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RNA hemp strain

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Autoflowering, high yielding, and with a genuinely delicious aroma profile, this jewel of the motherland is definitely a bomb! RNA, aka Russian Automatic, is a descendant of the AK47 and Skunk Autoflower strains, two widely popular buds. The RNA hemp strain truly shines with a CBD content that can fly up to 19.6% and uplifting, happy effects that are second to none of its predecessors.

Russian Automatic generally delivers small to medium-sized buds with a fluffy texture, medium density, and dark green color with purple hues and orange hairs. These buds exude a complex and intense scent profile that combines woody and earthy tones with sharp citrus scents. The RNA hemp strain is becoming popular lately in the hemp world. This article will help you better understand why.


At first glance, or rather, first smell, RNA seems not to have as intense or pungent a smell as other CBD-rich hemp strains. But as soon as you grind the buds, the scent profile explodes, displaying a combination of woody, earthy scents with hints of resin, vanilla, citrus, lemon-like, and pine notes that will awaken all your senses.

The taste is as delicious as the smell, and it maintains its presence until the last puff. There is still a long way to go to understand which are the primary terpenes that make up the profile of this strain because it is relatively new on the market. But one thing we can say for sure is that the Russian Automatic hemp strain is definitely a bud worth tasting.


The effects of RNA are smooth, but it will make you feel its therapeutic potency with the first few puffs. It is undoubtedly a hemp variety for users looking for a powerful bodily effect than mental sensations. Russian Automatic will put you in a high, happy, and relaxed mood with a sense of focus and clear-headedness that will allow you to finish your pending activities or help you relax and have a good time with friends

In addition, RNA can help you better cope with several conditions such as stress, pain, PMS, depression, and insomnia. Furthermore, you can perfectly enjoy the RNA hemp strain in the day, at tea time, or at the end of your workday to help you relax and enjoy a moment of calm at the end of your day. So, if you are a hemp lover, we can say that RNA is a perfect candidate to become your next favorite.

RNA Hemp Strain Genetics

Russian Automatic or RNA is a hemp strain coming from the cross between an AK-47 and Skunk Autoflower. The result is a 60% Sativa-dominant hemp variety that grows robust. It can reach an impressive 19% CBD content and 0.15% or less of Delta-9-THC.


AK-47 is a famous strain since the mid-90s and is responsible for the woody and earthy smells present in Russian Automatic. Another of the qualities that RNA inherits from AK-47 is the peculiarity of its effects. Although these effects are relaxing and will make you feel that brain buzz, they also allow you to remain mentally alert or engaged in any social activity or task that you are doing.

On the other hand, Skunk Autoflower lingers in Russian Automatic by bringing old-school Skunk scents, flavors, and a nice hint of citrus, lemon-like smells. This old classic of Indica-dominance is the favorite of many cannabis users worldwide and is the improved version descendant from the classic skunk strains of the ‘80s.

Despite its Indica dominance, the effects of Skunk Auto are subtle and relaxing, but they won't affect your energy levels too much or give you that couch-lock feeling.

Growth Information

The Russian Automatic hemp strain works well indoors and outdoors, where the best results are in temperate, Mediterranean, or greenhouse climates. It is advisable to water them frequently but in small quantities and use a pot of at least 10 liters during the whole process.

RNA is, without a doubt, one of the most productive and highest quality auto-flowering varieties on the market. This incredible hemp strain is an auto-flowering version of the famous AK-47 and develops small to medium height plants, with a resistant structure, a short distance between nodes, and quite wide leaves.

Flowering Time

  • 63 days

If you are looking for a citrusy and earthy strain that generates lifting effects like Russian Automatic, maybe our batch of Lifter could interest you. This is a CBD-rich hemp strain named for its famous mood-uplifting effects.

The Lifter strain is perfect to use during the day as its relaxing effects won't make you drowsy. If you want firsthand to experience these delicious smells, flavors, and effects, just order from our online shop, and our team will be stoke to bring it to you.

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