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Illuminating as sunshine and electrifying as lightning. With the Sour Elektra hemp strain, you will navigate to the center of the thunderstorm and recharge yourself with all the energy this bud has for you.

This diesel-flavored variety of the Elektra strain lives up to its name, energizing you with its Sativa-dominant effects and solid 15.2% CBD content. Sour Elektra's stunning flowers are usually a beautiful tropical green with colorful patterns, fiery orange pistils, and a sheath of brilliant therapeutic-powered trichomes that coat the entire bud.

Knowing all this, you may better understand why it is no coincidence that the Sour Elektra hemp strain was one of the most claimed and sought-after crops by hemp connoisseurs in 2021. If you want to have a closer look at this cultivar, read on, and you will find everything you need to know about the Sour Elektra hemp strain.

What is the Sour Elektra Strain?

The Sour Elektra hemp strain has been one of the most requested hemp strains by lovers of non-psychotropic medicinal cannabis since 2021. This hybrid hemp strain of Sativa-dominant nature is the result of crossing the popular ACDC with the hemp version from the Gorilla Glue strain, also known as GG#4.

It is a variety with a more marked and intensely fruity and citrusy bouquet of the also famous Elektra, with the particularity of having distinctive Sour Diesel accents.

Sour Elektra Strain Appearance

Sour Elektra flowers are a full display of colors that invite you to try them just by seeing their appearance. This tasty hemp strain provides medium-sized buds with a bright green coloration reminiscent of tropical vegetation. They also have color patterns that may vary a bit depending on a series of factors during the cultivation process.

Sour Elektra buds feature a considerable amount of fiery to dark orange pistils that run through the entire bud and a resinous layer of abundant sparkling trichome crystals that finish off the striking appearance of this strain’s nugs.

Sour Elektra Strain Genetics

This electrifying flower enjoys unparalleled genetics, and we could say that it’s a member of the nobility of the world of medicinal hemp. Her parents' reputation precedes her as both ACDC and GG #4 are from a Sativa-dominant nature and are also popular for having stress-relieving properties.

Sour Elektra inherits a bit from each of its predecessors. ACDC may have a lot to do with the vibrant green color that characterizes Sour Elektra and the citrus tones in its aroma profile. The ACDC hemp strain comes from the cross of the Ruderalis and Cannatonic strains.

Like its daughter Sour Elektra, it also can provide relaxation, and a feeling of happiness without affecting energy levels, providing a mental clarity that promotes being more present in the here and now.

The multi-award-winning strain GG#4 or Gorilla Glue results from the cross between Sour Dubble and the Chocolate Diesel strain. It may be from them that Sour Elektra probably inherits those distinctive Sour Diesel aromas that characterize it.

Gorilla Glue buds, same as Sour Elektra buds, Come with a coating of glittering trichome crystals that produce a rich resinous layer that will leave your fingers sticky as soon as you touch the buds.

THC/CBD Content

Sour Elektra contains approximately 17.4% of total cannabinoids. From this percentage, 14% to 15.2% is pure CBD. The Delta 9 THC levels remain below the legal ratio of 0.3%. Therefore, Sour Elektra does not generate intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

Sour Elektra Strain Effects

The Sour Elektra hemp strain is the perfect bud to sweep away anxiety, pain, and to relieve tension and stress from a busy day. This strain is ideal for daytime use as its Sativa-dominant profile promotes mental focus and a nice manageable flow of energy that can carry you pleasantly into the evening.

Pain relief and relaxation are the main attributes of the effects of this hemp strain. Nonetheless, Sour Elektra will not negatively affect your energy levels; on the contrary, it will boost your mood and leave you with a clear head to do any activity that you have pending.

It is an excellent hemp strain to enjoy when you want to relax while staying active and focused. You can also use this crop in the evenings to have a bit of support when you want to wind down without getting glued to the couch.

Sour Elektra Strain Reported Flavors

Sour Elektra buds have a distinguished terpene profile with more than 14 different terpenes that synergistically contribute and complement the final effects it generates while flooding the space with aromas of diesel combined with citrus and berry tones.

This bud carries a subtle but detectable diesel influence that brings out its taste's sweet citrus and berry notes. The aroma of the Sour Elektra strain is intense and vibrant, and will fill the space as soon as you open the package that contains its buds.

Sour Elektra has such an appetizing aroma that it will make you drool as soon as the smell reaches your nostrils. When you smoke or vape the Sour Elektra strain, you will feel the tart and fruity flavors mix in your mouth in a rich cloud of smoke or vapor with each puff.

Sour Elektra Terpenes

The flowers of the Sour Elektra hemp strain definitely bring with them a tremendous therapeutic load. In addition to 15% CBD, this cultivar contains over 14 different terpenes that can total up to a staggering 26mg per gram of flower. The most abundant terpenes in the Sour Elektra profile are:
  • β-Myrcene: This terpene can occur in concentrations of up to 8.06%mg/g and constitutes 30% of the total terpenes present in Sour Elektra. β-Myrcene contributes to the various types of pain-relieving properties in this variety of hemp and may also help with muscle and joint inflammation.
  • Terpinolene: Terpinolene occurs in a concentration of up to 5.38mg/g in Sour Elektra and provides antibacterial, antifungal, and even anti-cancer effects. In addition, it gives heart health support which really complements the therapeutic profile of this strain.
  • β-Caryophyllene: This terpene occurs in less quantity than the previous ones, reaching concentrations of 3.7mg/g, but its contribution in terms of benefits is just as significant. β-Caryophyllene also exhibits antibacterial properties and its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
Other terpenes that are part of the profile of the Sour Elektra strain in lesser abundance are:

Where to Buy Sour Elektra Strain?

Although Sour Elektra is a CBD flower strain that has been quite popular lately and acclaimed by cannabis connoisseurs, it can be challenging to find it in all dispensaries or in your closest dispensary.

Luckily for you, we have a perfectly cured batch of Sour Elektra waiting for you in our stockpile. All you have to do to get some of this delicious hemp flower is enter our online store, click order, and our team of experts will be more than happy to deliver it to your door discreetly and safely.

If the Sour Elektra strain's smells, flavors, or therapeutic qualities catch your attention, but you are a fan of the psychoactive effects, we also have the solution for you.

We also keep a special batch of Delta 8 Sour Elektra packed and ready to ship in our stock that will provide you with the psychotropic effects that you like so much, accompanied by an excellent and tasty bouquet that will fill you with pleasure and relaxation. At the same time, it will perfume the space with an aromatic and dense smoke smelling of citrus fruits and sour diesel.

Sour Elektra Strain Growing Info

Because Sour Elektra is a relatively new strain, there isn’t much specific information on growing this strain available yet. However, because it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid hemp strain, we know how it behaves during its growth.

Sativa strains enjoy intense light. The more light, the better they respond. As long as temperatures don't exceed 85°F and you keep the humidity at 55% to 65%, the plant will react excellently and grow like crazy.

Despite this substantial growth, pure Sativa and Sativa-dominant hybrid strains respond better to light fertilizer levels and less frequent feedings. Sativa-dominant hybrid strains typically have a flowering time of 55-60 days.


  • Indoor: 550g/m².
  • Outdoor: up to 1100g/plant.

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