Sweetened Hemp Strain Review

Several buds of the Sweetened hemp strain

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A sweet spell of well-being works for every moment you live; it makes you feel like seizing the day, makes every joy better, and removes the gloom challenging moments put on your face. The Sweetened hemp strain reminds you that there are always colors in life; you just need some light to see them.

Sweetened is a balanced Sativa-Indica hybrid that registers CBD levels of a minimum of 10% up to more than a stunning 14%! This strain has an impressive CBD/THC ratio of 27–36:1, making its CBD levels one of the highest in the hemp industry compared to its THC content. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other balanced hybrids.


The experience starts when you open the bag or jar; the buds release their presentation card: a smelly waft of fruity sweetness that haunts the room with its seductive sweet and citrus notes. Get ready when grinding up your buds as the resin loses all of its richness with a robust pine scent.

As the herb burns, it gives your palate the pleasure of a fantastic spicy taste that reminds you of cinnamon and pepper, a tingly sensation on your tongue fading in fresh herbal notes. The smoke comes out with a smooth sense from your throat, guarding the bitterness of the flavor that transforms into woody and earthy notes that endure in the thick cloud.

The Sweetened hemp strain delights any user, new or experienced, with its enchanting fragrance and the smooth, silky sensation that characterizes the smoke of this high-quality strain. The multiple aromas and flavors of the terpenes contrast the fruity sweetness with the classic herbal bitterness of cannabis.


As a balanced hybrid, Sweetened has energizing, mind-chilling, and body-relaxing effects. The first thing to notice is a long-lasting mental relaxation effect. Your thoughts are clear and light, which helps you focus better on any task you perform.

Simultaneously, you feel happy and optimistic, ready to confront any challenge and pursue your goals. The body effect is terrific. Your body feels lighter, while a soothing sensation runs from the base of your neck across the core and limbs, alleviating all muscular stress, and now you breathe more comfortably.

If you like hiking or any outside physical activity, the Sweetened hemp strain makes a perfect companion. The impressive levels of CBD and the terpene profile bring a broad spectrum of medical benefits, such as pain alleviation, anti-inflammatory effects, anxiety reduction, stress reduction, and all without the risk of paranoia and anxiety that comes with the use of THC.

Sweetened Hemp Strain Genetics

The Sweetened hemp strain is the offspring of two top-quality balanced hemp strains: Cherry Hemp and Otto II, from which Sweetened has inherited some of the best genetics of both parents. The phenotype presents itself as a fast-growing plant with short internodes, resulting in a fast-growing, stocky plant.


Cherry is a perfectly balanced hybrid of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica that enjoys aromas like sweet cherry, spicy pepper, and citrus. This attractive combination of terpenes helps provide powerful anti-inflammatory effects that empower the muscles relaxation incidence that alleviates pain. Besides, Cherry produces a physical and mental calm, allowing a complete state of well-being.

Otto II is a balanced Sativa-Indica hemp strain with a rich combination of terpenes to set the mood to enjoy your everyday life. Otto II has a dominant hay aroma with a sense of savory and sour notes. The resins guard a citrus fragrance enhanced by a solid pine smell and earthy notes. Otto II has fantastic body and mind effects that will make your body feel lighter and relaxed while putting you in a focused and motivated mood.

Growth Information

The Sweetened hemp strain grows fast, but you need fertile soil, warm climate, and constant care to get the best from it. If you do so, you will get the best from the strain, and you will be the owner of a top-class CBD hemp plant. It grows well outdoors and in a greenhouse, so if you are an acknowledged cultivator, you sure will do a favor to the world by growing this plant.

Flowering Time

  • 8 to 9 weeks.


  • The Sweetened hemp strain gives an excellent yield of 2.5 lbs per plant.


If you are thinking of growing this great strain and doing users the favor of having more of its benefits in the industry or just having it at home to share with your friends, the feminized seeds of Sweetened are available to buy online. You can get 100 seeds for 105.00 USD or 1000 for 850.00 USD. If you require a different quantity, feel free to contact the vendor.

Sweetened Hemp Strain Price

The Sweetened hemp strain is a memorable experience for any user to try and talk about; buy it online and indulge yourself in the charming influence of its taste and flavor while making any moment a better memory, be it alone or with your friends.

Always buy your products from a trustworthy vendor so that you get a top-quality cannabis experience. Thinking about you, Botany Farms offers top-shelf products that do an excellent job, just as the Sweetened hemp strain. For instance, The Sour Space Candy is a balanced hybrid with dominant diesel, and pepper flavors for you who love a pungent terpenes profile with your CBD.

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