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Sour Power strain

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Pump some gas into your brain and feel the strong high produced by the Sour Power strain. If you are a fan of diesel buds, this flower will grow on you with its strong THC content and effects, which blend perfectly with its potent smell. While we don’t currently carry the Sour Power strain, why not give some of our high Sativa flower a try?

What is the Sour Power Strain

Sour Power is an almost pure Sativa strain that contains strong, hot diesel aromas. Thanks to its high THC content, this Star Bud x East Coast Sour Diesel cross makes users beg for more. This frosty bud reeks of medical benefits, which give medicinal users the opportunity to enjoy an uplifting ride towards relaxation, creativity, and euphoria. Once you smoke these gassy buds, you’ll never want to try another Sativa flower.

Sour Power Strain Appearance

While it may not look like a mighty strain, the neon green shade of the Sour Power strain stands out in the dispensary, grabbing your attention with its frosty trichome layer and great amount of orange hair. This three-time winner of the High Time Cannabis Cup doesn’t disappoint when it comes to appearance, and it is one of the reasons why so many cannalovers go head over heels for it.

Sour Power Strain Genetics

It is hard to overthrow your predecessors, but thanks to its potency, the Sour Power strain manages to do so. As a child of Star Bud and East Coast Sour Diesel, there’s absolutely nothing that can go wrong when it comes to genetics.

HortiLab Seeds used their flagship StarBud, the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica winner, to create this strain. It has an unusual ability to generate complete bodily relaxation, which frequently results in users sleeping. After that, they crossed StarBud with East Coast Sour Diesel, a predominantly Sativa strain noted for its extreme power.

When these two strains were crossed, the child inherited most of the Sativa genes as well as the soothing characteristics of the other. As previously stated, Sour Power has not only once but three times. As a result, it's one of the few strains that outperform their illustrious parents.

THC Content

The name itself implies how strong it is when it comes to potency. The Sour Power strain holds a great 22-24% THC content, making it a strong sativa that new users may want to stay away from. Only those ready to handle the pumping euphoria that Sour Power offers should take a chance and light those neon green buds.

Sour Power Strain Effects

Prepare to pump some gas into your brain with this mighty bud. Users describe the Sour Power high as having a quick start of an incredibly uplifting cerebral head high that builds but maintains an anchor due to a mild indica impact. You'll feel inspired and creative, with a strong sense of motivation.

We know for sure that the Sour Power strain’s euphoric effects are enough to make you feel relaxed without putting you to sleep. A feeling of serenity descends over the mind, yet with it comes attention and mental clarity. Still, too much of this bud can make you feel uncomfortable and disoriented. Moreover, Sour Power may cause anxiety or dizziness. Some users who are sensitive to sativas may experience some paranoia.

On the medicinal side, the Sour Power strain may be an excellent strain for treating individuals suffering from PTSD, depression, chronic inflammation, or muscle spasms because of its powerful effects. Those interested in using this gassy bud for such purposes should seek medical advice to enjoy the benefits of this bud.

Sour Power Strain Reported Flavors

While the sour side of this flower stands out in the name, many other flavors build up to give you a tantalizing experience. Sour Power reeks of hot diesel and funk, with sour lemon candies hints coming out of its thick trichomes when burned.

While the smell is not easy on the nose, berry and citrus flavors will give you a pleasant smoke after some time. Myrcene, limonene, and Phellandrene are responsible for such amazing flavors.

Sour Power Strain Growing Info

This powerful bud takes about 10 to 11 weeks to flower, and it can be a bit challenging for new growers. Both indoors and out, Sour Power thrives. While this is not a problem in the garden, cultivating it indoors requires more effort. This includes topping it as soon as possible to keep its height to a minimum. When grown in the ideal environment, each square meter can yield about 18 to 21 ounces of buds. Get some Sour Power seeds and start your own garden with these diesel flowers if you are up for a challenge.

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