Sweet Zombie Strain

A cannabis bud of Sweet Zombie Strain floats in front of a green emerald background.

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Nowadays, undead corpses walking among the living and post-apocalyptic stories have become quite popular. Although initially zombies were linked to African religious customs, they’ve been having a pop culture moment for decades.

With an entire literary subgenre known as Zombie Lit, shows like The Walking Dead, and movies like World War Z, how can we hate these supernatural, soul-less beings? So what do you say? Are you up for a midnight snack? How do brains and sweet berries sound? Meet Sweet Zombie Strain, an Indica treat to unleash your zombie side.

What Is the Sweet Zombie Strain

Sweet Zombie Strain is a nearly pure Indica, featuring 95% Indica genetics and only 5% Sativa, highly sought-after for its eye-catching colored buds. Expert Seeds bred this beauty to produce massive yields with outstanding levels of THC in short flowering periods. According to lab tests, the iconic child of Black Domina and Zombie Virus typically packs a THC content of around 20% to 25%, with at least 1% CBD.

Sweet Zombie Strain Appearance

Sweet Zombie stands out among other varieties for its unique visual characteristics, aesthetic appearance, and sparkling look. This drop-dead gorgeous nearly Indica offers dense, resinous buds that exhibit stunning shades of orange, purple, and black, all drenched top to bottom in shiny trichomes.

Sweet Zombie Strain Genetics

The masterminds at Expert Seeds crossbred Zombie Virus and Black Domina to create Sweet Zombie, the greatest manifestation of cannabis' genetic diversity. When we look at Sweet Zombie's lineage, we can understand better from where it gets its unique qualities.

For instance, its massive yield capacity, short flowering period, and grapy undernotes come from its genetic parent Zombie Virus, an almost pure Indica with sky-high THC content, bred by crossing an Indica with a Diesel strain.

Users associate the spicy-peppery aroma and taste of the Sweet Zombie Strain with its other parent Black Domina, an Indica variety made by crossing Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani. This sedating strain offers an immersive zombie-like relaxed state thanks to both genetic sides.

  • THC content: 20-25%
  • CBD content: ~1%

Sweet Zombie Strain Terpenes

The Sweet Zombie strain was blessed with its parents' particularly pronounced terpene and cannabinoid profile. Both were carefully selected through a long search for the best flavor and potency to get Sweet Zombie’s treats.

It carries an elevated content of Caryophyllene, the peppery terpene highly studied for being one of the first cannabis-derived compounds which seems to work directly with the endocannabinoid system. Due to this unusual ability to bind with endocannabinoid receptors, BCP has potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Nevertheless, not enough studies have analyzed the effects of high-level caryophyllene cannabis use. Sweet Zombie also packs significant levels of Myrcene, the most popular key terpene found in cannabis. Although it’s easily recognizable for its earthy smell with musky notes, myrcene is also responsible for the fruity, red grape-like aroma.

In addition, it has strong antibiotic, antimutagenic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and sedative effects, especially when working in synergy with THC.

Sweet Zombie Strain Effects

The Indica-dominant genetics of the Sweet Zombie strain, paired with its elevated THC levels, results in an incredibly potent sedative effect. After a few drags, a sense of euphoria invades your mind, followed by happy thoughts and deep relaxation.

Sweet Zombie's stoning effects encourage its consumers to enter a meditative state, perfect for an evening smoke, to engage in meaningful conversation, watch films or snuggle up at home with your better half. Medical users seek Sweet Zombie as a practical option for relieving pain, relaxing muscle stiffness, and easing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Nevertheless, it’s vital to note that high-THC levels are associated with adverse side effects such as panic attacks and hypertension. For those who suffer from these medical conditions or are prone to them, we have a viable solution that might prevent panic attack events and hypertensive crises while maintaining focus and mental energy levels for longer. Find more here.

Sweet Zombie Strain Reported Flavors

Once you open a stash jar full of Sweet Zombie's dried flowers, a pleasant sweet fruity journey begins, followed by earthy notes and spicy, musky nuances. The rich-trichome layer of the mind-blowing cross of Zombie Virus and Black Domina comforts with its berry-like aroma similar to blackberries and plums. Users often describe a sweet hash/resin aftertaste when taking a bong hit of this strain.

Sweet Zombie Strain Growing Info

Thanks to its Indica roots, the Sweet Zombie strain grows as a short-stature bush of 1.50 meters in height, with a massive yield after a short flowering period of 45 to 55 days. These characteristics make Sweet Zombie an optimal selection for commercial growers seeking a rapid turnover.

Whether you decide to grow them outdoors or indoors, it’s pretty mite resistant to boot and easily stacks buds after buds. However, Sweet Zombie varieties grow ideally in indoor environments and stealth, wardrobe grow-rooms with high-quality soil, good lights, and proper airflow.

According to growers, trichome production will be on point by week six under these conditions, thriving with yields of 550gr to 750gr per m² by week 7 to 8. On the other hand, when its feminized seeds are grown outdoors, you can expect a colossal yield of around 900- 1200 g per m² ready to harvest sometime in September in the northern hemisphere.

Strains like Sweet Zombie Strain

Although Sweet Zombie’s unique features are hard to compare, we present you Zombie Kush, a CBD Indica flower carefully cultivated in our garden to help you unwind and relax while you hang up lucid.

For those who want to savor our craft, prepare to be delighted with refreshing pine notes and sweet berry undertones. Keep the clarity, aid the immune system, and treat yourself with a high-quality, CBD-rich flower here.

However, if you want to take your smoke sesh to the next level, we recommend trying Delta-8 Zombie Kush and dipping your toes into Delta-8’s world with our trustful choice.

What makes us different it’s that we use frozen Delta-8 THC distillate, crush it into a fine powder, and infuse our premium flower evenly. This offers a smooth, flavorful draw free from the typical harshness we found in other Delta-8 flowers. Before we say goodbye, we got a particular article for the Indica-lovers who read our blog faithfully. Click here to discover the strongest Indica strains.

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