Therapy Hemp Strain Review

Therapy hemp strain

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Aches can be physical, mental, or spiritual. They are like being in a dark box wanting to get out of it while the force of the pain pulls you to the bottom. The fighting can be exhausting, and all you want is alleviation, a reprieve.

Luckily, CBD is an authentic escape from the struggle, and the Therapy hemp strain is one of its best fighters. CBD Therapy is an Indica-dominant hemp strain bred by CBD Crew. This is a top-class cannabis strain with a 1:20 THC:CBD ratio, one of the market’s amplest ratios.


The Therapy hemp strain gives a robust scent of fruit and berries as a first impression; it fills the room effortlessly from the strain’s leaves. The smell brings relaxation and a soothing effect to take over your senses from the moment the fragrance caresses your nose.

When breaking the buds, the aroma surprises with herbal undernotes and a cinnamon whiff that empowers the organic scent of the pleasant fruit. At first, the flavor of the Therapy hemp strain reflects on your palate the bud’s aromas.

The fruity taste spreads all over your tongue in a sweet hug that leads to sour and spicy herbal notes, causing a tingly sensation up to your throat. This combination leaves an earthy and zingy aftertaste that goes away as soon as you take another drag.

The terpenes of the CBD Therapy strain are unique as cultivators managed to create a profile that maximizes the entourage effects, so the therapeutic benefits of the strain empower the impact of the CBD. At the same time, the aromas and flavor catch your senses.


The Therapy CBD strain makes justice to its name due to its highly therapeutic effects. Being an Indica, this bud’s incidence is bodily. It all starts with a relaxed feeling that makes your body and your mind feel light; every breath is smooth, and the taste is sweet.

The sedative effect makes your body feel warm, and the anti-inflammatory action alleviates the pain. The effects come early, so you will soon feel the muscles’ relaxation, driving away the mental and physical stress; the anxiety is gone, and you are now free.

The Therapy hemp strain is ideal for an evening after work or any time before going to sleep. Let the CBD in and take every ache away in the smoke while closing your eyes in a deep and pleasant sleep. In the morning, you will feel fresh and renewed. Make this new day a great story.

Therapy Hemp Strain Genetics

The parents of the Therapy CBD strain are hard to trace. The lineage of this cannabis miracle is a mystery. However, their genetics created a top-quality strain with outstanding CBD levels, making it a favorite among new and experienced users seeking out the best medical benefits the cannabis industry can offer.

The phenotype of the Therapy hemp strain has appealing bright green nugs decorated with tenuous yellows and oranges shades that make the bud look especially attractive. It calls you from the moment you see it on a store’s shelves. In addition, the buds look delicately compact while they are heavy and sticky, telling you how good the experience will from the beginning.

Growth Information

The Therapy CBD is a variety easy to cultivate. You can grow it indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. You do not need much experience to grow the Therapy hemp strain properly, so it is a good decision for beginners and anyone who wants to have it in their own home.

Flowering Time

  • 8 to 9 weeks


  • Indoors: 500g/m².


The seeds of the Therapy hemp strain are hugely in demand and it could be hard to find them. Fortunately, they are available to buy online from a reliable vendor.

Therapy Hemp Strain Price

CBD Therapy is a must-own therapy for every medical user and anyone who would like to try the benefits of CBD at such a high level as this strain offers. Feel free to buy it online. You can get 1 gram for 9.00 USD, half an ounce for 70.00 USD, or a whole ounce for 100.00 USD.

The Therapy hemp strain is an exceptional product for any user who experiences it. In the same way, Botany Farms offers the Lifter Hemp Strain, an excellent Sativa hybrid that can do such a fantastic job as CBD Therapy does. In addition, with high levels of CBD, Lifter has the benefit of being a daytime use strain, so it will not get you sleepy while living the day.

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