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A close up of two Delta-8 brownies stacked on top of on another.

Delta-8 Brownies Recipe

Brownies are loved, and for good reason. After all, who doesn’t like chocolate? A good brownie always brings back memories of when Mama used to bake them fresh. That chocolatey taste and smell are ...

RecipesA close up shot of weed infused rice crispie treats.

Weed Infused Rice Krispie Treats

If you’re looking for the perfect snack to help satisfy those munchies, and you want a tasty treat that’s going to give you the munchies in the first place, these weed-infused Rice Krispie treats m...

RecipesCannabis Iced Tea

Cannabis Iced Tea

A refreshing cup of iced tea is the perfect complement to your day. Just as a few drops of CBD tincture can be the ideal way to relax after a long day. If you’re looking for a way to bring thes...

RecipesBatch of colorful delta 8 gummies

How to Make D8 Gummies

It's an exciting time to be a marijuana user in the United States. With more and more states legalizing cannabis you have more options than ever before. You can buy it legally and make your own edi...

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RecipesEdible weed gummies with cannabutter in different bright colors

How to Make Edible Weed Gummies with Cannabutter

Ever since cannabutter was introduced to the cannabis world, there isn't a recipe a herbalist won't make with this wonderful ingredient. We all know about the mighty space cakes and weed brownies. ...

RecipesKief coffee and cannabis buds and joints

Kief Coffee Recipe

Looking to add a little extra buzz to your morning routine? Why not try kief coffee? With its unique flavors, invigorating effects, and playful twist, it's sure to make your mornings a whole lot mo...

RecipesTHC gummies with kief

How to Make THC Gummies with Kief

Everyone loves delicious, sweet treats like gummies, and they’re even better if these contain potent cannabinoids that will make the experience unforgettable. You may be familiar with cannabis g...

Recipesa bottle of Delta 8 THC tincture sits open on a table

Delta 8 Tincture Recipe

The whole DIY concept has played out well over the last decade. Who wouldn't want to jump on to such a trend that feels like a hobby, keeps you busy, and even saves you some money? Making your ve...

RecipesWeed Chicken Wings

Weed Chicken Wings Recipe

Disclaimer: The average preparation time of an hour and forty minutes or more assumes you have cannabutter on hand. If you need to make cannabutter, you can find a guide on how to prepare it here....