Ruby Kush Hemp Strain Review

Ruby Kush hemp strain

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Table Of Contents
After all the sacrifice, exhaustion, and tensions of a long hard day, your journey has brought you to a genuine gemstone. There is a treasure waiting for you, shiny and seductive, just like a red ruby, in the Ruby Kush hemp strain. Sit on your couch, turn on your blunt, and breathe deep by the sundown. This Indica-dominant hybrid with a stunning 13.96% CBD is perfect for burning at the end of the day after the sun goes down and the chill is up. With its high CBD levels, the Ruby Kush hemp strain will make you feel sleepy- that is just perfect to beat insomnia and reward yourself after a hard day. We've got some amazing Kush strains for you to try, right here at Botany Farms!


This welcome home starts when you take out your herb and sense an early sweet smell with pine and wood undertones. Then, when you grind up the buds, they release the caressing sweet aroma to fill your lungs at first whiff. An authentic fragrance spectacle to start the end of the day. Now comes the turn for your tongue to enjoy your Ruby Kush hemp strain treasure. The cherry flavor is so intense at the beginning that it tingles pleasantly and opens the door for a mild sour taste like tea leaves while it comes out of your mouth. By this moment, you can see a thick cloud of smoke. The experience of these terpenes ends with a slightly spicy sensation on your palate, which creeps weakened to your throat, making every drag gives you the best of the entourage effect of the Ruby Kush hemp strain.


The Ruby Kush hemp strain does an excellent job of an Indica bud. It is a warm hug that puts your body in a unique state of relaxation. All the muscular and mental stress goes away, your back feels loose again, and the insides of your head feels light. Your body starts feeling heavy and warm after a while. Now is the time to sit on the couch or your bed. Although CBD touches your body primarily, mental effects are present. The Ruby Kush hemp strain knows how to put you in an excellent calm mood. At first, you will experience a clearance of your mind, making all anxiety disappear and temporarily helping you concentrate better. Still, it will be hard to keep you completely awake after some minutes. Medical benefits come in the shape of reprieve for users with mild and chronic aches due to its powerful sedative effects. You will not experience a strong psychoactive effect but rather stay on the ground.

Ruby Kush Hemp Strain Genetics

Ruby Kush is a variation of the Bubba Kush strain with Delta-8 THC contributions to its growth. It has considerably strong relaxation effects with minimal to no psychoactive influence compared to traditional Delta-9 THC. As the offspring of a legend, the Ruby Kush hemp strain will fulfill your expectations.


Bubba Kush is what you call a classic. This legendary strain is a solid Indica hybrid. Its popularity has spread in the US and abroad because of its sedative effect that puts you in a very relaxed mood without sending you to bed. Its plump buds covered in white trichomes save a high quantity of resin for those lucky to try it.

Growth Information

The Ruby Kush hemp strain grows characteristically in indoor environments with a greenhouse-controlled climate. It needs a mild, humid, and warm Mediterranean climate to grow with all of its benefits. Due to its Delta-8 THC properties, growers need experience and knowledge to keep them intact during the growth.

Flowering Time

8 to 9 weeks

Ruby Kush Hemp Strain Price

Ruby Kush is the one hemp strain you would like to have at home to give your day the perfect ending for the great story it can be. Fortunately, to get this strain, you can buy it online. Each gram costs 7.00 USD, a surprisingly low price for top-quality hemp like the Ruby Kush hemp strain. Every responsible user knows the crucial importance of having a trustworthy vendor to sell high-quality products to have the best cannabis experience and care for your health. Botany Farm thinks about you and gives you Bubba Kush, the parent strain of the Ruby Kush itself. Enjoy the high CBD version of the famous flower and share it with your friends.

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