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Four jars of Botany Farms Delta 8 THC gummies sit atop a countertop against a blurred background.

How Long do Delta-8 Gummies Take to Kick In?

You may be a bit confused in terms of the various effects that different cannabinoids have, as well as how long they take to kick in. One of the cannabinoids that you may be familiar with is Delta-...

Uncategorizedmarijuana flower over a background of bubble gum balls

Bubblegum Kush Strain

In 1928, a curious accountant working in a chewing gum factory took about four long months to find the recipe that he once lost. The result was a tasty, elastic gum that has accompanied us through ...

UncategorizedMan smoking the best strains for male arousal

Best Strains for Male Arousal

We barely have to press on to you about the multiple benefits of cannabis use. Depending on the variety you choose, its effects will be soothing, uplifting, euphoric, or lock you to your couch in a...

UncategorizedMerlot hemp strain

Merlot Hemp Strain Review

We know that after a long day, we all want something to unwind and relax. The Merlot hemp strain is the perfect cannabis variety that eliminates the stress and discomfort of work and all responsibi...

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UncategorizedHemp flower bought online

How to Buy Hemp Flower Online

Buying hemp online can be as tricky as buying anything else. You have to be careful with the prices, shipping, description of the products, and the retailer’s reliability. Of course, no one wants t...

UncategorizedPink God Strain

Pink God Strain Review

There are several different ways to experience paradise on earth. Although no one has ever seen god’s face, we are pretty sure that the fragrant and powerful Pink God strain is one of the closest t...


Hemp Flower Nevada: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

Known as the gambling and entertainment capital of the United States, Nevada attracts millions of visitors every year for its bright atmosphere.Not only known as a haven for the best gambling casin...