Peach Fuzz Strain Review

A pile of peach fuzz cannabis strain with a joint being rolled next to a bowl of peaches

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Everyone loves the rich flavor and aroma of a fuzzy peach. Soft, juicy and rosy, people adore peach cobbler, some sugared peaches and cream or just a plain peach. Nowadays, you can find peach almost everywhere. Literally. Peach Fuzz is a fragrant sativa-dominant strain grown by Jahnetics. Its parents are Peach Ringz and Adonai, providing an amazing amount of 23.2% THC levels. With a nice layer of frost all over them, the buds are light green and with a pungent peach aroma that will give you all you need for a focused mind. Our Peach Fuzz strain review will let you know all the important characteristics of this flower. Although Botany Farms doesn't carry this strain, there are a few similar sativa-dominant and fruity CBD flowers and pre-rolls available:


We can find floral, sour and citrusy notes in Peach Fuzz, which are created thanks to terpenes like Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene. The sour peach flavor that comes from smoking these buds has made many consumers go head over heels for them.


An instant cerebral high and creativity are the effects you can expect from this strain. Its trichomes and fragrant terpenes will make you experience The Entourage Effect at its best, helping you gain energy and while relaxing your body. The Peach Fuzz strain delivers almost the same effects as its parents; it relieves chronic pain, muscle spasms, cramps and treats symptoms related to anxiety and depression. As for terpenes, myrcene aids digestion and produces muscle relaxation. Limonene, which provides the citrusy notes of the strain, is a well-known antidepressant, uplifting and reduces inflammation. Finally, Caryophyllene is the only terpene to interact with the endocannabinoid system; for instance, it helps regulate mood and has analgesic effects. On the negative side, you can expect paranoia and dry mouth due to the high THC levels found in this strain.


Even though its parents Peach Ringz and Adonai aren’t very well-known, they provide Peach Fuzz with undeniably great characteristics. This mix of hybrids (both being indica dominant by a small percentage) make Peach Fuzz a strain that provides a good energy buzz while making you feel mellow.


The mother, Peach Ringz, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created through crossing Marionberry and Eddy OG strains. It has been used to relieve insomnia, arthritis and chronic pain due to its 20% THC average and relaxing body high. It is often preferred at nighttime, since it delivers a heavy sleepiness and fogginess. As for the father, Adonai is another indica-dominant hybrid with a high yield. It has euphoria effects that end up sedating the body and wake up the appetite. Both its parents are sativa strains, which manifest its properties in Peach Fuzz. Adonai is often used to reduce stress and treat insomnia. Some of its negative effects are dry mouth and eyes.

Grow Information

You don’t need to be an expert to grow a Peach Fuzz plant. Developed by Exotic Genetix, this strain delivers a higher yield when grown indoors, with a phenotype of strong and solid roots and stalks.

Flowering Time

8 weeks.


Growing Peach Fuzz will leave you with a great amount of good buds to enjoy. You can find plenty of seeds on different websites, but we recommend you to shop them here to get the best quality.


This strain is considered a premium flower, being sold at $50.00 for 3.5g to give you the buzz you need to get through the day. If you are interested in trying it out, click here to get your Peach Fuzz flower. An energizing sativa that provides a mellow feeling to your body isn’t hard to find. However, when it comes to quality and transparency, Botany Farms is your best bet. If Peach Fuzz seems like something you would like to try out, our Suver Haze will certainly become one of your favorites. With a high terpene profile that adds sweet fruit and pepper flavors, this bud will let you remain alert and focused thanks to its 21.3% CBD content. Consumers say this flower is perfect to add to your morning coffee or tea to give you all the energy you need for a long day. Thanks for stopping by! Why not try savoring one of our crafted Sativa Delta 8 THC flower? Reference links:

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