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Northern Lights hemp bud

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Imagine yourself wrapped in the comfiest blankets under a sky pebbled with stars while green, blue, and purple ribbons dance electric miles above you. Picture the lull of the wind and the song of the universe carrying you to the best dreams. That, and maybe a bit more, is a hit of Northern Lights. If the Northern Lights hemp strain were a person, we would be asking for their autograph. This strain was one of the first ones developed by Netherlands growers during the 1980s by crossing the famed landrace Afghani with a small percentage of the well-known Thai. The result of this experimentation is an almost pure Indica breed with a high CBD content that can range from 16% to 21%, making it one of the most potent strains around while keeping its delta-9 THC below 0.1%. The original crops of Northern Lights had a very dim CBD content, thus making them unusable for medical treatments. Nowadays, farmers try to develop plants with a higher CBD content while keeping the original properties of the strain. As a result, recent crops have achieved up to 21% CBD, making them suitable to aid in neurological conditions such as epilepsy and seizures.


When they are still on the plant, the multicolored nuggets of the Northern Lights hemp strain flash with the colors that earned it its astronomical name. Bright green, pink, purple, and blue hues swirl in the dense buds, like fairies waiting to play in arabesques of smoke. The dried Northern Lights hemp strain flowers tone down most of their colors while still being a multicolored wonder where soft blues and purples streak across the lime-green leaves. Orange hairs crisscross the flowers in a tender hug, almost covered by a crystal shrine. The sticky trichomes coat the nuggets as if they were sugar, whispering a promise of dense and powerful resin. Breaking the buds will give you a surprise, so you better brace for the aggressive, sweet, and spicy aroma that will break out. A delightful nectarine smell will team up with robust cinnamon and soothing citrus to attack your nostrils and possibly clear your sinuses. Take a moment to revel in the sprites that will circle you while you grind the Northern Lights hemp strain and prepare your experience.


Most of the goodness in medicinal plants comes from the terpenes, the aromatic molecules that plants secrete to defend themselves from pests, attract pollinators and even communicate with each other. Cannabis plants are particularly bountiful in terpenes, whose wide variety is responsible for each strain’s distinctive smell and taste and their specific effects and benefits on the body. The primary terpenes in the Northern Lights hemp strain are myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene.
  • Myrcene. The most abundant terpene in cannabis is also the dominant terpene in Northern Lights. It gives a sweet and slightly funky aroma with earthy undertones. Get comfortable when smoking this strain because } myrcene will relax you to the point of not letting you stand up. This quality makes the myrcene also part of stress and anxiety cannabis treatment.
  • Caryophyllene. The spicy cinnamon you will smell and taste in the Northern Lights hemp strain comes from its caryophyllene. This terpene also binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your brain and body, increasing the effect of cannabinoids and acting as an analgesic and gastric protector.
  • Pinene. The sweet, floral undertones that greet you when you open a Northern Lights nugget come from pinene. This terpene is the most abundant in nature, and it has a lot of medicinal uses. Just to mention a few of them, pinene helps patients suffering from memory loss, asthma, arthritis, or Crohn’s disease.


Your first taste of the Northern Lights hemp strain will release a delicate, cinnamon-tasting cloud of smoke that will leave sweet earthy notes lingering on your tongue. Right after that, this strain’s happy feeling and general euphoria will give you a boost of focused creativity that you may want to use before your second hit. Some people say this is a “two-hit and quit” strain. The potent relaxing effects of the Northern Lights hemp strain will couch-lock you in a happy daze after your second hit. We recommend this strain for the evening, before going to bed, or for stressing family meetings. Moreover, its colorful aurora will lift any worries or discomfort and tempt you to raid the available snacks before dropping loose-limbed on your couch.

Health Benefits

The healing properties of the Northern Lights hemp strain will help patients regulate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. In addition, this strain is an excellent soother for chronic pain and insomnia, and it has proven to help people suffering from appetite loss and anorexia.

Side Effects

Be ready for a severe case of cottonmouth and dry eyes by having a trusty water bottle near to your flopping-down place. We do not recommend having Northern Lights for work since its potent indica sedative properties will not let you get anything done. In high doses, it can produce dizziness and paranoia, so try to keep your consumption low.

Northern Lights Hemp Strain Genetics


Theories vary on the Northern Lights hemp strain origin. However, most growers agree that it came from the efforts of the Dutch Super Sativa Seed Club around 1985. Northern Lights is a 95% pure Indica and 5% Sativa cultivar from Afghani and Thai landraces. This crossing keeps most of its Afghani inheritance while borrowing some goodness from its Thai parentage. The Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan breed some of the most resistant plants in the world. They can blossom during dry seasons and store their nutrients for harsh times. As a result, these mountains give us the ancient Afghani strain, which honors its birthplace with its low maintenance and dense resin that farmers have harvested since the dawn of agriculture. The Northern Lights hemp strain inherits its pure Indica effects from Afghani, along with its pain-alleviating and appetite stimulation medical benefits. Miles away from there, the luscious jungles of Thailand give birth to humidity-resistant plants with dense foliage and sweet fruits. These fertile grounds breed the pure Sativa Thai, with its citric and earthy aroma. Despite not giving more than 5% Sativa properties to its offspring, the Northern Lights hemp strain takes from its Thai parent its burst of cerebral high, sweet, earthy undertones and its cultivar’s resistance to humidity.

Growth Information

As an almost pure Indica, the Northern Lights hemp strain is short and stocky, making it a preferred breed for indoor and home growers. This plant is ideal for beginning farmers because of its many qualities. It can grow on a hydroponic substrate or soil, survives hot and humid environments, is resistant to pests, and quite a fast developer. It shows dense and colorful leaves that may block the light for the nuggets below them, so we recommend you prune the leaves on the top to let the sunlight reach the bottom parts of the plant.

Flowering Time

6 to 8 weeks


Since the Northern Lights hemp strain does not grow beyond 3 feet tall, it does not have a high yield. However, it exchanges quantity for quality. Pruning the tops will give the lowest buds enough sunlight and air circulation to increase your crops. You can get up to 6 oz of flowers per square foot or 4 oz per plant with proper care and dedication.


The Northern Lights hemp strain is easy to grow, and its seeds are easy to get, both from feminized and autoflower options. You can buy quality seeds from Sensi Seeds, allegedly the original developers of the strain, or other providers like Grower’s Choice, Nirvana, or Weed Seeds Express. Do you enjoy the mysterious effects of an Indica bud? A great alternative to the Northern Light hemp strain is the Sour Special Sauce strain. This pungent bud will give you a peaceful sleep and induce sweet dreams.

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