Sour Punch Strain

A bud of sour punch strain cannabis floats against a green and yellow spiral background.

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Meet the Sour Punch strain, a delicious Sativa-dominant strain with a high THC content that’s not your typical Sativa. With its delicious fruity and sour notes, and the reported euphoric buzz that boosts creativity and even some giggles, this is a one-of-a-kind strain you’ll want to get a hit of.

What is Sour Punch Strain

To all the sour candy lovers out there, here comes a strain you’ll love. Sour Punch is a Sativa-dominant, hybrid strain that will blow your mind as one of the biggest reported effects of this bud is the delicious energizing cerebral effects.

This bud hits like its name, with a fast and hard punch and an uplifted and dreamy feeling you’ll love. Some people have reported having a creativity and productivity boost, while others use it as a pregame as it's great for social situations.

Flavor-wise, this strain won’t disappoint either. This bud has sweet, fruity, and cherry flavors that mix well with the delicious sour citrus and spicy herbal undertones. So if you ever liked sour candies as a kid, this strain is a perfect go-to as an adult treat.

Sour Punch Strain Appearance

Let’s take a gander at the sweet look of this sour bud. The buds on this one have spade-shaped nugs that are just beautiful. Most of the varieties have oversized nugs as well, making for a beautiful flower around.

Color-wise, this strain has dusty green nugs with almost fluorescent orange hairs all around. This strain is also covered with white trichome crystals that give it the perfect look. Some varieties even have warmer tones with splashes of orange, olive greens, and even some yellow hairs. Both varieties qualify as Sour Punch, what makes them different is the cross and lineage they are made from.

Sour Punch Strain Genetics

The genetics on this one are a little complicated; this powerful Sativa is made from the Super Silver Haze and The One strains. Some varieties also use Panama Punch and Sour Diesel as well, which explains the warmer tones in its looks.

The main difference between these two lineages is the underlying notes and looks, but the main aroma and flavors remain with berries, lemon, and fuel notes. Just make sure to take a look at the grower’s reported lineage and you are good to go.

Other varieties are usually the offspring of Tahoe OG with Purple Punch. While also having sour notes and diesel-like tones, this variety has lower THC content and has tropical fruit as its main flavor, instead of berries.

THC/CBD Content

Let’s dive into the sweetest part of Sour Punch, the THC content. This strain has varieties that go anywhere from the 12% up to the 20% of THC levels, while most have a 2% of CBD or even a 1% of CBG. If you like Sativa-dominant hybrids, this one is a great choice to balance things out with a high THC content.

Sour Punch Strain Terpenes

Before we move on, you have to know what gives this bud its delicious profile: terpenes. As you might have figured out, the biggest terpene is Carene with some varieties having over 0.25%. This terpene is known for giving strains its citrusy and pine-like aroma. The compounds also possess anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

The other terpene is Myrcene, which is responsible for the distinctive earthy and musky flavor most weed strains have. It also gives slight hoppy notes to other products, such as mangoes, and even some craft beer varieties.

Sour Punch Strain Effects

A punch by this strain is no joke. Users have reported feeling tingly, talkative, and creative while enjoying this strain. They describe the experience as starting with a fast and hard uplifting dream-like feeling, which slowly fills you with bliss and relaxation.

Then, the giggles start to creep in with a delightful euphoric buzz. After this, expect creativity and sociability boosts, which is great if you want to get things done, start on your new art project, or just want a little kick for a social gathering.

For people looking for its therapeutic benefits, some long-time users recommend this strain thanks to its potential chronic pain aid. Thanks to its high THC content and terpene configuration, it can aid with fatigue, pain, and most stress symptoms.

Sour Punch Strain Reported Flavors

Here’s what we adore about this strain, its flavor profile. By keeping it sweet but sour, this strain’s profile is far from overwhelming. Most varieties start with fruity and cherry-berry flavors that slowly mix and dance with the sourness notes on the back. Some varieties change this cherry flavor for tropical hits, but the overall experience stays the same.

Whenever you get to take some hits from this knock-out strain, you might even find some blue cheese and chemical-like notes on the back, mixed with a few hoppy notes that are not invasive at all.

We fully recommend this strain if you want to jump from one-note buds, as this bud starts to get complicated without being overwhelming. Thanks to its aroma, notes, and well-rounded profile, it's perfect to practice your nose and taste until you become a connoisseur.

Sour Punch Strain Growing Info

This strain is not for beginners. The plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but it can get a little bit sensitive to climate changes. When grown outdoors, expect anywhere from 15 to 20 oz. per plant, which is about 550g. If planted indoors, this strain yields anyway from 1 to 2 ounces, which is about 400g per square meter.

The harvest time is about 74 days inside, and mid-October when grown under the sun. The flowering time with Sour Punch is way before its harvesting, in the 65 to 69 days range. Expect your plants to grow anyway from the 60 through the 80 cm mark both indoors and outdoors.

Strains like Sour Punch Strain

If you like sour strains like Sour Punch, we do have a few buds in mind. The first one is the delicious Sour Hawaiian Haze, one of our favorite strains with strong sour and tropical vibes. Also a Sativa-dominant strain, this bud is perfect if you loved the tropical and fruity-like flavors, as this bud can give you the perfect tropical getaway with just a few puffs. You can try this strain out on our store with our premium Delta-8 extract added, or try a single preroll to taste a few puffs first.

The second strain is the Sour Elektra. This delicious bud is also a Sativa, with milder sour notes and stronger fuel-like, skunky aromatics. It is also strong on both the citrus and berry flavors, so if you like those notes you’ll love this bud. Sour Elektra is also available in our Delta-8 THC version, in which frozen extract is sprayed directly onto the bud. This gives a stronger effect when mixed with our CBD-only hemp flower.

The third option is the Super Sour Space Candy. This strain takes the sour to the max, with strong diesel notes with both sweet lemon and sour apple. Although this flower is not a full-on Sativa, this hybrid bud has balanced effects with a strong cannabinoid content of 22.2%. These are available in a preroll as well, so try it before you commit to a full flower.

If you want a really strong variety of this strain, you can try our delta-8 version. Or, try the Sour Lifter strain for similar effects and potency, with a less sweet profile but a strong uplifting buzz for your midday. 

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