Pink Hawaiian Strain Review

Close up to the Pink Hawaiian strain

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Immerse yourself in the pink Hawaiian sunsets. We are not talking about a trip to this magical island; there are easier and tastier ways to enjoy a tropical experience. Aloha! We do not currently carry this strain but check out these tropical options.

What is the Pink Hawaiian Strain

Also known as Hawaiian Pink, this cross of Hawaiian and Cotton Candy Kush is all about euphoria and happiness. Its terpene profile is a total people-pleaser, and its 13-19% THC profile will hit you with the perfect amount of bliss for you to still feel grounded.

Pink Hawaiian Strain Appearance

The Pink Hawaiian strain has lovely spade-shaped nugs of deep forest green colors, light amber hairs, and dusty trichomes. Thanks to its snowy appearance, the Pink Hawaiian strain is sticky to the touch, making it perfect for resin extraction.

Pink Hawaiian Strain Genetics

Coming from such iconic parents, Hawaiian and Cotton Candy Kush, the Pink Hawaiian strain lives up to our expectations. With a slightly strong Sativa profile, this hybrid strain inherits the best of both parents, packing a sweet terpene profile and intense effects.

THC/CBD Content

Because of its relatively moderate 13-19% THC content and around 1% CBD levels, the Pink Hawaiian strain is a great bud to treat several conditions, such as depression, chronic stress, glaucoma, and chronic fatigue.

Pink Hawaiian Strain Effects

The sweet high of the Pink Hawaiian strain is almost instant, filling your mind with upbeat energy and heightened creativity. After consuming this bud, many users report an increase in social activity, making it perfect for social gatherings. Allow your mind to wander, as the Pink Hawaiian strain’s effects will leave you unfocused and slightly air-headed.

Moreover, its energizing effects allow you to tackle any project, and artists will benefit from a good smoke of the Pink Hawaiian strain. Its creative effects let your imagination take over your body and help you channel it through your best talents. As for negative effects, the Pink Hawaiian strain leaves you with a dry mouth and, when not taken slowly, some users may develop panic or paranoia due to this bud’s mind racing effects.

Pink Hawaiian Strain Reported Flavors

We can’t help but think of a delicious Lava Flow cocktail when describing the Pink Hawaiian strain’s flavors. This bud packs delicious sweet, strawberry, tropical, and honey flavors. Moreover, its Cotton Candy Kush parent gives it some savory skunk and spicy notes, creating a mind-blowing mix of flavors led by the amazing Caryophyllene.

Where to Buy Pink Hawaiian Strain

The tasty Pink Hawaiian strain sounds like a total delight, but it may be hard to find outside Canada. However, we are pretty sure you can come across this amazing bud by asking in your nearest dispensary or online shop.

Pink Hawaiian Strain Grow Information

Unfortunately, Pink Hawaiian seeds are rare to find. However, if you get to buy some clones, a humid outdoor climate works well for this plant. It will grow tall and sturdy, and its flowers will appear around the 9th or 10th week. We know that the Pink Hawaiian strain is a tempting bud to try, but you may want to get something easier to find given its scarcity.

Fortunately, our Super Sour Space Candy strain is the perfect alternative to this bud. Packed with diesel, lemon twist and, sour apple notes, this hybrid contains 22.2% cannabinoids, giving you a grounding experience.

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