Purple Fig Strain

Purple Fig strain

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Sweet, soft, and chewy: that’s how your regular fig tastes and feels like. Now, let’s add a twist: hibiscus, citrus, and grape flavors, with a relaxing body sensation. Fruits and veggies are healthy, but do they get you high? Keep reading to learn more about the Purple Fig strain. We don't currently carry this specific strain, but check out our other hybrids from Botany Farms:

What is the Purple Fig Strain

The Purple Fig strain is an herbaceous hybrid strain with delicious grape, citrus, and herbal flavors. Testing at about 24% THC, the child of Romulan x Snow Leopard x #11 was in season from 2017 to 2018, making cannabis lovers go head over heels for its crispy smoke and tantalizing flavors. Thanks to its amazing genetics and pleasing smoke, the Purple Fig strain has become the staple of the Fig Farms company and is now the proud parent of several strains that bring with them the caramel-like flavor of figs.

Purple Fig Strain Appearance

A ripe, ready-to-smoke Purple Fig flower has beautiful green shades and purple hues. A thick coat of white, gleaming resin covers this flower and gives it a mouthwatering appearance. The nugs are dense and have amber and white hairs running all over them, creating an enchanting feast to the eyes.

Purple Fig Strain Genetics

One of the reasons why the Purple Fig strain has such fantastic properties and flavors is because of its lineage. This cross of Romulan x Snow Leopard (Chem Dawg x Uzbekistan Hash Plant x Afgoo x Blockhead) x #11 (Green Crack x Haze) is an absolute delight in the shape of one single bud. The Romulan strain has a strong indica profile with a 20-24% THC sedative potency. This strain's body relaxation passes to Purple Fig, as well as its sweet flavor and piney scent. Then, Snow Leopard has a Sativa-dominant profile with hints of tropical fruit and earthy hash. Its high is euphoric and blissful, leaving you in the perfect state for creative introspection. As for its descendants, the Purple Fig strain is the proud parent of strains such as Animal Face, Banana Fig, Sunrise, Figment, and many more. All of them inherit the beautiful purple hues of Purple Fig, along with its delectable terpene profile.

THC Content

This sweet strain packs a punch of 24% THC that will take you to a relaxing paradise. Although its high will not give you a strong cerebral buzz, it still is a connoisseur strainー novices might find themselves stuck to the couch before they notice.

Purple Fig Strain Effects

The Purple Fig strain will give you more than a honey-like smoke. This shiny bud has a beautiful euphoric high with mild cerebral effects, while its body effects release tension and worries. As time goes by, you will be floating in a blissful smoke of Indica sensations. Your eyelids close, a smile appears on your face, and a tingling sensation takes over your limbs. A Sunday afternoon with friends is the best scenario to enjoy this bud, and with plenty of tokes, you will probably defeat insomnia and stress, allowing yourself to have a good night’s sleep. Figs are known to be aphrodisiacs, just like cannabis. Enjoy a firey and sensual night with your partner with a few tokes of the Purple Fig strain. Are you curious about how cannabis can help you get intimate? Read more about sex on edibles on our blog.

Purple Fig Strain Reported Flavors

Hibiscus, citrus, grape, and caramel come together to please your palate with a crispy smoke. The Purple Fig strain has sweet, herbal flavors that perfectly blend with its Indica-dominant profile. Caryophyllene, myrcene, geraniol, limonene, and cymene are responsible for this tantalizing flavor profile. Although the smell of the Purple Fig strain isn’t very strong, opening the jar of this delectable flower will still give you hints of honey, berries, and cream, a profile reminiscent of the smell of fig. This bud is perfect for a sweet tooth, creating a cloudy, earthy smoke that keeps you grounded.

Where to Buy Purple Fig Strain

Although the Purple Fig strain is a total icon, it can be out of season more than we would like to admit. With some luck, you can buy Purple Fig in your nearest dispensary or directly from Fig Farms website. But be careful: once this bud is in season, most cannabis lovers will try to get their hands on Purple Fig. Do you want cannabis without the high? Try our Sour Space Candy while the Purple Fig strain is out of season. This deep-purple, 16% CBD flower is a balanced hybrid with beautiful diesel, berries, and citrus aromas. Smoke this bud for a chill Sunday and enjoy the blissful effect it has on your body.

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