Peach Goliath Hemp Strain Review

Peach Goliath hemp strain

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It is hard to get enough of the smooth sweetness that comes from daily things such as an excellent talk with someone you appreciate, watching a colorful sky by sundown, the taste of some fruity peach, or the calm and joy from a good Sativa. Now you can have the peach taste and the hemp in the fat buds of the Peach Goliath hemp strain. Peach Goliath is a Sativa dominant hybrid with high CBD levels between 10-15% CBD while staying under 0.3% THC. These gigantic buds are perfect to use at any time of the day. Boost your energy and activate your mind while enjoying its delicious fruity taste and aroma. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other sativa leaning hybrids:


As soon as you open the bag, you will feel like having a walk in the forest with the dominant pine fragrance. Close your eyes and let the aroma transport you to a friendly and calm place while you feel the herbal notes stroking your nose and setting the mood for a must-live experience by the hand on Peach Goliath. The taste commences with a decisively fruity sweetness with a perfect mix of citrus undernotes, which causes a pleasant tingly sensation on your palate. As it comes out of your mouth, you will sense the spiciness and slightly sour notes that fade from your tongue to the smoke into herbal notes. The terpene profile of the Peach Goliath hemp strain empowers the body effects of the plant. It maximizes the anti-inflammatory incidence in an entourage effect beneficial for any medicinal or recreational use. The strong pine fragrance of the Peach Goliath hemp strain is thanks to pinene. You will also find Limonene and Caryophyllene in this delicious bud.


The Sativa effects are strong in Peach Goliath. The sensation of well-being is always present while feeling happy and capable of doing anything you desire. The mental clarity this bud produces makes you think everything is okay and helps you improve your concentration to boost your performance in any creative task. The body effects are remarkably muscle-relaxing and make you feel weightless. The Peach Goliath hemp strain is fantastic to start the day. It will put you in the right mood to focus your efforts on your tasks with optimism or whenever you go out hiking or doing any physical activity. In addition, this strain is excellent for social events as it makes you talkative and takes the anxiety away. The medical benefits of the Peach Goliath hemp strain give a reprieve from aches to medical users as the CBD alleviates any pain by taking away the muscular stress and by its anti-inflammatory incidence. The CBD helps fight anxiety and stress without the THC side effects like paranoia.

Peach Goliath Hemp Strain Genetics

Peach Goliath got its name from its surprising big buds, dense and sticky covered in frosty trichomes that guard the fruity scent with citrus notes, making this strain so attractive to any user. The parents of this strain are wild varieties without known names, but thanks to havens, these genetics and their seeds are available in the cannabis industry.

Growth Information

This is an easy plant to grow in outsides or insides and has a good yield, making it perfect for new and experienced cultivators. To grow the Peach Goliath hemp strain, it is best to put it in a greenhouse with a Mediterranean warm and mildly humid climate 3 to 4 weeks before the desired field planting date and harvest five weeks after the first flower blooms.

Flowering Time

7 to 8 weeks


Peach Goliath has an outstanding yield of 7.5 lbs/plant from where it gets its name. It is easier to reach this yield when grown outdoors.


The seeds of Peach Goliath are very desired. Fortunately, cultivators have them available to buy online from 100 seeds for 249.00 USD (2.49 USD per seed), so if you consider trying to grow them on your own and share them with your friends, it would be a fantastic decision.

Peach Goliath Hemp Strain Price

The amount of sweet joy Peach Goliath offers is proportional to the size of its nugs. This strain is a must-try experience that will make any day an even more exciting story. These sweet giants are available to buy online from one-eighth of an ounce for 30.00 USD to the whole ounce for 165.00 USD to indulge in the experience of Peach Goliath. It is crucial to always buy your products from a reliable to care about your experience and health. That’s why Botany Farms offer top-quality products that you will love if you like Peach Goliath. Pineapple Haze is a hemp strain with intense sweet flavors like citrus pineapple, tropical fruit, and a smell of coconut milk fill the room once you open the jar.

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