flavors, expect an uplift in mood and a relaxing yet energizing therapeutic promise. For inspiration, chilling out, and a dose of soothing relaxation, a puff or two of North Shore Maui will awaken positive vibes, a bit of creativity, and, well, the kind of feel-good vibes that you were keen on in the first place.

North Shore Maui: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the North Shore Maui strain ideal for beginners?

No, because the potency of the North Shore Maui strain and its high THC content makes it less suitable for novice users.

How will the North Shore Maui strain make me feel?

North Shore Maui will elevate your thoughts and energy and leave you feeling talkative, amused, and creative—the kind of high you’ll crave if you’re an experienced user.



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