T2 Hemp Strain Review

T2 hemp strain

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Indica Sleep THCA
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Hybrid Relax THCA
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Delta-8 Indica Sleep
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The T2 strain is a high-CBD-level bud useful for many therapeutic uses. These flowers are in gorgeous deep purple and dark green colors, coated with a generous sticky coating of trichomes and blazing orange pistils. Because of these factors, the T2 hemp strain is excellent for extraction purposes.


The T2 hemp flowers have a high cannabinoid content, which makes this strain helpful for a wide range of therapeutic uses. The primary terpenes present in the T2 hemp strain are caryophyllene, which interacts with the CB2 receptor of our endocannabinoid system; and myrcene, a scent that supports relaxation and sleep and that is related to peaceful meditations.

We also have limonene, a terpene that acts as a stress reliever and a mood enhancer, and humulene, which interacts with CBD to intensify its benefits. We can definitely say that this strain is nothing but delicious. It provides a taste that reminds of sweet and fruity grape with citrus that fills the taste profile.

When burnt, the T2 strain will emanate a mild earthy aroma within a smooth smoke that comes with an extraordinary combination of fragrances that go from woody to sweet fruity terpenes.


With the T2 hemp strain, you will find a very stimulating experience, and it will probably make you feel a clear-headed high. Nevertheless, we must highlight that this tremendous strain is currently rising on demand because of the wide range of therapeutic uses it can provide, such as pain relief, inflammation reduction, and some calm for anxiety issues. This is due to the high cannabinoid content that this strain has.

T2 Hemp Strain Genetics

The genetics in a plant, same as in animals and humans, can give us an idea of the physical characteristics and profile of its strengths and weaknesses. The great T2 hemp strain is currently one of the most CBD-dominant hemp strains available in the industry. Reaching 17% of CBD levels in some plants, this is a strain found to have a lot of benefits for our physical and mental health.


First developed in Northern Oregon, the T2 strain may be original or blended with two different strains. But, specifically, the T2 Trump hemp strain finds its beginning when one Trump strain crosses with a second Trump strain.

By doing this, the strain becomes stronger, and the less favorable qualities are wiped out in the natural selection process. This makes the T2 a very resilient and robust strain capable of standing out of harsh climate conditions.

Growth Information

The T2 is a hardy strain that is ideal for outdoor hemp cultivation facilities, thanks to its durability and resilience to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, this strain’s seeds are also famous for producing high CBD content and massive flowers.

The T2 Strain is rich in over 19% of all cannabinoids. However, to attain the higher CBD content this strain can give, the T2 hemp strain requires very optimal growing conditions, allowing it to grow and thrive fully.

Flowering Time

  • 8 - 10 weeks

The incredibly delicious T2 hemp strain can be a bit tricky to get since it's not available everytime and everywhere. But, if you are feeling too curious about this awesome high-CBD level strain, you can check out our garden. Botany Farms offers top-shelf craft cannabis to deliver a clear mind to each user. Who doesn’t want an organic, flavorful hemp strain?

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