Smoking Damiana With Weed

A close up shot of the Damiana herb in a bowl.

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Table Of Contents
There is no doubt about the fact that cannabis has many potential benefits for both the human mind and body. However, it is by far not the only herb or plant that has benefits. Another such plant is damiana. Damiana has been used by North American aboriginals for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and it may indeed have a variety of medical benefits. So, if Damiana has benefits, and cannabis does too, then it would serve to reason that Damiana and weed, when put together, have even more benefits. Today, we want to talk about smoking weed with Damiana, what you might feel, what kinds of benefits the two might have together, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Damiana originates from Central and South America.
  • Native South American Indians have been consuming it for thousands of years in the form of tea.
  • It has traditionally been used as an anxiety treatment and as an aphrodisiac.
  • Many people choose to mix it with weed to reap the benefits of both.

Origins and Use of Damiana

Although exactly how long it has been around is not known, there are indications that native Mexican Americans (and people from surrounding areas) have been using it for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Damiana, also known as turnera diffusa, also known as herba de la pastora, is a plant that is native to South and Central America, Mexico, and Texas. Historically, it has been used for making tea, with the tea being used as a calming agent, a relaxant, an aphrodisiac, and a sexual stimulant. Mexican Natives drank a sweetened version of Damiana tea for the purposes described above. It is also thought that Damiana was one of the original ingredients used in Margaritas. Many people still use Damiana for its aphrodisiac properties and because of its light stimulating effects, almost like a light narcotic.

What Does Damiana Do?

First and foremost, Damiana has historically been used as an anti-anxiety remedy. There is a substance in Damiana, apigen 2, which is known for helping to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Because Damiana can help to reduce anxious thoughts, it may also be used as a sleep aid, simply because it can help calm you down and improve your mood, not because it is a sedative. Damiana is said to have a calming effect on the nerves, almost similar to the anxiety medication diazepam, but it also tends to induce a state of happiness or extreme euphoria. These same properties or substances contained in Damiana can also make you feel much happier. Damiana as an aphrodisiac works in several ways, reportedly. Supposedly, Damiana can directly stimulate the nerves, therefore possibly increasing sexual pleasure and desire. Damiana may also help to increase blood flow to the genitals, which may also lead to increased sexual desire. Furthermore, it is reported, anecdotally, that women may also have an easier time achieving orgasm after taking Damiana. Besides being used as a sexual stimulant and anti-anxiety treatment, there are also indications that Damiana may also help to treat gastrointestinal upset, headaches, bedwetting, a lack of stamina, and other issues. Although, exactly how effective Damiana is at treating any of these issues has not yet been confirmed past all doubt. Keep in mind that Damian is also psychoactive in general, with some people saying that when taken in high doses, it mimics or resembles a cannabis high, and when taken in very high doses, may even cause mild auditory and visual hallucinations. Although, for Damiana to act as a hallucinogenic, you would need to consume massive amounts of it.

Can You Smoke Damiana?

Yes, it is possible to smoke Damiana, although admittedly it is not the preferred method of consumption. Historically, ingesting Damiana in the form of boiled tea is preferred, but smoking it is possible, and yes, you will also feel the effects of Damiana when smoked. With that being said, smoking is of course not the healthiest option, as human lungs are not designed to inhale smoke. So, although it is possible, beware that there are likely healthier ways to take Damiana than to smoke it.

Can You Mix Cannabis and Damiana?

Yes, you can mix Damiana and weed, just like you can mix other herbs with weed too, and many people do so thanks to its various benefits. As far as we can tell, there are two ways to take Damiana with weed, through smoking or as an edible. You can always just mix some dried Damiana with cannabis flower, roll it in a joint or put it in a pipe, and smoke it that way. Here’s an engaging guide on how to roll a herbal tea joint. You can always make some cannabis and Damiana tea as well (just make sure to process or decarb the weed properly first!).

Smoking Damiana with Weed According to Reddit

Smoking Damiana with weed produces different results. What it comes down to is that a weed and Damiana mixture hits different people differently. Some people note that they really enjoy the flavor of the mixture, and some even say that it makes the smoke a bit smoother, which we happen to agree with. Although, a select few also say that it doesn’t taste great and makes it much harsher. It really seems to depend on the exact person, although most have positive feelings about it, and this includes us. In terms of calming and anti-anxiety effects, most people agree that Damiana, when mixed with weed, particularly sedative Indica strains, can feel extremely calming, relaxing, and blissful. Some also note that the calming effects of Damiana can also help reduce the anxiety and paranoia that some people feel due to smoking cannabis strains with high THC levels. Damiana, when smoked with weed, does seem to be extremely calming. A good Indica strain to mix with Damiana is our own Botany Farms Delta-8 Blueberry Diesel. However, if that same Damiana is mixed with a Sativa, instead of being more sedative in nature, it could hit your head more, by which we mean that it will make you feel very euphoric and giggly. Sativa strains are known for being energetic and for making people feel euphoric, floaty, happy, and more creative. The euphoria-inducing effects of both Damiana and cannabis Sativa can work in combination to produce sensations of extreme euphoria, bliss, and happiness. A good Sativa to mix with Damiana is our own Botany Farms Delta-8 Strawberry Banana Kush. Finally, there are also some strains of cannabis that could potentially increase your libido, and sexual desire, and act as an aphrodisiac in general, while also potentially increasing sexual performance. Seeing as Damiana may also act as an aphrodisiac, if the two are mixed, they could potentially fuel your sexual desire and performance to a whole new level.


The bottom line is that both Damiana and cannabis have their own benefits. It would seem that when mixed together, cannabis and Damiana have potentially massive benefits as far as mood and libido are concerned. Thanks for stopping by! Check out some of our premium Delta 8 THC here at Botany Farms:

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