Otto II Hemp Strain Review

Otto hemp strain

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What is so great about being well accompanied is feeling mentally stable, capable of doing what you propose, happy, and optimistic. Basically, acting savvy, so you do your best. And what better company than the Otto II hemp strain?

Otto II is a balanced Sativa-Indica hemp strain featuring a fantastic 12% CBD concentration, while THC remains about 0.05%; thus, the CBD: THC ratio can be as much as 20:1. Being a balanced hybrid, this is a perfect strain to use at any time of the day, being a companion in all of your moments.


The first impression of the Otto II hemp strain is a pleasant hay aroma. Give it some time, and you will sense pungent, sour notes. When you grind up the buds, the resins release a dominant citrus fragrance enhanced by a solid pine smell and earthy notes.

The taste will not let you down. The fruity sweetness covers your palate in a second, along with herbal notes that give a tingly sensation on your tongue while the smoke comes out. Then, the spicy taste fades into a lavender aftertaste that stays in the thick smoke cloud.

The rich combination of terpenes sets the chill mood to enjoy the whole experience of the Otto II hemp strain. The aroma and flavors help you get the best of its CBD effects to improve your day’s moment, making it a favorite among new and experienced users.


The Otto II hemp strain has fantastic body and mind effects that will make your body feel lighter and relaxed while putting you in a focused and motivated mood. Moreover, this strain will get you happy and optimistic, perfect for performing any task during the day, whether it requires mental or physical dexterity.

On the other hand, the Otto II hemp strain will not get you high like THC, so you will stay on the ground while enjoying its effects. Instead, this strain will make you feel energized and clear-minded, so it will boost your creativity and your attention to detail so that you can make your ideas more clear and find new links among them. Just imagine what would come out of having a long and fun conversation with your friends using Otto II.

The medical benefits are noticeable. Otto II helps relieve minor and mild pains while having anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, this bud takes away the stress off your shoulders and mind and helps against anxiety and mood swings like bipolar disorder.

Otto II Hemp Strain Genetics

The phenotype of Otto II is surprising with all of its diverse attractive colors. The purple and bright green please the eyes when mixed with orange and golden shades. The short leaves are thick and firm, like guarding the treasured compact nugs. However, the most attractive feature of this plant is the several crystals that decorate it gracefully.

Although the Otto II hemp strain origins are not clear, its genetics are unique in the cannabis industry due to the combination of beautiful phenotype and resin levels. It is all about trying to break down the buds to feel your fingers stick with one another. That’s when you know things are getting good.

Growth Information

The Otto II hemp strain is easy to grow as it characteristically grows fantastic indoors, and its plants mature very fast in a warm climate with a lot of sunlight. If you are a new cultivator, Otto II would be a good choice for your parcel. Put good soil and hard work and watch it reach its peak yield easily. For instance, Otto II has its peak resin levels between September and October.

Flowering Time

  • 70 to 77 days

Otto II Hemp Strain Price

Otto II is a great companion and a must-try experience you should not miss. You can buy it online from 7.00 USD a gram, 3.5 grams for 24.50 USD, or 7 grams for 49.00 USD. These are pretty good prices for a high-quality strain like this and its high CBD levels.

Sometimes, it is hard to find a trustworthy vendor that offers top-quality products. That’s why Botany Farms thinks about you and shows you the best of the hemp industry. If you like Otto II, the Super Sour Space Candy strain will exceed your expectations of a balanced hybrid with its notes of lemon twist and sour apple. The fruitful complexities shine through with the classic diesel smell.

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