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Space Cadet Strain bud

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Buckle up and put your helmet on because we are shooting for the moon and beyond today. There’s something special about those strains that feel like floating in outer space. However, getting to know them is a bit more complicated. That’s why we bring you this review of the Space Cadet strain, a fresh flower coming from Ethos Genetics.

What is the Space Cadet Strain?

Space Cadet is part of a family of strains that are all about spacing out and relaxing in the stars for a bit. It has strong mental stimulation and Kush-like effects that stimulate at least as much as they help you zone out.

You might already be familiar with one of Space Cadet’s relatives, the aptly-named Space Invader strain. Space Cadet promises waves of Kush-like delight and complex cerebral highs like that firebrand strain.

Space Cadet Strain Appearance

Judging by first appearances, Space Cadet sure looks the part: it's small, but exceptionally dense. These sticky buds reek of first-class terpenes and shine in layers of dark, moody green, brown, and pink tones.

Space Cadet Strain Genetics

The Space Cadet strain derives from a cross of 501st OG and Godhead. Both of these strains pack a great deal of heritage, reputation, and an extensive lineage that goes back all the way to the godfather of all cerebral Indicas, OG Kush.

THC Content

These two impressive celebrity parent strains also imbue the Space Cadet strain with an exceptionally high THC content of over 20%. CBD counts are more marginal as you’d expect, and minor cannabinoids are only present in negligible amounts.

Space Cadet Strain Terpenes

Terpene-wise, Space Cadet sure doesn’t disappoint and manages to live up to its name. With plenty of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, this strain has a noticeable floral, even slightly citrusy bent to it. Still, it completely knocks you out and sends you flying with its sharp, pungent, and heavy-hitting woody overtones.

Space Cadet Strain Effects

In the end, a strain like this is all about the effects. How does the high measure up to the lofty imagery provoked by the name? We’re happy to say: extremely well!

The highs you get from Space Cadet are nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to obvious cues from its remote OG Kush ancestry, the Space Cadet strain does really transport you to faraway galaxies with its cerebral, whole-body stimulation.

We would say that the high is definitely the more physical kind一 expect to feel light, spaced-out, and very much stationary for at least a few hours with this strain. Long-lasting effects and very body-heavy highs make this a principal evening-friendly “couch strain.”

Note that the effects of Space Cadet can be quite intense and hard to handle, and if you’re particularly sensitive to or tend to exhibit any negative side effects from high-THC strains, we recommend being very careful with your dosage.

On the other hand, those looking for a medical marijuana strain with some extra oomph could do a lot worse than going with Space Cadet.

Space Cadet Strain Reported Flavors

The flavor profile of Space Cadet is about what you’d expect, given the aroma and terpene profile that we described above. There’s a lot of spice, and the inhale can be heavy on the throat.

On the flipside, you do get quite a bit of sweetness from the herbal-fruity undertones. We’d consider Space Cadet a very pleasant and enjoyable strain to smoke in terms of taste.

Space Cadet Strain Growing Info

Space Cadet grows relatively quickly, reaching maturity in about 45 days on average. The plants also tend to necessitate quite a bit of space – both vertical and horizontal – with a peak height of about 60 inches and some notable spread on the ground level.

The yield is about average for an Indica-heavy hybrid. Note that Space Cadet prefers slightly colder temperatures than most hybrids and will grow best at higher altitudes in moderately-humid air.

Strains Like Space Cadet Strain

If you enjoyed your taste of Space Cadet, why not try out some other space-themed strains such as Space Invader, or Space Kush?

Here at Botany Farms, we have our own personal favorite: Super Sour Space Candy. One of our most perennially successful and beloved spacey hybrids, Super Sour Space Candy is the more potent, more heavy-hitting variant of the classic Sour Space Candy by Oregon CBD. A high-CBD hybrid with a complex terpene profile hinting at diesel and wild fruit, this is one strain not quite like any other – and that’s why we love it! 

And for those who want to experience those lovely medicinal and psychoactive THC effects without risking the undesirable physical responses many people get from Delta-9, there’s always our special Delta-8 Super Sour Space Candy.

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