Red Cross Hemp Strain Review

Red Cross hemp strain

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Table Of Contents
Always there in times of need, the Red Cross is the one CBD strain that you can count on to alleviate pain and discomfort from head to toe. Medical Seeds is pleased to introduce its new feminized seeds to the market, with a unique feature that outstands among other varieties. Its secret is that it is not just industrial hemp; the Red Cross hemp strain is one of the first commercial genetics of cannabis with a THC content below 0.3%. This CBD-loaded Indica packs a modest content that reaches 9%. This strain delights us with its compact structure, extensive branching, great resinous flower, and bud production. Keep reading below to figure out why medical cannabis consumers and recreational users love this strain.


Once the Red Cross hemp strain begins flowering, its bushy branches release an enticingly sweet and floral aroma, framed by a tantalizing freshly-cut strawberry scent. When you take the first drag, an intense fruity flavor complements its delicious aroma, reminding you of your favorite chewing gum from childhood. Although Medical Seed, its original breeder, didn’t share the unique terpene profile of the Red Cross hemp strain, we can assume by its features that this compelling perfume is provided by a complex mix of Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool.


One of the best things about CBD strains is that you get all the therapeutic benefits of each unique variety without any psychedelic or side effects. Moreover, each cannabinoid, including CBD, collaborates with terpenes and flavonoids to maximize its therapeutic effects. It is vital to highlight the remarkable medicinal qualities of the Red Cross hemp strain. Its valuable terpene profile provides analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. Additionally, these terpenes, besides having potential antimicrobial, antifungal and anticancer effects, are widely known for being sleep-inducers, offering sedative effects that may help people suffering from insomnia and anxiety. However, the Red Cross hemp strain has become a trendy variety among recreational users and tobacco smokers due to its inviting taste.

Red Cross Hemp Strain Genetics

Red Cross CBD is an aromatic Indica-dominant bud, child of the marriage between the Lambada CBD and the Medical Zero CBD, highly known for their high Cannabidiol values.


The Red Cross CBD strain inherited many of its parents' features, especially from Lambada CBD, a fast-flowering variety with Indica dominance. Although it has modest CBD levels, its strength quality is its unique terpene profile that provides enticing fruity aromas of sweet strawberry and floral, along with a wide range of cannabinoids, which create a high-value entourage effect.

Growth Information

Regarding its growth, this outstanding variety has the typical structure of a bushy Indica plant. When growing indoors, it reaches a medium-low height, with high resistance to mold. Outdoor plants grow grateful and easily with the minimum care, producing a good yield in the form of medicinal buds. Growers recommend planting more than 13.2 US gal (50 liters) pots with a light substrate outdoors. On the other hand, it’s advisable to put 12 or 16 plants per 3x3ft (M2) with approximately three weeks of growth. If you’re growing indoors, avoid pruning; that way, they fill up the whole growing area very quickly, ensuring a great production. Moreover, the Red Cross hemp strain is suitable for many types of outdoor climates. Thanks to its fast-flowering quality, it can be harvested before the cold weather arrives. Depending on the space available, techniques applied, and growing conditions, it rarely exceeds 150cm. However, when planted in temperate places, it develops in all its fullness, growing tall with more than 6.56 ft. (2 meters) high, as long as it doesn’t lack substrate. To enhance Red Cross’s delicious taste and reduce the risks of over-fertilization, we suggest using fertilizers with organic nutrients.

Flowering Time

Outdoors: mid-September in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, it is cut in mid-March. Indoors: 55 days (8 weeks). From week 6 to 8, the cannabinoid profile varies, but the type of effect hardly changes since it mainly converts CBG into CBD, and both produce similar in the body.


The Red Cross hemp strain’s production is average but its offers a very high resin and terpenes production. Indoors: 400-450 Gr/M2 (14.1 to 15.8 oz per 3x3ft) Outdoor: 800 Gr/Pl (28.2 oz per plant). It can reach higher yieldings if transplanted into the soil or a large pot in early spring.


On Medical Seeds’ website, you can find available Red Cross seeds with 20% off. Moreover, Pevgrow offers the best price/quality ratio on the market for this one and all Medical Seeds varieties. Another great option is Samsaraseeds, which seeds have a high medicinal value. Following almost the same palate of sweet flavors and captivating aromas, Botany Farms pleases us with Sour Special Sauce, a true Indica Goddess packed with a CBD level of 16.9%. Its buds are impregnated with a sharp smell of tart berries and a sweet diesel aroma, characteristic of every sour strain. Sour Special Sauce puts the mind and body at ease, perfect for those who seek deep sleep and ultimate relaxation.

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