Pink Prosecco Strain Review

Hemp flower bud in front of a sparkling glass of pink prosecco

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Table Of Contents
A good cocktail certainly makes a special occasion feel fancy, creating a chill atmosphere to get in a nice mood. For instance, a bubbly, sweet Pink Prosecco will lift your mood and make a night with friends feel comfortable and fun, bringing fruity tones to the table. Pink Prosecco is a sativa-dominant hybrid created as a sweet variant of Jack Herer. Due to the secrecy of the breeder, its lineage is unknown. However, since Pink Prosecco is a homage to this iconic strain, we could expect some Haze phenotypes from it. Pink Prosecco is a strain with an average THC level of 20%, its bright green buds and amber hairs tempting you to taste them. As if that wasn't good enough, these light nugs are covered in a bright layer of trichomes, which ensure you will experience an unforgettable Entourage Effect. Although we don't carry Pink Prosecco (yet) we have several premium and sweet strains to choose from:


The irresistible feature of Pink Prosecco is definitely its terpene profile. Many users describe it as a floral, candy like aroma with citrus and berry flavors. For this reason, terpenes like myrcene, limonene and linalool could be found in Pink Prosecco.


As a good sativa strain, Pink Prosecco will have you primed for the day. After a few smokes you will experience a cerebral high that will send tingles through all your body. Your mind will suddenly engage in an euphoric train of thought, making you feel motivated and confident. These effects make Pink Prosecco a great strain to share some giggles with a friend and engage in stimulating conversations. With these effects and its high THC level, consumers choose Pink Prosecco to treat conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, chronic stress, and chronic fatigue. Although its effects seem only related to the mind, we can find some properties in the terpenes Pink Prosecco contains that will certainly deliver outstanding body effects as well. To begin with, myrcene is a terpene that contributes to the sedative effects of cannabis and is also a muscle relaxant. Limonene, a terpene responsible for the citrusy and spicy flavors of plants and fruits, acts as a potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and even helps fight depression and anxiety. Likewise, linalool is responsible for Pink Proseccos’ floral fragrance. This terpene has calming effects and promotes relaxation, regulating stress and overall mood.

Pink Prosecco Strain Genetics

This Jack Herer phenotype is grown indoors, making it a quality strain for everyone who wants a strong sativa strain. Even though its lineage is unknown, the information we have about Jack Herer can provide a general view of the phenotype of Pink Prosecco. This strain has a fast flowering period and round buds. As opposite to the dense and compact nugs of Jack Herer, Pink Prosecco has more light and airy buds. Moreover, indoor-grown strains will produce outward branching and reach a height of 3-6 ft.


As a Jack Herer pheno, Pink Prosecco will have a similar growing process, turning into a real dream for any farmer who wants to offer quality cannabis in a short period of time.

Flowering Time

8-10 weeks.


You can find Pink Prosecco at online retailers selling 1g for $8.50. At Dockside Cannabis, 3.5g of Pink Prosecco will cost you $37.00, a perfect price for a complex and stimulating sativa strain. An energizing sativa that provides a mellow feeling to your body isn’t hard to find. However, when it comes to quality and transparency, Botany Farms is your best bet. If Peach Fuzz seems like something you would like to try out, our Suver Haze will certainly become one of your favorites. With a high terpene profile that adds sweet fruit and pepper flavors, this bud will let you remain alert and focused thanks to its 21.3% CBD content. Consumers say this flower is perfect to add to your morning coffee or tea to give you all the energy you need for a long day. Reference links:,and%20even%20anti%2Dcancer%20properties.

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