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A bud of the world's strongest hemp glitters under light against a background of hemp plants

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Indica Sleep THCA
Indica Sleep THCA
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Hybrid Relax THCA
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Focus Sativa THCA
Hybrid Relax THCA
Hybrid Relax THCA
Indica Sleep THCA
Indica Sleep THCA
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Delta-8 Indica Sleep
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As hemp explodes in popularity, users are increasingly seeking out the world's strongest hemp flower strains. To make life easier, we compiled a definitive list. You may know that CBD, the main cannabinoid of the hemp plant, has a great number of benefits for consumers.

For this reason, THC lovers like to switch from time to time to CBD. This cannabinoid may give you more benefits regarding specific conditions like anxiety, PTSD and autism. At Botany Farms, we love to guide you through all the important information about cannabis and hemp. For this reason, this article will give you a glimpse of all the strongest hemp flower strains on the market.

Suver Haze

With its high CBD content and fragrant terpene profile, Suver Haze is surely one of the strongest CBD flower strains on the market. Its impressive amount of cannabidiol has made it easier for consumers to go through their day, since its sativa profile gives you the energy to keep on going while staying calm and grounded.

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is a tropical flavor strain with a citrus touch to it. Thanks to its regular 18% CBD, it works wonders for a stressed mind and a tired body. After a few hits on this fruity strain, the energy and happiness you needed to lift your spirits will get to you. If you have a social gathering, make sure you bring some Hawaiian Haze to feel talkative and creative.

Sour Space Candy

When it comes to flavor, no other hybrid strain can beat Sour Space Candy. Its mouth-watering fruity flavor makes one of the strongest CBD hemp flower strains, and users love to add these multicolored buds to their recipes. With its 16.8% CBD content, expect a relaxed body and a focused mind to unwind and get the job done.

Special Sauce

Special Sauce is considered one of the strongest hemp flower buds for its heavy indica effects. Due to its 18.8% CBD, nighttime smoke using Special Sauce will provide your body with soothing waves and a relaxed mind. However, a balanced dose of this bud won’t put you to sleep, which is perfect if you just want to chill and remain active for some of your tasks.

White CBG

Besides CBD, we can find another rising star among the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant; CBG. This amazing compound has promising effects for the body, and one of the best strains you can try out CBG is White CBG. The reason why we think this is one of the strongest hemp flower strains out there is because it has a powerful CBG content that will make you feel calm and mellow while clearing your head.

Sour G CBG

Another amazing CBG strain, Sour G CBG has 13.5% CBG content and a delicious diesel and citrus aroma that will have you kicking off the day with a calm mind and a relaxed body. With a strong sativa profile to it, Sour G CBG will help you feel uplifted, which is why many users like it for a morning smoke.

Sour Lifter

When talking about the strongest hemp flower, one can’t leave out Sour Lifter. This limited release of Oregon CBD is a sour variation to the well-known Lifter. With up to 17% CBD levels, this morning strain has a delicious terpene profile that will make this bud hard to quit. If you need to leave anxiety and stress away, the sativa-dominant Sour Lifter strain is your best bet.

Sour Diesel CBD

Sour Diesel is one of the most sought-after strongest hemp flower strains. The CBD content in Sour Diesel is as high as 20%, and its effects are really long-lasting. After just a few hits, you will feel the mood-boosting properties of Sour Diesel CBD, waking you up and motivating you to get the job done.


If there is a CBD hemp flower that took the market by storm, it is Elektra. Its 18% CBD content and earthy with citrusy notes flavor makes it a perfect strain to feel mellow. Best used for daytime smoking sessions, users love to share this strain with friends and in social settings to feel invigorated.

Blueberry Pie

We bet that the mere name has you dreaming already. Blueberry Pie is not only known for its rich flavor, but also for being one of the strongest CBD flower strains due to its soaring cannabidiol content. With up to 20% CBD, this indica-dominant hybrid is everything you need to have a good rest at the end of a long day.

Abacus Diesel

The smell of this strain is the reason why many users choose it as the strongest hemp flower on the market. After many different crosses, breeders managed to create a CBD strain with up to a 3.60% terpene content, with pungent gassy notes and a terpene profile of another world. This is why many consumers love this sativa-dominant; it looks and tastes like the real thing.

Bubba Kush

You can’t talk about the strongest CBD flower on the market without mentioning Bubba Kush. Originally a THC strain, this bud was crossed with an industrial hemp crop to yield up to 21% CBD and a sweet smoke. Wrapping you in an intense mix of piney, sweet and hashy flavors, users like Bubba Kush for its comforting effects, wrapping you in a warm buzz and a calm mind.

The Wife

Known for its strong medical uses, The Wife is a great CBD flower for those who seek pain and anxiety relief in a more natural way. With up to 20% CBD, hints of banana and cherries, and a skunky undertone, users love the balanced effects of this hybrid. Expect a soothing wave of calm and supreme relaxation with The Wife.


This is definitely one of the strongest CBD hemp flowers you can find. ACDC is a potent CBD strain for its 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. If you want to experience a strong relief sensation, ACDC is your best bet. Depression, stress, and agitation are just some of the several conditions that this heavy strain can treat to help you feel better.

Kush OG

Rated as one of the strongest CBD flower strains for its potent smell, Kush will have you feeling active both mentally and physically. With powerful smells of herb, mint, and fruit, the citrusy flavor of Kush is a total delicacy. Considered one of the best hemp flowers to smoke, you won’t feel as energetic as with a smoking session of Kush.

Variety is the taste of life, that is why we invite you to try as many hemp flower strains as you can. In case this guide was helpful,, we suggest you check out our posts. From the best hemp flower for anxiety, to those that treat pain or give you energy, there is a strain waiting for you. In addition, check out our garden and join the Botany Farms train by getting our craft cannabis.

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