Pineberry Hemp Strain Review

Pineberry Hemp strain

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Table Of Contents
Resting in a warm wooden cabin in a calm and fresh forest is revitalizing, puts you closer to nature, and feels like returning home while still having the adventure. That is how the Pineberry hemp strain and its sweet flavor feel. Using this Delta-8 TCH strain is a unique story while staying on the ground. Pineberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a stunning total CBD of 18.36% that will make you feel warm and relaxed. Like a hug for a welcome home, it will help you rest and take all physical and mental stress out of you. This strain is perfect during the evening or anytime on a recharging and lazy weekend. We don't have this specific strain, but check out some of our Delta-8 products:


The citrus aroma is dominant and fills the room as soon as you take out the buds, setting the mood for a great session. When you grind up the buds, the resins release their powerful aroma, getting a seductive combination to stroke your nose. The citrus comes with a sweet fruity fragrance and piney notes that want to taste it at once. The flavor of this fantastic flower has a rich citric and piney taste that fades in sweeter notes of berries. You can feel the touch of the terpenes in your palate telling you to try some more. The aftertaste tingles the tongue with a woodsy sense that stays in the cloud of pleasantly smelly smoke. This terpenes profile is perfect for users who love solid and long-enduring flavors. The Pineberry hemp strain is a must-try for any user who seeks a unique entourage effect to maximize this strain’s joy and tranquil mood.


This Indica variety has potent relaxing and calming body effects, predominantly. Yet, the mental and body impact is similar, reducing the stress of the muscles and giving a truce from aches for its antispasmodic incidence and its anti-inflammatory action. As an Indica, Pineberry is excellent to use before sleeping to provide the best sleep quality and fighting insomnia. Its high CBD content and its sedative effects make it a strain to use at nighttime or during weekends. It could make it difficult to perform physical activities or tasks that require concentration even though the Pineberry hemp strain gives a clear-minded state, which helps reduce anxiety and depression. So, this is a strain with many medical benefits and is a perfect reward after a hard workday or an ideal companion to watch a moody movie or listening to some soft music. Even though having delta 8 THC, this compound is helpful to chill without expecting any psychoactive side effects like paranoia or anxiety.

Pineberry Hemp Strain Genetics

Pineberry is an original strain of Oregon CBD, which made it the result of crossing the famous Ringo’s Gift and Early Resin Berry. These parents offer incredible genetics, making their offspring’s buds have a great combination of sweet, fruity, and pine aromas, while the flavor is heavy on the pine and citrus. The phenotype of Pineberry CBD nugs makes them fat with a deep green predominant color covered by frosted trichomes formation that decorates the buds and beautiful shades of purple that make Pineberry a must-own.


Ringo’s Gift is a cross of Harle-Tsu and ACDC, which gives this strain high CBD levels. Cultivators have grown a great variety of Ringo’s Gift in ratios and phenotypes, from an equal balance of one CBD to THC to stunning proportions of 24:1 CBD:THC. This strain has become a favorite in the cannabis clubs of Barcelona because of its mental calming effects and body relaxation without provoking a couch lock. On the other hand, Early Resin Berry has large buds with a shiny bright coating of trichomes and nugs full of sticky and rich terpenes resins. Its buds have a bright light green color with purple touches on the tips make them tasty and aromatic. The fiery red pistils are the final touch of royalty to put this hemp flower at the top of the pile.

Growth Information

The Pineberry hemp strain grows well outdoors but can also be grown indoors in a climate-controlled greenhouse procuring warm and mildly humid conditions. This plant needs care, so the Delta 8 THC does not fade in other cannabinoids and lose the remarkable properties this compound brings to the cannabis industry and the usreś experience.

Flowering Time

6 to 7 weeks.


The yield of Pineberry is around 0.62 oz/ft2.

Pineberry Hemp Strain Price

The incredible Pineberry hemp strain buds are a must-own product to enjoy alone and with your friends. You can buy online getting 1 gram for 6.00 USD to 1 ounce (28 grams) for 50.00 USD. Moreover, the Delta 8 THC effects make Pineberry a strain to experiment in edibles or try taking the best of its terpenes by vaping or just by traditional smoking. If you like the idea of enjoying the body effects of CBD powered by the Delta 8 THC like the Pineberry hemp strain does, you will love the Delta 8 THC Bubba Kush hemp strain from Botany Farms. Live the experience of the legendary Bubba Kush in its hemp version with 9% Delta-8 THC and 15% CBD for a potent yet balanced smoke that is best suited for evening smoke sessions.

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