Shaolin Gleaux Strain

Shaolin Gleaux strain

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In the mountains of China, the Shaolin temple emerges, wrapped in a halo of mysticism and spirituality that captivates for its authenticity. If you have ever wondered about the level of mental and physical peace that Shaolin monks feel when meditating in these unmatched, inspiring landscapes, you'll be glad to know that Shaolin Gleaux is the ticket to get a sample of these sensations.

Shaolin Gleaux is a 65% Sativa hybrid hemp strain member of the distinguished Gleaux dynasty that honors its family name with an exotically unique, colorful appearance. The Shaolin Gleaux strain amazes with a CBD content that spikes as high as the ancient wisdom from the famous temple.

If you want to understand better where this hemp strain's healing power comes from, this post is for you. Read on for everything you need to know about the eye-catching Shaolin Gleaux strain.

​What is the Shaolin Gleaux Strain?

Shaolin Gleaux is a Sativa-dominant CBD flower with a stunning appearance that crosses the best qualities of the Tangistan R4 and Alpen Gleaux hemp strains to synthesize them in a crop that gives buds that shine with their own light.

Delivering a spectacle of colors and one of the highest CBD contents, Shaolin Gleaux debuted on the market in 2021 and undoubtedly became the revelation crop of that year, earning a place among the favorites of medicinal CBD flower lovers.

​Shaolin Gleaux Strain Appearance

These eye-catching hemp flowers genuinely live up to their name, displaying a genuinely lush appearance and some dense buds colored with purple to pale pink shimmer on a vibrant spring green.

Shaolin Gleaux buds look a bit like Pink Panther strain buds but with a different color twist. In some buds, the purple tones stand out, so these flowers are definitely one of those that capture attention with their stunning appearance.

​Shaolin Gleaux Strain Genetics

These young buds from the distinguished Gleaux family and carriers of mystical energy result from a delicate cross between the Tangistan R4 and Alpen Gleaux strains done by High Alpine Genetics. Shaolin Gleaux is an astonishing Sativa-dominant hemp strain that brings together the beautiful qualities of each of its ancestors.

This cultivar synthesizes these characteristics in a striking appearance and cannabinoid content that is unique in the market. On the funky side of the family, the Indica-dominant Tangistan R4 strain produces buds that are dense, packed, and sticky. Still, its forest green in color with bright orange pistils that stand out from afar may explain this feature in Shaolin Gleaux flowers.

Tangistan R4 probably also has to do with the high CBD content as it also demonstrates one of the highest CBD flower market contents, currently reflecting up to 16.5% pure CBD.

The beautiful side of the family pays homage to their Gleaux surname by displaying a stunning appearance. Like Shaolin Gleaux, the Alpen Gleaux strain is predominantly purple in coloration with blazing orange hairs that complement the unique and out-of-this-world appearance these buds bring.

This genetic trait appears to have been inherited by Shaolin Gleaux. However, Shaolin puts a different spin on it with shades of pink and a more prominent presence of green.

Alpen Gleaux is also a flower with a prominent CBD content. It seems to be in vogue among growers and home growers who love medicinal CBD since, in addition to its high percentage of CBD, it produces nuggets with its seductive appearance.

CBD Content

Shaolin Gleaux's cannabinoid content, which can reach up to 31%, is one of its most innovative features. While THC remains below 0.2%, the Shaolin Gleaux strain can carry 20% to 24% CBD, making it one of the hemp flowers currently with the highest content of this cannabinoid.

​Shaolin Gleaux Strain Terpenes

Shaolin Gleaux exudes a sweet bubble gum aroma with sharp diesel notes and some lemon tones that complement the scent profile of this mystical strain. It can contain up to 2.3% of terpenes, making its smell an intense and penetrating aroma that fills the room as soon as you break the buds.

Caryophyllene is one of the predominant terpenes in this strain and is responsible for the fragrant profile. In addition to providing the Shaolin Gleaux scent, it also acts as a cannabinoid, interacting with our endocannabinoid system, bonding with our CB2 receptors, and influencing the "entourage effect."

Some other terpenes that also make up the Shaolin Gleaux profile but in lesser amounts are Terpinolene, Bisabolol, Myrcene, Nerolidol, Valencene, and Cedrol.

​Shaolin Gleaux Strain Effects

The Shaolin Gleaux strain puts you in the mood of a monk in training, striking with its sativa-dominant power and intense energetic effects alongside one-of-a-kind peace and mental focus. The high caryophyllene content may have to do with the almost rejuvenating analgesic effects, and terpinolene may induce the relaxing effects of Shaolin Gleaux.

​Shaolin Gleaux Strain Reported Flavors

This spiritual bud’s flavors go hand in hand with its aromas, delivering sweet notes like candy grapes with diesel notes predominating and complemented by a smooth redwood aftertaste.

Shaolin Gleaux is a strain with a delicious smoke of almost mystical aromas that conquer the most demanding nostrils and a flavor that pleases the taste of even the most knowledgeable cannabis users.

​Shaolin Gleaux Strain Growing Info

Shaolin Gleaux seeds created by High Alpine Genetics are F1-type, designed to give vigorous, fast-flowering plants. This strain produces a uniform crop, delivering harvests three to four weeks earlier than most hemp plants. The Shaolin Gleaux strain has hybrid characteristics but provides buds with the dense and bushy structure characteristic of Indica plants.

​Strains Like Shaolin Gleaux Strain

If the appearance and scent profile of Shaolin Gleaux catch your eye and you want to try it for yourself, then you're in luck. We have prepared an excellent batch of Delta 8 Shaolin Gleaux that, besides the exquisite flavors, is also infused with delta-8 THC, giving this fantastic variety a psychoactive twist.

In case you're looking for a pure hemp bud with a really similar smell, taste, and effects, we also have some zesty flowers from the rich Sour Space Candy and Super Sour Space Candy. These flowers can also give you an experience full of sweet and fruity flavors with light notes of sour and diesel and perfect revitalizing and relaxing effects to liven up your day.

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