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Nachos, potato chips, and even chili go well with delicious sour cream. If you’re a fan of this famous dip, you’d be pleased to know that there’s a cannabis bud that resembles the tart taste and tangy notes of a thick, sour cream dip.

Gather your grinder, rolling papers, or bong, and prepare your credit card for an order of the exquisite Sour Cream strain. We don't currently have a Cream Strain, but why not give one of our sour strains a try!

What is the Sour Cream Strain

The Sativa-dominant Sour Cream strain is a powerful cross between Sour Diesel and G13 Haze. This roller-coaster ride has enticing effects that will help you stay creative, focused, and uplift your spirits when the day is tiring and difficult.

With higher-than-average CBD levels, the Sour Cream strain is a great hybrid bud that will bring the brightest version of yourself out, along with pungent aromas that will create a blissful ambiance around you.

Sour Cream Strain Appearance

These large buds are dense and conical. Sour Cream’s bright green nugs have beautiful amber hairs and yellowish tints that invite you to burn them. Be careful, though, as its sticky trichomes are difficult to break with your hands.

The Sour Cream strain has a similar bud structure to Indicas when cured. However, its conical shape is more of a Sativa-like plant. What does this imply in terms of effects? Keep reading to find out.

Sour Cream Strain Genetics

By now, anything that has Sour Diesel as part of its lineage should impress us. DNA Genetics breeders knew what they were about to create when they chose to cross this iconic bud with G-13 Haze, another smokers’ favorite. The G-13 Haze strain is a pure indica bud with 27% THC that packs a strong body stone.

Make sure you don’t use this bud when performing important activities, as its hazy effects will make you feel lethargic and sedated. Now, take that and combine it with the 26% THC Sour Diesel, a total icon in the cannabis world. Its earthy and gassy taste has raised the bar for other diesel buds, as it is rich and pungent.

THC and CBD Content

Although the THC content isn’t as high as that of its parents, the Sour Cream strain still yields a potent high that will make you feel on top of the world. Ranging from 15 to 23%, this amount is enough for those cannabis users who are transitioning from a starting point to more hard-hitting buds. In addition, its CBD content is about 1%, creating a synergetic effect that counteracts to some extent the effects that THC can have on your body and mind.

Sour Cream Strain Effects

Smoking the Sour Cream strain is similar to trying actual sour cream for the first time. First, you get a tangy kick that takes you on a roller coaster ride. Your spirit feels free, uplifted, and ready to face any challenge that comes your way.

The high comes on fast. Your brain will suddenly be flooded with intense thoughts and creative ideas. Have a pencil and paper ready to write down everything you think of, as these enhanced senses will most likely bring interesting ideas to work on later.

After a while, the high starts to wear down. Your senses reach a place of tranquility, where the mind is quiet and your body is totally relaxed. You inhale and exhale with ease, sending warm waves of comfort through your body. This is the Sour Cream experience, and we bet you’re now tempted to try it out.

The sedative properties of the Sour Cream strain are also the reason why some users like to smoke it as a medical bud. It has the ability to ease your thoughts, making some anxiety and depression symptoms go away. In addition, pains and headaches tend to disappear after some puffs of this creamy bud. Still, these effects are only effective when using average doses.

Sour Cream Strain: Reported Flavors

What makes the Sour Cream strain sour, anyway? This time, milk isn’t part of the equation. Instead, the powerful myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool come together to create this exquisite terpene profile.

A strong diesel aroma is the first thing you’ll smell when opening the package, followed by pungent cheese and vanilla notes. Caryophyllene provides a tangy citrus flavor, and linalool gives Sour Cream a slightly herbal aftertaste that lingers in your mouth after exhaling.

Where to Buy Sour Cream Strain

Unfortunately, this tangy bud isn’t as popular as it should be. Still, those who live in Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, or Washington State will be pleasantly surprised, as it’s easy to get in local dispensaries.

Sour Cream Strain Growing Info

Beginners can properly grow the Sour Cream strain with no problems. It may not be a very resilient plant, but you can easily nurture it to make sure it thrives. The Sour Cream grows like an Indica plant, having a flowering period of 10 - 12 weeks. After harvesting, you can have about 14 to 21 ounces per square meter.

Hazy and Sour are great combinations, especially when they combine guava, mango, and pine flavors. If you are into Sativa buds but can’t seem to find the Sour Cream strain, the amazing Sour Hawaiian Haze might be just what you need. This fruity pre-roll is great for an uplifting smoke, as it will clear your head and make sure you don’t feel drowsy or lazy. Get ready for a bright day with this tropical joint!

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