Sugar Queen Strain

A bud of sugar queen strain cannabis sits atop a mountain of sugar with a cloudy blue sky in the background.

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God save the queen of all sweet strains! Make way for the Sugar Queen! Carrier of a type of sugar that cannot give you diabetes but rather brighten your day with a relieving, uplifting, and revitalizing power worthy of the royalty of hemp strains.

The high CBD content of this Sativa-leaning hybrid makes it an ideal choice for stress relief, and just like Hugh Laurie's wild honey, this sugary queen can make you feel twice the person you used to be. If you want to know about this sweet and noble lady, you have just reached the right palace!

Key Takeaways

  • Sugar Queen is a high CBD hemp strain native to central Europe.
  • It’s genetics are somewhat confusing as some brands market it as a sativa-dominant hybrid and others as an indica-dominant hybrid.
  • It’s 2% CBC content makes it unique.

What is the Sugar Queen Strain?

It is a rare variety of hybrid cannabis rich in CBD and with a Sativa inclination that is making waves among hemp lovers. Sugar Queen is such a new and rare strain that there is still a bit of confusion surrounding it.

Some brands market it as an Indica-leaning hybrid strain, and the CBD percentages of this hemp strain can vary depending on the lot and supplier. Sugar Queen is probably native to Central Europe, specifically Czechia, also called the Czech Republic, but some American brands have also started marketing varieties under this name.

Sugar Queen Strain Appearance

Sugar Queen buds have a solid structure and a dazzling appearance that catches the eye at first sight. This variety bears vibrant, light apple-green flowers that stand out from afar.

Orange and brownish hairs subtly adorn these flowers, which are completely covered in a resinous layer of translucent trichomes with a particular whitish tint of sugary appearance, full of non-psychoactive therapeutic power that makes this variety worthy of its characteristic name.

Sugar Queen Strain Genetics

The word "queen" in the name of this variety is not given just because. Sugar Queen carries genetics from the nobility of the hemp world. Although the genetic origins of this strain are not entirely clear, many people believe that this strain is the result of crossing the aromatic Queen Dream strain with the hugely popular Early Resin Berry.

The genetic makeup of each of these predecessor varieties really stands out in the Sugar Queen genetic profile. On the one hand, Queen Dream is the queen of hemp varieties that generate revitalizing lifting effects and carry a fully-loaded and complex terpene profile that emanates sweet floral aromas.

These two characteristic features make a marked presence in Sugar Queen. Queen Dream results from the cross between the Blue Dream varieties and the Sativa-dominant Cindarella 99, derived from Space Queen, which has also given rise to other prominent strains that are part of the “Queen” family, such as the powerful and mind-blowing Killer Queen.

Some cannabis connoisseurs agree that Sugar Queen is another daughter of the undoubtedly famous Early Resin Berry, also known as ERB. There are certain qualities in Sugar Queen that lend weight to this belief.

Sugar Queen has berry notes in her flavor and could generate analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that probably come from her ERB parent. Early Resin Berry is of unknown parents, but its characteristics made it one of the best male hemp genetics donors.

EBR´s balanced hybrid profile, its relatively balanced CBD/THC ratio, its early flower initiation, pungent sweet berry notes, high resin content, aromatic terpene profile, and the robust structure that its plants develop are the main reasons why this strain is now the predecessor of a large number of strains out there.

THC/CBD Content

Sugar Queen can range from 9.15% to an impressive 17% CBD content, while this strain's THC levels stay below 0.3%. An interesting feature of this strain is that some batches of Sugar Queen can contain up to 2% CBC. The pinch of CBC content could synergistically impact its final effects.

Sugar Queen Strain Terpenes

The specific composition and percentage of each terpene that makes up this crop's profile remain a mystery since Sugar Queen is relatively new to the market. What we do know is that this strain's profile exudes characteristic sweet and piney aromas with marked floral touches that honor its predecessor Dream Queen.

Soft berry notes with a certain skunky funk are also noticeable in this strain, honoring its other predecessor, EBR, tones that round off and complete the aroma profile of this sweet queen.

Sugar Queen Strain Effects

Sugar Queen may be the perfect strain for users looking for an extra kick of motivational energy. Users who got to try Sugar Queen report an increased focus with sensations of calm and relaxation that do not generate sedation or couchlock feeling but allow you to finish your tasks in an excellent mood.

This is why Sugar Queen can quickly become the perfect daytime hemp strain for some people and one of the most outstanding varieties on the list of best strains for creativity and focus.

The peculiar mixture of cannabinoids that Sugar Queen carries, rich in CBD and with up to 2% of CBC, significantly influences the possible anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of this variety and could generate an ideal synergistic effect to better deal with stress, anxiety, and mild pains.

Sugar Queen Strain Reported Flavors

While the sweet aromas of Sugar Queen tend more toward floral notes when smelling the fresh buds, when smoked, Sugar Queen releases a load of sweet berry flavors that hint at its relationship with Early Resin Berry. Citrus notes are definitely part of the flavor profile of Sugar Queen.

However, they are not lemon-like citrus notes but more reminiscent of ripe and fresh berries, so sweet that they honor the word “sugar” in the name of this crop.

Sugar Queen Strain Growing Info

There is still little information about Sugar Queen's growth, and this strain's seeds can be pretty challenging to find. But if you manage to get your hands on some, you will find that Sugar Queen is a relatively easy strain to grow and can grow very well indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses.

Sugar Queen grows solid in structure and shape, generating plants up to 8 feet tall, and as a good daughter of EBR, it is an early flowering variety. Depending on how well you care for her, Sugar Queen can produce copious amounts of large, dense buds abundantly covered in sugary trichome crystals. For more information on this royal strain, watch this video.

Strains like Sugar Queen Strain

If reading about Sugar Queen has your mouth watering, but you can't find the elusive it in dispensaries near you, you can venture out and try a similar strain.

If you are looking for an ideal crop for daytime use or are after the lifting effects of Sugar Queen, our delicious Lifter can surprise you with its citrus notes and motivating revitalizing energy.

If sweet, citrusy, and berry notes are your thing and you're looking for a Sativa-dominant strain with these smells and flavors, then our famed Sour Elektra might be the one for you.

But, if you don't want to stray too far from the Sugar Queen family tree, you can try a half-sister of this queen, also a daughter of Early Resin Berry, the delicious Sour Space Candy. Sour Space Candy is a hemp strain that will deliver hybrid effects packed in a dense therapeutic smoke with notes of sweet fruit and sharp accents of diesel and pepper.

Best of all, getting any of these varieties is as simple as clicking order in our online store and waiting in the comfort of your home for our team of experts to deliver your order to your doorstep in such a fast and discreet way that you will feel like another member of the royal family.

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