Slurricane Strain Review

A beautiful green nug of the slurricane strain hovers above a hurricane map

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We appreciate when a cannabis strain has a name that reflects its effects, which I found to be true when I tried the Slurricane strain. It’s a powerful indica with sedating and heavily impairing effects that left me barely able to get a coherent sentence out of my mouth, like a hurricane of slurred words.

Don’t get me wrong, because it’s a fantastic strain if you’ve got nothing to do the rest of the day. It’s super relaxing and ideal for a day of sitting on the couch and eating snacks. Here’s what I have to say about the Slurricane strain, based on having used it about a dozen times.

Key Takeaways

  • Slurricane is an indica-dominant strain, a cross of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch.
  • With average THC levels of 21% and a potential maximum of 28%, Slurricane is a heavy hitter.
  • Slurricane has a sweet, fruity, and herbal flavor with spicy and earthy undertones thanks to terpenes such as caryophyllene, Limone, and myrcene.

What Is the Slurricane Strain?

Honoring its name, the spicy and delicious Slurricane strain will definitely make you slur your speech due to its potent effects and 28% THC concentration level. This 60% Indica and 40% Sativa strain is the result of the cross of Do-Si-Do with Purple Punch. This fragrant strain is not for the weak, and only experienced smokers can reach the eye of this potent hurricane.

Slurricane Strain Appearance

Slurricane is a looker as far as appearances go, mainly because it has a whole lot of purple on it. It’s a colorful bud that almost has more purple than green, and what little green can be seen is covered in one of the thickest layers of trichomes I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

There are also a few orange pistils, but they’re barely noticeable past the abundance of purple and white. The buds tend to be irregularly shaped, although usually a bit triangular or spade-like, and they’re super thick and dense, too, like hard rocks.

Slurricane Strain Genetics

The popular indica-dominant Slurricane strain is the result of a crossbreeding between the famous Do-Si-Do and the more popular Purple Punch. This strain was created in the labs of In House Genetics, and it is considered a strain for advanced cannabis users and medical marijuana patients.

Slurricane Strain Lineage

Slurricane is a result of crossing two other popular indica or indica-dominant strains, Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch.

Do-Si-Dos is a heavy indica-dominant hybrid bred from OGKB, which happens to be a Girl Scout Cookies Phenotype. It often contains over 20% THC, so it produces a high that makes you melt into your couch, and it has a flowery and peppery flavor.

Purple Punch is another strong indica made by crossing Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple. The result is a strain with an average 18% THC level, a body-centric high, and flavors reminiscent of sweet desserts and pastries.

Slurricane Strain THC/CBD Content

Although the average THC content of Slurricane is around 21%, some specimens have been recorded with levels up to 28%. That is a lot of THC, so depending on the exact buds you get, you may want to exercise a bit of caution. The THC hits hard and fast, so you better be prepared for a heavily euphoric and sedating high.

Slurricane Strain Terpenes

The terpenes in the Slurricane strain are limonene, myrcene, and nerolidol. This combination creates a sweet and fruity-scented strain with tones of berries and herbs.

It also delivers a strong undercurrent that comes with some spicy and earthy notes. Then, upon exhalation, you will feel herby and earthy notes, along with a slight hint of that tasty dank scent.

What’s more, terpenes don’t just add their specific flavors to the mix. Still, they may also produce what is known as the entourage effect, which is when terpenes and cannabinoids interact to produce additional beneficial effects.

Slurricane Strain Reported Flavors

In terms of its flavors, Slurricane is a sweet and fruity strain with notes of grapes and blueberries, along with a certain hint of herbs, which makes it taste very natural. Thanks to the caryophyllene, it also has a distinctly earthy and spicy undertone. On the exhale, you notice a pungent aroma.

Slurricane Strain Effects

The Slurricane strain shouldn’t be taken as a joke. This indica-dominant bud has hefty sedative effects, and it can be too much for beginners. This is due to the fact that Slurricane carries a high THC level.

We could definitely say that it's a nighttime strain since the calming effect it provides will probably leave you stuck on the couch wanting to chill, watch TV, or play video games.

The Slurricane strain’s high usually comes just at the second hit. You will feel a high-minded and blissful head high that will wipe out any negativity that you may have at the moment.

Stress is no match for the sheer relaxation this strain provides. This head high is followed by a physical high that rapidly turns into a seriously relaxing body buzz. It’s the perfect choice for a long night of hanging out with friends or just watching your favorite movie. Additionally, Slurricane has gained popularity due to its known therapeutic uses.

Patients dealing with insomnia and even certain pains have found benefits in the Slurricane strain. These buds have helped them deal with their conditions in a more natural and body-friendly way. Moreover, other users have also found that this strain is a good option for dealing with conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and OCD.

Growth Information

The average height of growth of the Slurricane strain is from 2 to 3 feet, although it can up to 4 - 5 feet. This strain is for experienced growers since this strain puts up a fight during cultivation time.

You will find a dump feel in the Slurricane strain that is characteristic of this indica dominant hybrid strain, so frequent topping might be necessary to foster better growth.

Flowering Time

  • 9 - 10 weeks indoors
  • Early October outdoors

Strains Like the Slurricane Strain

If you’re looking to expand your repertoire and experiment with more indica strains, I recommend trying the super-sweet Crystal Candy strain and the Jelly Donut strain, both of which make delectable desserts.

Where to Find the Slurricane Strain

If you want the relaxation of Slurricane without the high, Botany Farms has the perfect strain for you. Sour Special Sauce has a delicious smell of tart berries upfront followed by a sweet diesel aroma that the sour strains are infamous for. Being a true indica strain, the effects of this bud will help you feel at ease and relaxed. For this reason, users love to enjoy this strain before going to sleep.

We cultivate cannabis with great respect for its intricate properties, catering to those seeking its benefits without altering their mental clarity. It starts with dedicated time and attention to produce pesticide, fungicide, and heavy metal-free flowers, combined with sunshine, water, and love.

Every aspect of our process, from sourcing the best ingredients to packaging the final product, is done right here in the United States. We take the time to properly cure each and every flower we produce. This meticulous process results in buds with exceptional flavor, smoothness, and overall profile. It's just one of the many steps we take to ensure our product is the best it can be.

Final Thoughts

Slurricane is a great strain for anybody who enjoys the body-buzz-inducing and sedating effects of indica strains. As long as you don’t mind sitting on the couch for the rest of the day and feeling super mellow, then it’s a great strain worth checking out.

Slurricane Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

How will Slurricane make me feel?

Slurricane should make you feel sedated, it can make your body buzz, and you’ll likely feel very heavy, along with an initial euphoric and mind-bending kick.

Is Slurricane ideal for beginners?

Due to its high THC levels and heavy-hitting effects, beginners will want to start with just a couple of puffs.



Important note: The information regarding cannabis strains presented here is for educational purposes only. It is essential to understand the regulations on cannabis and cannabinoids in your specific location before using or purchasing cannabis. Laws governing it vary widely, and what might be legal in one area or location might be restricted or prohibited in another.

It is vital to comply with the laws and regulations of your area in terms of cannabis use and possession. We support responsible consumption and urge our readers to consider this when reviewing cannabis products. At Botany Farms, we aim to share insights and information about cannabis for educational purposes while promoting legal and safe consumption per your locality's regulations.

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