Purple Sunset Strain

Purple sunset marijuana bud floats among purple clouds

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What could be more romantic and relaxing than watching a picture-perfect purple sunset? The Purple Sunset strain promises just that – eye-opening, colorful highs that are going to rock your night. But can this Indica-dominant hybrid really pack that kind of punch?

Purple Sunset Strain Review

Purple Sunset is a strain resulting from a complex three-way cross courtesy of Ethos Genetics. Its Indica-dominant features and high THC content suggest a heavy hitter, but in practice, Purple Sunset is actually far more easily controllable than you might expect. This makes it a great therapeutic strain, as the medicinal benefits of THC aren’t overshadowed by many severe side effects. True to its name, Purple Sunset is intended to brighten up and add some spice and color to a relaxing evening.

Purple Sunset Strain Lineage

Purple Sunset comes from a three-way crossbreed of Mandarin Sunset, Mandarin Cookies, and Purple Punch. These three all share decisively fruity flavors and high-THC effects, but they differ in their origins. Mandarin Sunset is a rich, skunky Indica with a distinctive citrusy flavor and aroma. The similar Mandarin Cookies (also by Ethos Genetics) is a more balanced hybrid with a notable diesel punch to it.

Designed as an afternoon pick-me-up, it combines euphoric effects with restrained, but pleasant physical stimulation. Finally, Purple Punch, based on Indica-dominant all-time greats Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, is a medium-to-high-THC strain with aggressively relaxing and sedating effects. Its colorful trichomes and berry-diesel flavor are where Purple Sunset got some of its own vibrant character from.

Purple Sunset Strain THC/CBD content

Given its heritage, you’d expect Purple Sunset to be loaded with THC, and you’d be right! Averages clock in at around 22%, making this a strain that packs quite a punch. CBD levels are almost nonexistent, and some Purple Sunset buds have practically no measurable CBD at all!

Purple Sunset Strain Terpenes

Purple Sunset inherits a lot of complex terpenes from its parents that have unique medicinal and aromatic qualities. Beta-caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, and alpha-humulene combine excellent pain relief with an exciting clash of tastes and aromas.

Purple Sunset Strain Effects

The effects of Purple Sunset come close to the quintessence of a couch-friendly evening strain. Wave after wave of relaxation washes over you with great intensity, eliminating stress and anxiety.

More energetic than many other “couchey” Indicas, Purple Sunset keeps your brain running at an animated speed as it drapes a cozy blanket of comfort over your body at the same time.

Purple Sunset Strain Flavors

The aforementioned unique terpene profile of Purple Sunset gives this strain a flavor that can be at times spicy, at times citrusy, with even slight hints of woody and skunk tones.

Purple Sunset Strain Aroma

The skunkiness comes through much more clearly in the nose than on the palate, though even here you can still make out shades of berries and fruits. Floral aromas are also very prominent, making for an overall highly pleasant character.

Purple Sunset Strain Growing Info

Purple Sunset is not a highly demanding strain to grow and should be a relatively easy job even for less experienced growers. The harvesting period is usually reached within 9 weeks of planting indoors.

Outdoors, the plant ripens in mid-autumn, usually during October. When ready, Purple Sunset’s buds will look tightly nested and relatively small, with suitably radiant flashes of minty green and, of course, sunset purple.

Purple Sunset Strain Benefits

Used as a therapeutic strain, Purple Sunset shines with its excellent pain relief and calming effects that can take the edge off conditions like anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. It can also reduce physical jitteriness and calm the body from head to toe, allowing you to wind down and truly relax.

Where to Buy Purple Sunset Strain

As one of Ethos Genetics’ flagship strains, Purple Sunset is available wherever their products are sold. Try at your nearest dispensary. Most online-based vendors should also have it or at least one of its equally excellent parent strains!

If you want a similarly effective Indica-dominant hybrid with superb pain-killing and relaxing effects and a colorful euphoric high that’ll lift your spirits, the Delta-8 Zombie Kush is one of our favorites. Loaded with up to 5% pure Delta-8 THC and 25% CBD, this is a knockout sedative strain like no other. With a sweet-earthy flavor of pine and fresh berries, it’s also a hoot on the taste buds!

If you’d prefer something that’s a bit more Kush-like in the traditional sense, but with the same therapeutic and medical benefits, take a look at Delta-8 Abacus 2.0! With a lineage stemming from Purple Urkle and the legendary OG Kush, you really can’t go wrong. Likewise, Abacus 2.0’s dark, fuel-heavy taste laden with sweet undertones is sure to take you on a ride that ends in a pure, stress-free state of bliss.

But if you’d rather have something more sweet and upbeat, how about some Fruit Loops? The flower, that is. With its sugary-fruity flavor, vibrant buds, and euphoric, high-CBD stimulation, the mix-up is understandable.

However, if you won’t accept anything but a real, time-tested classic, go with Bubba Kush. An intense Indica with medicinal and relaxant effects like almost no other, this is one that you just have to try at least once. Expect long-lasting, comfy waves of relaxation that leave you with excellent mental focus and total bodily and muscular relaxation. Perfect as a nighttime strain, it’s also one of the top performers in treating insomnia.

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