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A mini bong next to some great tasting hemp flower

Best Tasting Hemp Flower in 2024

Our picks for the best tasting hemp flower of 2024.

StrainsBig Bang 2 Strain Review

Big Bang 2 Strain Review

Uncover the secrets of this 23% THC level bud, known for its sweet apple and citrus scent with hints of rose and violet.

StrainsBaox Strain

Baox Strain Review: What to Know about this Indica Hybrid Flower

Embark on a delightful adventure into the realm of Baox strain, a fascinating and unique CBD strain that is sure to tickle your taste buds and lift your spirits.

StrainsAzure Haze strain

Azure Haze Strain Review

Learn about the tropical Azure Haze strain with Botany Farms: a sweet, citrusy indica-dominant hybrid perfect for daytime relaxation and focus. 18% THC!

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StrainsAn alien berry bubble strain plant growing

Alien Bubble Berry Strain Review

Dive into the cosmic journey of Alien Bubble Berry, a strain that combines sweet berry aromas with spicy undertones for a soothing indica experience. Perfect for those seeking relaxati...

StrainsAutopilot hemp strain

Autopilot Hemp Strain Review

Take a joyride through the world of hemp strains and buckle up for a review of the one and only Autopilot Hemp Strain.

StrainsSome buds of high CBD low THC cannabis on a wooden plate with some matches and a joint

Best High CBD Low THC Strains: Our Guide for 2024

Discover the best high-CBD low-THC strains at Botany Farms for relief without the high. Perfect for anxiety, PTSD, and staying focused. Shop now!

StrainsApricot Jelly strain

Apricot Jelly Strain Review

In this Apricot Jelly strain review, learn more about this sativa-dominant strain and why it's an excellent wake-and-bake strain.

StrainsOreo Cookies strain

Cookies and Cream Strain Review

There’s something about fresh cookies that makes them irresistible! It's not uncommon to find yourself uncontrollably eating and grabbing cookie after cookie until you realize you ate 10 or more. N...