Remission Hemp Strain Review

Remission hemp strain

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Table Of Contents
The miraculous Remission hemp strain appeared like a gift from the universe full of a unique and peculiar healing charge. This beautiful and mysterious cannabis wonder delivers light green leafy buds. Remission hemp flowers shine on the shelf with a brilliant halo of sticky trichomes, brimming with a unique combination of high CBD content, the therapeutic power of CBG, and very little to no THC at all. With its 14 to 15% CBD content, CBG, and the unique profile of terpenes that generate the famous “entourage” effect in the body, we can say that the Remission hemp strain is undoubtedly a gift of nature, a great anti-anxiety, and an anti-inflammatory tool. Remission is an excellent CBD-dominant strain for dealing with pain, chronic anxiety, and insomnia. This Indica-dominant strain can be the perfect companion to end a hard day at work, at night to help you sleep better, or to enjoy a relaxed weekend at home.


The Remission hemp strain is a therapeutic bud down to its scent. As soon as you unpack it, Remission will flood your nostrils with soothing floral and hoppy scents backed by certain earthy dank notes. Information on the dominant terpenes of this wonderful variety of medicinal hemp is still lacking. However, an online company offers a version of Remission infused with Delta-8 THC and a delicious combination of synthetic terpenes made by professional flavor scientists that accentuate and add delicious notes that, together with the natural aroma of this strain, give life to your final smell. The company uses an infusion method with a patent-pending, and according to what they indicate, the concentration of the synthetic terpene solution that they use for the infusion is the following:


The Remission hemp strain offers mild nature but highly therapeutic qualities that definitely make themselves felt. These flowers stimulate creativity, while its calming Indica-dominant effects relieve anxiety and fight pain as this strain demonstrates anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic qualities. It also helps to deal with nausea and improves mood. With the first few puffs of the Remission hemp strain, you will begin to feel like its CBG content almost immediately eliminates all stress sensations from your body. CBG also promotes more restful nights of sleep. For that reason, its relaxing effects help with insomnia and can contribute to healthier sleep patterns. We can classify the Remission hemp strain as a powerful yet gentle strain capable of quickly boosting mood. This strain is an excellent option to enjoy in the afternoons or nights before sleeping or whenever you have a moment to enjoy the relaxing mood-boosting effects that will make you show remission of any pain, stress, or anxiety condition you’ve been feeling before.

Remission Hemp Strain Genetics

Remission results from a studied selection of phenotypes of the Cannatonic strain from which it inherits its characteristic combination of cannabinoids. The Remission hemp strain is an Indica-dominant therapeutic hemp strain that can achieve a CBD concentration of up to 15%, a little CBG, and almost non-existent amounts of THC.


Cannatonic is the result of crossing the MK Ultra and G13 Haze strains. It is a hybrid hemp strain rich in CBD that can present up to 9% and THC indices of up to 5%. From Cannatonic, the Remission hemp strain inherits its peculiar cannabinoid commotion, that mild high, a characteristic earthy and musty smell, and the remarkable ability to help deal with pain, anxiety, and anxiety migraines.

Growth Information

A veil of mystery still covers this miraculous cure, quite possibly due to its relatively short time on the market. Specific information about the growth process of this strain, its size and shape as it grows, and flowering times are not yet available online. Remission seeds can still be tough to find. Nonetheless, a company offers clones of this therapeutic strain of hemp online, ready to be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Flowering Time

Indoor: 6-8 week Outdoor: Midle-September Are you looking for the remission of your pain, anxiety, or better nights of sleep? If that's the case, we have prepared for you a small and fresh indoor-grown batch of delicious Cat’s Meow purring with an impressive 15% CBD content and relaxing Indica-dominant effects that will help you sleep like a kitten. On the other hand, if you are looking for a unique combination of cannabinoids, maybe our CBG vape cartridges are the option for you. These cartridges come loaded with a unique infusion of cannabinoids that will make you feel their medicinal effects the first few tokes. Both products are ready to ship and just a few clicks away from you.

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