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Pacific Peach strain bud

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Indica Sleep THCA
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The soft fuzz of peaches invites us to enjoy their juicy and subtle flavor. That same softness is also what leads us to tranquility every time we taste strains with aromas similar to this fantastic fruit. By now, you've probably come across several peach strains in your life. However, none indeed compares in relaxation to the Pacific Peach strain. Read on to find out why.

What is the Pacific Peach Strain

Breeders at the Captain’s Connection probably didn’t know what they were about to create when crossing their Peach Panther and Banana Bread strains. Pacific Peach resulted from these fragrant buds as a lovely indica that provides delicious flavors and a chill high.

Those who are looking for a “classic” smoke while experimenting with more subtle and fruity flavors might find themselves indulging in the Pacific Peach strain and its amazing THC content.

Pacific Peach Strain Appearance

Contrary to its delicate name, the Pacific Peach strain boasts delightful neon green colors and beautiful amber hairs. This bud has a Christmas tree shape and dense texture. Along with its sticky trichome coating, it makes for a pleasant sight for those who want to feel mellow at the end of the day.

Pacific Peach Strain Genetics

While the Pacific Peach strain remains unknown to most smokers, its parents are quite popular among cannasseurs. Peach Panther is a fuzzy strain from the same breeding house as its child. Its trichome-rich buds give off a sweet candy scent with fuel undertones.

Coming from the Peach Ringz and GWIZ strains, Peach Panther is a true icon. With an equally pleasant flavor, the Banana Bread strain amps up the genetic profile of the Pacific Peach strain. This hybrid bud tastes just like a fresh banana bread slice. Along with its 20% THC content, it helps smokers feel at ease and provides a mellow high.

Pacific Peach Strain Terpenes

The benefits terpenes provide to our well-being are now popular in the cannabis world. The Pacific Peach strain is high in myrcene and limonene, two of the most abundant terpenes in your favorite herb, which is why its smoke tastes and feels so good.

Myrcene has a characteristic mango aroma and sedative properties, making it a common terpene in indica-leaning strains. When it interacts with the cannabinoids in your bud, it boosts its relaxing properties and even has the ability to induce sleep.

As for Limonene, it adds a bit of spice and tangy taste and aroma to the Pacific Peach strain. This upbeat terpene is perfect for relieving stress and anxiety symptoms, giving you a chill experience.

Pacific Peach Strain Effects

A few minutes after your first toke, the Pacific Peach strain will start taking over your body. Your limbs will feel lightweight and tingly, and the world around you might look softer, brighter, and more fun. Some may even giggle a bit during the first few minutes after exhaling.

While the THC content of Pacific Peach is unknown, the sensation this stoney bud gives us indicates that it is manageable and mellow, making it ideal for those who want to experiment with strains with a medium THC content.

The effects are strong on the body, with a warm sensation running through your veins as you melt into the couch. Don’t worry, though; the Pacific Peach strain will still allow you to remain functional.

Strains like Pacific Peach Strain

It’s really hard to come across this bud if you don’t live in Massachusetts, its hometown. For that reason, you should try another strain while waiting for the fuzzy effects of Pacific Peach to come your way.

At Botany Farms, we have organic, U.S-grown flower to please your senses and the perfect alternative to Pacific Peach. Delta 8 Zombie Kush is a piney and earthy strain with delicious berry undertones that will take you to a relaxed state with grace. Try these delta-8 nugs and broaden your horizons!

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