Platinum Cake Strain: Cannabis Flower Review

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All that glitters is not gold, but the Platinum Cake strain is one of the few exceptions to this wise saying. The looks, flavors, aromas, and effects of this bud are the pure definition of luxury. How so? Read our Platinum Cake strain review to learn more about this shiny bud.

Key Takeaways

    Platinum Cake, a cross between Platinum OG and Wedding Cake, is an Indica-dominant strain known for its strong sedative effects, ideal for evening use. It features gleaming, purple trichomes on dense buds with lime and green leaves, and a terpene profile with vanilla and earth hints. Growing Platinum Cake can be challenging, requiring experienced growers for best results; it has a flowering time of 7-8 weeks and produces kief-coated buds.

What is the Platinum Cake Strain

Also known as “Platinum Cheesecake,” this bud is a cross between Platinum OG and Wedding Cake, a marriage that bestows upon its child a strong sedative Indica effect. Many users like to have the Platinum Cake strain as an evening smoke to decompress and prepare their bodies for a peaceful rest.

If you are looking for an Indica strain that stays away from the typical sweet and berry flavors these types of flowers have, the Platinum Cake strain is the ideal bud for you.

Strain Type Indica-dominant hybrid
Genetics Cross between Platinum OG and Wedding Cake
THC Content 20-23%, making it a high-THC strain
Appearance Dense buds with gleaming, purple trichomes; lime and green leaves with golden pistils
Effects Strong sedative effect, ideal for evening use; induces relaxation, euphoria, and potentially couch-lock
Flavors Earthy and woody aroma with notes of pine and Kush; vanilla, cake-like flavor with hints of pepper
Terpene Profile Linalool, Myrcene, and Limonene
Growing Information Suitable for experienced growers; 7 to 8 weeks flowering time; grows tall indoors and outdoors
Ideal for Users seeking a potent Indica with unique flavors and strong relaxing effects

Platinum Cake Strain Appearance

You can picture what the Platinum Cake strain appearance is by the name itself. Gleaming, purple trichomes instantly get your eye's attention when you open a bag of the Platinum Cake strain. These dense buds crackle when you break them apart, showing beautiful lime and green leaves with golden pistils. The mere look of this strain will make your body crave a toke.

Be careful when handling Platinum Cake, as its shiny resin will stick to your fingers. If you have a kief collector in your grinder, prepare yourself for a hard-hitting smoking session with Moon Rocks.

Platinum Cake Strain Genetics

In House Genetics decided to put the potent Indica properties of Wedding Cake together with the pungent and earthy terpene profile of Platinum, and as a result, Platinum Cake not only has a great sedative effect on smokers but also a strong terpene profile with subtle hints of vanilla and earth.

Although both parents have incredibly robust sedative effects, Wedding Cake has gained a lot of popularity for its ability to help patients suffering from pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. Likewise, Platinum OG is perfect for resin extraction due to its heavy trichome coating and THC content. Moreover, it is a robust healer when it comes to anxiety, pain, and stress.

THC Content

The soaring 20-23% THC content of the Platinum Cake strain makes it a powerhouse in terms of relaxation and hazy sensations. Skilled smokers report trouble forming sentences when indulging in this precious strain, so newbies must make sure they feel ready to face the heavy high of Platinum Cake.

Platinum Cake Strain Effects

Sit on the couch after a hard day and take your Platinum Cake buds for a good evening smoke. After the first toke, you will feel the high starting to take over your head, with a hazy sensation quickly settling in to give you bliss.

The more you smoke, the better this bud will distribute its effects through your body. Your limbs will feel relaxed and the stress of the day starts to fade away, replacing it with warm waves that can feel numbing. Moreover, indulging in this strain can glue you to the couch, making it the best strain to watch a movie or enjoy a lazy evening.

Medical marijuana patients can greatly benefit from the Platinum Cake strain effects, as its sedative properties and high THC level can relieve symptoms associated with headaches, anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Platinum Cake Strain Reported Flavors

Although we like cannabis for its effects and how it helps us unwind, there’s no doubt that a unique terpene profile is what makes us like strains better. In the case of the Platinum Cake strain, Linalool, Myrcene, and Limonene came together to give it a tantalizing aroma profile and flavors that set it apart from other Indica strains.

First, the smoke welcomes you with an earthy and woody aroma with notes of pine and Kush. Then, as you exhale, the vanilla, cake-like flavor, and hints of pepper caress your palate, bringing you comfort after a difficult day.

Where to Buy Platinum Cake Strain

Getting a piece of this cake may be a little difficult depending on the area you live in. However, you can always use online search platforms like Weedmaps to find a good retailer that can give you some of this cannabis goodness.

Platinum Cake Strain Growing Information

There’s nothing that growers love more than having resinous, beautiful buds in their gardens. However, growing this bud isn’t a piece of cake, and experienced farmers might be the only ones to get good results when having a Platinum Cake strain.

The flowering time for this strain is of 7 to 8 weeks, and it grows tall indoors and outdoors. When the plant is thriving, you will see kief-coated buds with beautiful shades of purple, green, and lime.

Having a sweet treat at the end of the day is a definite mood-booster. In case you can’t try the Platinum Cake strain, nature has several alternatives for you. What about a delicious pre-roll with lemon twist, sour apple, and diesel notes? The Super Sour Space Candy strain is a limited release from Oregon CBD that has made it in the hearts of hybrid strains lovers.

Discover the luxurious Platinum Cake strain, a perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence. While we don't carry this strain yet, explore our collection for other premium choices. Visit our Botany Farms Shop now.

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