Sour Ghost Strain

A nug of sour ghost strain floats beside a classic bedsheet ghost in the background

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Treat yourself all year long with the delicious, zesty, and skunky Sour Ghost strain. With delicious aromatics that will remind you of your favorite sour candy at Halloween, this strain is a potent hybrid that can relax you but also keep you clear-headed enough to stay social and talkative. Let’s jump into this year-round spooky strain.

What Is the Sour Ghost Strain

The Sour Ghost is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, that contains about 70 percent relaxing Indica and about 30 percent Sativa. With a bright and colorful appearance that we will delve into later, this bud is pretty potent thanks to its moderate-to-high THC levels.

With strong aromatics, including zesty citrus, lemon, and even soft skunky undertones, you’ll find this bud provides a refreshing experience. So don’t be scared by its name, this strain is perfect if you are a munchie lover, want to get relaxed in social environments, or even get instant relief from stress.

Sour Ghost Strain Appearance

For all the all-year-long Halloween lovers, this strain is the ideal vibe. Hidden within its green leafy exterior, you’ll find tones of intense yellow and bright purple. This strain also has lots of trichrome crystals that cover the compacted leaves of this bud, making it pretty potent, but also pretty in general.

Sour Ghost Strain genetics

Sour Ghost comes from a long line of carefully curated strains. This spooky strain is a haunting mixture of Ghost OG and the strong Sour Dawg. The cross between these two amazing strains creates a perfectly balanced hybrid that can relax you but also keep you social.

THC/CBD Content

This strain has high D8 THC content, usually between 18-24%. CBD-wise, this bud doesn’t have much, as its parent strains tend to be high on the THC side rather than the CBD side.

If you want a heavy CBD flower that’s also pretty sour we recommend our hybrid, Super Sour Space Candy. With delicious diesel and lemon twist notes, with a hint of sour apple, this strain is an excellent CBD alternative to Sour Ghost while keeping it high in cannabinoid content (22%).

We also have this bud in 1g Pre-Rolls if you want a toke to try it out, over here. Why not give some flower from our Farms a try?

Sour Ghost Strain Terpenes

The top terpenes you’ll find in this strain are Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool. These are what give this strain its delicious sour notes and aromatics, but also help with inflammation and stress in general.

Sour Ghost Strain Effects

The most noticeable effects that users have reported with this spooky strain are relaxation and a clear-headed boost. Unlike other hybrids, this strain can be used as a go-to if you need aid with chronic pain, or if you get swamped by stress or anxiety.

It’s pretty calm on the body high, but it can potentially help as pain relief. To sum it up, expect a mild body high that pairs up with clear-headed euphoria and relaxation.

Sour Ghost Strain reported flavors

Some of the reported flavors for this strain include zesty lemon and citrus, fuel undertones, and even some herbal flavors like lavender. Other aromatics that can be found are on the citrusy, earthy, and even a little sweet side.

Sour Ghost Strain Growing Info

Thanks to its lineage, this strain is pretty easy to grow. It adapts well to sunny and warm climates, usually akin to the Mediterranean soil. The strain generally is an average yielder, but it can resist many natural threat factors.

It’s also pretty low-maintenance in general. This strain flowers anywhere between 8 and 9 weeks, and yields up to 9 ounces of bud per plant.

Strains like Sour Ghost Strain

For a similar D8 THC strain, we recommend the Delta-8 Sour Elektra. This Sativa is a little milder in the total cannabinoids area, but don’t be fooled as it can give you a boost of energy to rush through your day. It has sweet citrus and berry aromatics that elevate the smoking experience.

If you like sour, but want something even more potent, the CBD Sour Lifter is for you. But don’t be fooled, this CBD Sativa has over 23.5% of cannabinoids with delicious lemon, ripe grape, and even diesel-like aromatics. It is a perfect morning strain to start the day off with full energy.

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