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Suver Haze strain

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One of the biggest names among high-yield CBD strains, the Suver Haze hemp strain has occupied a spot in many an enthusiast’s bags for years. It’s got a reputation as an excellent daytime strain for experienced smokers and an indispensable smoke for those who are discovering CBD.

What is the Suver Haze strain all about, and why is it so important in the cannabis community? Read on to find out in this Suver Haze CBD review.

What is the Suver Haze Strain?

Suver Haze was created from a cross of two existing and highly-popular CBD hemp flower strains, Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. This blend gives it a very rich CBD and cannabinoid profile, making it especially potent.

Sporting a CBD count of a whopping 18.71%, Suver Haze sits up there with some heavy hitters in terms of output. While this CBD count is high, there are no risks of developing paranoia or anxiety, making it a great smoke for newbies.

The Suver Haze strain remains one of the most popular strains among frequent users. Its unique terpene mix and consistency—sticky, oily, and rich in resins and cannabinoids—come courtesy of its parent strains, Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry.

Suver Haze Indica or Sativa

Suver Haze is a hybrid that leans heavily towards the Sativa end of the spectrum. It’s known for inducing some of the classic effects associated with sativa flowers, such as euphoria, a steady creative flow, and feelings of energy, joy, and motivation.

However, some also take Suver Haze for its relaxing and soothing effects. Thanks to its complex genetics and very high CBD content, it can perform well in this application too.

Suver Haze Strain Appearances

Outwardly, Suver Haze is not so hard to identify. It’s a dense, dark green flower with tightly packed buds that can appear somewhat large and resinous. Yellow, orange, and even blood-red accents are not uncommon.

Suver Haze Strain Genetics

The Suver Haze CBD strain is a great example of a potent hybrid strain. Both of its ancestors are high-performance CBD hybrids that were selected to minimize THC while at the same time making for a strong, diverse spectrum of effects.

Through many generations of breeding for maximum CBD concentrations, Suver Haze has resulted in a strain that packs particularly large, rich buds that are very high in resins and oils.

CBD Content

Like most CBD hemp flowers, Suver Haze clocks in at less than a single percent of THC, most of that being Delta 8. Hence, this strain will not get you high in any way, no matter the dosage.

With a CBD count of 18.71%, Suver Haze is, on the other hand, one of the highest-yield CBD hemp flower strains widely available today. Still, compared to other CBD flower strains, Suver Haze only features negligible amounts of other well-known cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN.

Suver Haze Strain Effects

Suver Haze is particularly renowned for its calming and relaxing effects. It promotes mental clarity while freeing the mind of stress and anxiety, and it’s a perfect strain to use any time of day for a little bit of a gentle slow-down.

Some, particularly those not used to the high CBD concentration found in strains like this, have reported excessive sleepiness or weakness when consuming Suver Haze. This might also translate into a feeling of dizziness or disorientation.

When used as a bedtime strain for promoting healthy sleep, this can be a positive effect; in fact, Suver Haze is one of the best strains for combating insomnia and enhancing sleep quality. Still, beginner users should be conservative with their dosage.

Suver Haze Strain Reported Flavors

The Suver Haze hemp strain has a relatively classic terpene profile, with the evergreen Myrcene dominating. It gives the flower an earthy, even woody flavor. Other minor terpenes, such as pinene and caryophyllene, add sweet and spicy notes of pepper and pine.

Suver Haze Strain Growing Info

Known for being a very tough and resilient strain of hemp flower, the Suver Haze strain can easily thrive in most climates. It is among the less demanding flowers to grow, which, of course, goes a long way to help explain its boom in popularity.

These days, most Suver Haze crops are grown in greenhouses across the Pacific Northwest and Southwest. Growers usually don’t apply the same levels of strictness here to humidity control as they would with some more sensitive strains; Suver Haze is infamously mold-resistant, thanks to its genetics.

On the other hand, light exposure, air quality, and ventilation are what can make or break the yield. Suver Haze can display long, healthy buds coated in very dense layers of frost when treated just right. If harvested early, Suver Haze might appear light green, whereas a late harvest (sometimes chosen deliberately to squeeze out even more cannabinoids) will display shades of red, orange, and brown.

Strains Like Suver Haze Strain

Naturally, strains featuring a similar terpene profile will likely appeal to fans of the Suver Haze hemp strain as well. Possible choices include, for example, Super Silver Haze, or Cherry Wine.

We would also recommend an in-house favorite here at Botany Farms – Sour Hawaiian Haze, a particularly sweet and upbeat strain that functions as Suver Haze’s mirror image.

Whereas both share many flavors and aromatic cues, Lemon Haze provides a totally different effects profile by being a sativa-dominant breed particularly heavy in THC and containing next to no CBD at all. This is a great pick for those who enjoy Suver Haze and want to experiment with completely different cannabinoid profiles.

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