Spliff vs Joint: What’s The Difference?

A man is holding a lit joint in his hand while standing in a mountain valley

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In the world of cannabis, many terms may cause some confusion, and two of these terms are spliffs and joints. The two words are often used interchangeably. Exactly what they mean can depend on where you live, but they are generally considered as being two different things. Yes, they are very closely related, and they both involve the use of cannabis, but there are some small differences between them to be aware of. Let's get to it and figure out everything there is to know about spliffs and joints.

Key Takeaways

  • A joint is pure cannabis.
  • A spliff is usually mixed with tobacco.
  • The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

What Is a Joint?

A joint is a rolled cannabis cigarette, often hand rolled, although it may sometimes be machine rolled. These are often rolled with regular white rolling papers, although some people may also use hemp papers or rice papers. A joint is generally considered as being pure cannabis, or in other words not being mixed with anything else. This is one of the preferred methods of smoking cannabis, particularly in North America. Click here if you need help putting out a joint!

What Is a Spliff?

We then have a spliff, which is very closely related to a joint. A spliff is also a rolled cannabis cigarette, although it is usually not pure cannabis. Spliffs are generally a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, or sometimes other rolling herbs. This version of a cannabis cigarette is particularly popular in Europe. One reason for this may be that in many European countries, cannabis is still totally illegal, which therefore also makes it very expensive. Rolling cannabis mixed with tobacco helps to cut down on the cost.

Spliff vs. Joint: Material Differences?

When it comes down to it, besides the fact that spliffs are generally mixtures of cannabis and tobacco, whereas joints are generally just cannabis, there aren't many other material differences. Both are (or can be) rolled with the same types of rolling papers, whether regular white rolling papers, hemp papers, or rice papers. The only real difference here is what is contained inside.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Joints?

People often like smoking joints due to the pure cannabis high. If you want to feel the high from just cannabis and nothing else, then you obviously need to smoke it pure without any additives. Furthermore, if you just smoke cannabis, you can rest assured that there are no other toxins that you are inhaling due to added substances. Another benefit of smoking a pure joint is that you get to enjoy the awesome flavor of the cannabis itself, without it being contaminated. Many people also tend to like the way that pure cannabis joints smoke, because if the weed is sticky, it will burn slowly. However, on the other hand, they can also burn far too slowly if the weed is way too sticky, or burn far too quickly if the weed is far too dry. If the weed is very sticky, a pure cannabis joint may also be fairly hard to roll. At the same time, pure cannabis joints may of course be quite expensive, especially depending on where you live. Check out some of our useful guides, such as how to hold a joint, how to light a joint, and how to infuse a joint.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Spliffs?

Some people do like mixing tobacco with their weed, AKA making a spliff because it can be much more cost-effective. Tobacco is generally cheaper than cannabis. At the same time, some people do like that added head rush of the nicotine high that the tobacco produces. Some people do also of course like the flavor. Some people also find that spliffs are easier to roll when cannabis is mixed with tobacco because everything is a bit drier, which can also lead to the spliff burning a little more evenly. However, if you add too much tobacco, your spliff may end up being far too dry and burn way too quickly. Furthermore, you do also have to consider that nicotine contains some extremely poisonous and carcinogenic substances that you should not inhale under any circumstances. By adding tobacco to your cannabis, you are quite literally adding poison. On that note, although some people may like it, most people would agree that the flavor of tobacco when mixed with cannabis is not overly enjoyable. In the grand scheme of things, we would recommend sticking with pure cannabis.

Is it Easier to Roll a Spliff or Joint?

This really depends on the quality and state of the cannabis. If the cannabis itself is moderately dry, then it will likely be easier or just as easy to roll as a spliff. However, if your cannabis is extremely sticky, then rolling pure cannabis may be more difficult than rolling it if it is mixed with tobacco, because the tobacco provides a bit of dryness, so you can spread things out a little easier. In the grand scheme of things, which of these two is easier to roll is quite subjective.

Do Spliffs Get You Higher Than Joints?

This is also subjective depending on how you look at it. On one hand, if you have a 50/50 mixture of cannabis and tobacco, it means that you have 50% less cannabis or THC to get you high. Therefore, a spliff will likely not get you nearly as high as a pure cannabis joint, simply because there's much less weed in it. However, let's keep in mind that nicotine does produce its own sensations. That intense head rush and release of serotonin that you get from nicotine is the exact reason why so many people get addicted to cigarettes in the first place. Although you're not going to feel a cerebral and intoxicating or psychoactive head high like you do from THC, nicotine does still produce quite the rush. So, a spliff is not going to get you higher than a joint, but nicotine is going to contribute sensations of its own. They are just two fairly different feelings.

Do Spliffs and Joints Have the Same Definitions Around the World?

The reason why this can all be so confusing is that these two words don't have the same definitions around the world, and they are often used interchangeably.

Joint vs Spliff – Which Is Better?

If you are looking to stay pure, you don't want to add more poison into the mix, you like the flavor of cannabis, and you enjoy the high that cannabis produces, then a pure cannabis joint is probably best for you. However, if you want to cut down on the cost of your smoking habit, you enjoy the flavor of nicotine, you like that intense headrush that it produces, and you don't mind adding a bit of carcinogen into the mix, then a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, or in other words a spliff, could be ideal for you.


What this all comes down to is a matter of personal preference. A spliff contains tobacco whereas a joint does not. Now it's up to you to make an informed decision between the two. We hope that we’ve been able to put the spliff vs joint debate to rest once and for all!

Where to Buy Pre-Rolled Joints Online

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