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Batman’s chaotic nemesis can help you crack some jokes on a chill afternoon with friends. We’re talking about the Sour Joker strain, which is full of giggles and euphoria, just like its namesake. Why should you try this bright green bud? Find out in our Sour Joker strain review.

What is the Sour Joker Strain

The award-winning Amnesia Haze and uplifting East Coast Sour Diesel came together and created one of the most euphoric highs you’ll ever experience. The Sour Joker strain is a strong sativa bud with amazing THC content that can please newbies and veterans alike.

Few strains can ever give us such a pleasant, energizing high that doesn’t take over our minds. If you’re looking for an upbeat bud to start your day, read on and learn about Sour Joker.

Sour Joker Strain Appearance

This Christmas tree-shaped bud has vivid green colors with beautiful light green and white hairs. You’ll find some purple hues in some batches that come out thanks to some pigments that activate in cold weather. Finally, the Sour Joker strain is covered in beautiful sugar-like trichomes that make it look absolutely stunning, grabbing your attention from the moment you open the bag.

Sour Joker Strain Genetics

When combining two potent Sativa strains like Amnesia Haze and East Coast Sour Diesel, you know for sure that nothing can go wrong. These buds create the perfect mix of potency, flavor, and effects to make Sour Joker a thriving strain.

Amnesia Haze inspires you with its citrus smell and earthy and woody flavors, thanks to genetics traced back to South Asia and Jamaican landrace strains. This strain fills you with positive energy and motivates you to stay focused to complete all of your duties, making it ideal for starting the day with a smile.

As for East Coast Sour Diesel, there’s a reason why it is the parent of so many proud buds. This uplifting strain will give you an exciting body rush and delicious pungent flavors that create a bubbly, fun atmosphere around you.

THC Content

The average THC content of the Sour Joker strain is 21.2%, making it a mighty bud to smoke. Still, many newbies can experience the euphoric effects of this bud when taken in small doses. In addition, some batches can contain about 1% CBD, which doesn’t really affect the strain’s overall THC effects but still contributes to the Entourage Effect.

Sour Joker Strain Effects

Just like Batman’s nemesis, this strain is a chaotic ride, though it won’t leave you feeling exhausted. Its effects take place rather quickly for a Sativa bud, introducing you to a blissful sensation in the mind. Your cheeks might turn a bit red, and your head soon feels relaxed and less heavy. As the high builds up, you’ll feel inspired to reflect, brainstorm, or simply create.

Take advantage of this euphoric high to come up with interesting ideas you can later work on. In addition, the Sour Joker strain brings with it some focus, allowing you to tackle your to-do list while jamming to your favorite songs. With mild doses, your body won’t feel heavy or tired.

On the contrary, many smokers can benefit from this uplifting strain to exercise or enjoy a pleasant sexual encounter. However, high doses will definitely make you feel couch-locked. When talking about its medicinal effects, many users find the Sour Joker strain useful for enhancing focus when dealing with ADHD and coping with stress or depression. You can also feel pain and inflammation relief and a big appetite.

Sour Joker Strain Reported Flavors

Ocimene and terpinolene blend perfectly to create a harmonious flavor profile. The right curation process will make the Sour Joker strain smell fruity and slightly funky. When burned, you’ll sense a delicious orange smell that makes your mouth water. As you inhale, a sudden gasoline flavor will make you cough. However, this harsh sensation is soon replaced with tropical fruity flavors that dance happily with warm diesel notes on your tongue.

Where to Buy Sour Joker Strain

This popular bud may be in your nearest dispensary. However, you can always find fantastic dispensaries that sell the Sour Joker strain online. For instance, Dogwalkers has quality Sour Joker pre-rolls just for you if you live in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, or Nevada.

Sour Joker Strain Growing Info

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find Sour Joker seeds available. You can get some clippings from reliable breeders to grow your own if you have some luck. This strain is perfect for indoors-growth.

When outdoors, a Mediterranean-like climate is best, as it has the humidity the plant needs to thrive. After 9 to 10 weeks, you’ll have beautiful bright green buds waiting for curation. We know the sour flavors of this bud have grabbed your attention.

If that’s the case, what about giving the Sour Lifter strain a try? This diesel, ripe grape, and lemon bud is the perfect morning strain to gather energy and feel calm. Enjoy this 17.3% CBD strain and shine bright like the sun.

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