Sour Sunshine Strain Review

Sour Sunshine cannabis strain hovers above a sunset background

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Table Of Contents

If you enjoy a good wake-and-bake and you are looking for a good strain that gets you going, the sweet Sour Sunshine is the strain for you. Sour Sunshine OG has flat heart-shaped olive green nugs with vivid amber undertones, covered with orange hairs and a coating of chunky frosty amber crystal trichomes. A cross between La Con and Sour, this 19% THC strain is a must-have for sativa lovers.


These buds have a beautifully sweet and sour, citrusy lemon flavor with hints of spicy florals upon exhale. The aroma of the Sour Sunshine strain is earthy and flowery with a sweet and citrusy overtone. Thanks to the dominant terpenes present in this strain, such as limonene, caryophyllene, linalool, myrcene, and pinene, the aroma profile of these buds are mouth-watering.


Because the Sour Sunshine strain is a sativa dominant strain, is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as headaches or migraines, chronic stress, depression, and chronic fatigue. Moreover, this strain brings on the bright and happy effects that will get you out of bed or off of the couch, allowing you to do your things without affecting your physical energy levels.

The high of this strain comes on fast and hard with a rush of euphoria that launches you into a pure clear-headed state of mind, which is great for activities requiring focus and creativity. Then, a mild body high comes with the Sour Sunshine strain, with a touch of physical sedation, keeping you anchored but not affecting your mental energy level at all.

Terpenes also contribute to the many effects of Sour Sunshine. Myrcene provides anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, helping you stay calm. Then, caryophyllene helps regulate mood and has analgesic effects. Additionally, it is the only terpene to interact with the endocannabinoid system.

A-pinene boosts energy and improves focus, as well as acting as a bronchodilator. Limonene improves mood and relieves nausea, and it is commonly found in strains that treat anxiety and depression.

Finally, linalool helps reduce levels of anxiety and depression, and it acts as an anti-microbial agent, Moreover, it makes the immune system more resilient to the effects of stress. These compounds give Sour Sunshine the ability to knock out stress and pain while fostering euphoria and creativity.


Sour Sunshine was created by crossing the fragrant L.A Con with Sour OG. This indica-sativa combination is what makes the body and mid effects of Sour Sunshine so special and potent, providing users with a holistic relief.


By combining a legendary Los Angeles-area Afghani with another Afghani specimen, L.A. Confidential got to be a potent indica strain from Los Angeles. This bush of dark leaves is disease and mold-resistant and yields well with proper care.

The sedative properties of L.A Con is no joke, and it is one of the reasons why those who suffer from muscle spasms and chronic pain choose this bud over the most popular indica strains. Sour OG is a powerful sativa strain that comes from the iconic OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Its energizing effects make it an all-time favorite for both users and breeders, finding the most stimulating properties of sativa in Sour OG. The delicious lemon and pine flavor of this strain mix perfectly with its kush undertone, providing an uplifting head high for users.

Growth Information

The Sour Sunshine strain is a really popular crop to grow, especially in Michigan. Being a hybrid strain, it is not as difficult as many other buds that have more prominent sativa-indica ratios. You can expect a medium yield from the Sour Sunshine strain and large, beautiful leaves all around these dense buds.

Flowering Time

  • 55 - 65 days.

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