Paradise OG Hemp Strain Review

Paradise OG hemp strain

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Feel the bliss of nature course through your body and take away your pains. Paradise OG is a fully organic hemp strain with a perfect 50/50 Indica and Sativa balance. It will help you ease any illness and discomfort with an almost-there mild high that will leave you relaxed and happy.

The careful breeding of the Paradise OG hemp strain gives it a high CBD content of 25%, making it a good choice for medicinal extracts. In contrast, its THC content barely reaches 10%, and its delta-9 THC keeps way below the legal limit of 0.3%. This cannabinoid proportion makes Paradise OG a soft strain whose effects will be most soothing while less psychotropic.


As in a glimpse into the Garden of Eden, the nuggets of Paradise OG offer us bold colors in a fluffy envelope. Bright purple leaves saunter inside the dark green flowers, peppered by burnt orange hairs. As if they were brown sugar, amber trichomes rich with resin dust the buds.

The Paradise OG hemp strain flowers exhale a musky, dank, and earthy aroma that will make you think of freshly rained forest ground. Delicate undertones of pine, citrus, and grape aromas will tangle around your tongue and complete your sensory trip to paradise.


Paradise OG has an impressive display of terpenes, the aromatic oils secreted by most plants to dissuade predators, protect themselves from plagues and fungi, and lure in pollinators.

Furthermore, terpenes carry many beneficial health properties for humans, which is why we prefer to get them naturally from plants, cannabis included. The most frequent terpenes among Paradise OG’s variety are caryophyllene, bisabolol, humulene, myrcene, and guaiol.

  • Caryophyllene: The spicy, peppery smell of caryophyllene is a common trait that Paradise OG shares with herbs and spices like rosemary, cinnamon, basil, cloves, and black pepper. The health benefits of caryophyllene include being an analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent, antidepressant, and digestive tract lining healer.
  • Bisabolol: Because of its floral aroma and its skin-nourishing qualities, bisabolol is a favorite of the cosmetic industry. It comes from chamomile and a few cannabis strains. The presence of bisabolol in Paradise OG enhances its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and soothing properties.
  • Humulene: The dank, earthy aroma of Paradise OG comes from its high humulene content. Coriander, sage, and black pepper have humulene; beer hops and certain woods sport this terpene, too. It acts as a pain reliever and antibacterial agent, although one of its most searched properties is to reduce the size of cancerous growths.
  • Myrcene: This terpene has the most frequent appearance in cannabis strains, where we find it most in nature. However, we can also find it in mango, beer hops, and thyme. Myrcene gives Paradise OG its musky smell, grape undertones, and relaxing effects.
  • Guaiol: This rare terpene gives Paradise OG an aroma resembling pine wood, which is straightforward, considering that its primary source besides cannabis is in cypress pines and tropical guaiacum trees. Guaiol has traditional uses that go back to pre-hispanic America, as a cough treatment, insect repellant, and menstrual cycle regulator. Recent research shows that guaiol benefits expand to an antibiotic, analgesic, and cancer cell suppressant.


Indulge in a relaxing, healing visit to paradise and leave your pains and worries behind. The low THC content of the Paradise OG hemp strain will give you a mellow buzz with almost negligible psychotropic effects, just enough to relax you into the healing that will come.

Moreover, Paradise OG will give you a powerful sensation of relief, a full-body calmness, and euphoria that will soothe your mind and body without numbing you. We recommend this strain for day use to take away anxiety and stress. You can also take it during the night to relax your muscles before a good night’s sleep.

Health Benefits

As a strain bred for its therapeutical properties, the Paradise OG hemp strain has a lot of medical uses. Its soothing qualities make it great pain and fatigue relief, especially for chronic cases. It also helps treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD treatments. In addition, it is a helper for patients dealing with local inflammations, muscle spasms, or menstrual cramps.

Side Effects

There are practically no side effects of the Paradise OG hemp strain. Its terpene guaiol will address even a potential cough. As with any other hemp strain, it is better to keep yourself hydrated if there is mild eye dryness.

Paradise OG Hemp Strain Genetics

The Paradise OG hemp strain is the result of extensive research by the Love Genetics CBD labs. They crossed OG Love and Valhalla in search of the delicious inheritance of OG Kush in a CBD form.


The Indica dominant OG Love is a highly aromatic hemp strain. While it does not inherit its high THC content to Paradise OG, it does pass down its heavy resin and terpene variety. Its plague and mold resistance and hefty crop capacity also benefit Paradise OG.

The Sativa dominant Valhalla balances the strong effects of OG Love. The relaxing properties of Valhalla pass down into Paradise OG, along with its low THC and high CBD content.

It is widely used for therapeutic purposes, helping patients suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, or discomfort from chemotherapy.

Growth Information

The Indica inheritance of the Paradise OG hemp strain makes it suitable for indoors and outdoor growing. However, it is a bit difficult to grow, so we recommend it to experienced growers.

Flowering Time

  • 9-11 weeks


  • Indoor plants give a lesser yield than the ones that grew out under the sun. You can expect 500 g per plant indoors, while an outdoor plant will give you up to 700g.


We are sorry to inform you that Paradise OG hemp strain seeds are not available for growers nowadays. We will update the seed provider information as soon as they become available to buy.

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