Queen Dream Hemp Strain Review

Queen Dream hemp strain

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She might not be a killer, but this Queen is ready to blow your mind. The Queen Dream hemp strain comes from South California to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

This original California breed is a regular occupant of dispensaries’ shelves all over the state, occasionally appearing in other states. The CBD : THC ratio of sativa dominant strain stands at 28:1, enough to lift your spirit and power your dreams. Even better, its delta-9 THC keeps below the legal limit of 0.3%


Just a look at the heavy nuggets of the Queen Dream hemp strain will brighten your day. Illuminated by crowded orange pistil hairs, their light green color would stand in a central place in an impressionist painting. You will want to lick your fingers after handling a bud, its glittering surface sticking you with trichomes and the promise of abundant resin.


One of the most remarkable qualities of cannabis flowers is their terpene density, higher than any other plant. Not only cannabis, but many plants produce these aromatic oils. They give leaves and fruits their particular taste, smell, and medicinal properties. The terpenes of the most significant presence in the Dream Queen hemp strain are alpha-pinene, humulene, and myrcene.

  • Alpha-Pinene: The anti-inflammatory properties of pinene are a common trait that cannabis shares with rosemary, basil, and pine needles. Also, its pine, broncho-dilator aroma will make you breathe freely, feel uplifted and inspired, boost your creativity and clear your mind.
  • Humulene: The hoppy, woody aroma of Dream Queen comes from humulene. This terpene has interesting medical uses; among them, we find it a pain reliever, appetite suppressant for weight loss treatments, and cancer cells growth delayer.
  • Myrcene: The most ubiquitous terpene in cannabis is responsible for the fruity smell and earthy notes of Dream Queen. Its health benefits range from the alleviating of pain and inflammation to calming stress and anxiety.

Once you open the container, you will never want to put it away. Its sweet and earthy aroma will caress your senses with floral and mango undertones. Hoppy, skunky, and pineapple smells will escape and encircle you while you grind it, blanketing you in a hazy uplifting dream. The Queen Dream hemp strain’s flavor is tangy and tropical, with woody and citrus touches that will have you craving some chopped fruit. Or a second hit.


A session with the Queen of Dreams will leave you happy and euphoric, in an uplifted mood that will improve your day. It has a cerebral high that will boost your creativity, fill you with energy, and leave you craving some well-deserved snacks.

Even better, the Dream Queen hemp strain will have you animatedly talking with your friends and exploring new and fun ideas with them. Considering this strain’s subtle high, we recommend it for daytime creative or social activities, like a stroll around the park, an afternoon of artistic inspiration, or a friend gathering.

Health Benefits

The Queen Dream hemp strain has quite a variety of medical applications. Its Sativa uplifting effects make it a stress reliever, easing your symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In addition, its soothing properties help patients with insomnia or sleep disorders to achieve better sleep patterns. Even the food cravings you get from Dream Queen are a digestive aid that chemotherapy patients find helpful in their fight against nausea and appetite loss.

Side Effects

It is a frequent occurrence that using cannabis leaves you with a slight dryness in your mouth and eyes. The Dream Queen hemp strain is no exception to this effect. So, make sure to keep hydrated and maybe have some nourishing eyedrops and a water bottle at hand.

Queen Dream Hemp Strain Genetics

There has been some discussion about the Queen Dream Hemp Strain origin, but the widespread consensus is that it comes from the crossing of Blue Dream and Space Queen, a couple of gourmet crossing themselves.


Blue Dream is a slightly sativa dominant strain with a high CBD content. Its inheritance from Blueberry gives it the sweet berry taste that earned it its name, proudly passed on to Dream Queen. Another desirable trait passed down from Blue Dream is its cerebral stimulation that leaves you focused and motivated.

On the other side, Space Queen is a 50/50 balanced hybrid. It is pretty popular among people who look for its full-body effects and the relaxing feeling it brings. Space Queen gives its offspring the earthy taste and citrus notes that make it feel so refreshing. In addition to helping to deal with mild to chronic pain, Space Queen is a friend of neurologists treating patients with anxiety, depression, and adult ADHD.

Growth Information

True to its sativa nature, the Dream Queen hemp strain grows as a tall, broad plant. Proof of this is the 6 ft height that it can reach up at the peak of its growth, while its width can achieve up to 5 ft.

Take note that such lengthy branches might need extra support to hold their bountiful flowers since they can double their size while flowering, so you should set up a few rods for your plant to lean into them.

The Dream Queen plant is ideal for starting hemp farmers because of its resistance. If you are growing it outdoors, plant the seedlings around June 1st to make the most out of the sunlight. Dream Queen hemp strain plants require plenty of nutrients and sunlight. Have some hearty compost ready for them, and they will bloom and give you a heavy harvest.

Flowering Time

  • 7 to 8 weeks


Dream Queen is one of the most grateful cannabis strains you can grow. At the end of the flowering period, you will collect a bounty of 1 to 2 lb per plant, or 500 g per square meter.


Luckily for us, the Dream Queen Hemp Strain seeds are widely available. You can get quality feminized seeds for reasonable prices at Blue Forest Farms, Hemp Farm Guides, or Midwest Hemp Supply to start your growing patch.

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