Violet Flame Strain Review

A violet flame strain of cannabis plant

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This potent combination of Purple Urkle and White Flame 43 is an indica-dominant hybrid with average 20% THC that will have you feeling its citrus gas aroma from the moment you open the package. With dark green and purple hues, all covered with a frosty layer of crystals, these buds pack a great set of effects that will have you chilling after a long day.

Although Botany Farms doesn't carry this exact strain yet, we have several other similar frosty, purple hybrids that match Violet Flame's style.

Key Takeaways

  • Violet Flame is an indica-dominant strain with THC levels averaging 20%.
  • It is a cross of Purple Urkle and White Flame 43.
  • Violet Flame produces calming effects and may also help alleviate pain.

What Is the Violet Flame Strain

The Violet Flame strain is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing the Purple Urkle and White Flame 43 strains. Like the name suggests, it's noticeable by the deep olive green color and vivid purple undertones.

Violet Flame Strain Appearance

Violet Flame buds are long and dense, with deep olive green color and vivid purple undertones. They also feature fiery orange hairs and a coating of tiny, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Violet Flame Strain Genetics

Coming from Purple Urkle and White Flame 43, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Violet Flame has such an outstanding indica profile and high THC levels. Both parents have bushy phenotypes, with dense and tight buds of forest green and purple hues.

Given their similar flavors, Violet Flame is nothing but the most potent manifestation of citrusy, pungent and diesel buds you can find on the market.

THC/CBD Content

Purple Urkle is one of the most popular indica strains. This medical marijuana strain has an average THC content of 20% and is identified by its purple nugs and amber pistils. The strong smell of berries and grapes will immediately water your mouth, and as you smoke, you will find yourself feeling a strong buzz.

Thanks to its powerful effects, Purple Urkle may help alleviate muscle spasms, anxiety and pain.

As for White Flame 43, we can say is a strong indica strain due to its 25% THC levels. Perfect for a nighttime smoke, this strain will get you ready for bed and help you unwind. Due to these effects, White Flame 43 is best for chronic pain, inflammation and insomnia. Moreover, its citrus and diesel flavors are a treat to the senses, producing a pleasant smoke.


Violet Flame has a citrusy, floral and diesel flavor profile. This makes it a pleasant strain for those who like more strong flavors in their flowers.

The terpenes responsible for this are caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene and limonene. This complex terpene profile provides the Violet Flame strain with tasty flavors and enhances the overall potency of its benefits.


If you are stressed and need to unwind and relax at the end of the day, there is nothing better than a good indica strain for this purpose.

The Violet Flame strain delivers a burst of floral and citrusy flavors that will make you feel calm and focused. Ideal to relieve pain, induce relaxation and a tingling buzz over your body, Violet Flame helps with anxiety and depression.

The effects of this strain are even more potent thanks to its particular terpene profile. First, caryophyllene is the most dominant terpene in the Violet Flame strain. It is the only terpene found to interact with the endocannabinoid system; as a result, has anxiolytic and analgesic effects.

Then, there is myrcene which provides the cannabis plant with analgesic, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it contributes to the sedative effects some strains have.

Limonene has anti-stress, anti-depression, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Lastly, there is humulene - a terpene hard to find in high levels in most cannabis strains. It boasts potent anti-inflammatory properties and is also noted to contribute to the entourage effect.

Strain Reported Flavors

The flavor profile is on the lighter side, with a sour citrusy taste complemented by fresh fruity berries and spicy, peppery diesel notes. When you break apart the glittering nuggets, you’ll notice spicy black pepper and flowery diesel scents, accented by a punch of sour citrus.

Strain Growing Info

Since this is a lesser known strain, it is not easy to find to smoke. Its seeds are not easy to get either. However, some users have shared that it is an easy strain to grow indoors. It takes around 8 weeks to flower.

Strains Like Violet Flame 

If you’re a fan of the Violet Flame strain, you might also enjoy these other cannabis strains with similar characteristics:

  • Violet Delight: Although not an exact match, Violet Delight is an indica-dominant strain that delivers a burst of floral flavor. While it doesn’t share the same parentage as Violet Flame, its aromatic profile might appeal to those who appreciate strong flavors in their flowers
  • Other Frosty, Purple Hybrids: While Botany Farms doesn’t carry the exact Violet Flame strain, they offer several other frosty, purple hybrids. These strains may not be identical, but they share some visual and flavor similarities. Keep an eye out for those frosty buds

Remember that each strain has unique characteristics, so exploring different options can be an exciting journey!

Where to Find the Strain

The Violet Flame strain is obviously elusive, so it is probable you won't find it at your local weed dispensary. A better idea is to try online and see what your search yields. 

At Botany Farms, we grow organic cannabis with utmost care and hand trim, cure and package our flowers. We may not have Violet Flame yet, but we can recommend a worthy alternative in the name of Special Sauce.

This fruity indica strain will transport you to a ripe blackberry field thanks to its rich terpene profile that includes citrusy notes. With a CBD content of 18.8%, you will get a smooth and relaxing smoke that will take away all the stress of the day.

Who to Recommend the Violet Flame Strain For

Given its dominant indica properties, Violet Flame is ideal for people who may be dealing with mood swings, depression, appetite loss, nausea, chronic pain, and cramps or muscle spasms.

Final Thoughts

Violet Flame is one of those obscure strains that not much is known about. However, its properties are all to familiar within the cannabis community. For users seeking to kick back and relax, this is one strain that will not disappoint.

Violet Flame: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions asked by cannabis enthusiasts about this strain:

How does Violet Flame make me feel?

The high from Violet Flame comes on quickly, providing a lifted sense of happiness that replaces negative or racing thoughts with a blissful calm. It’s followed by a tingly body high that leaves you feeling totally at ease.

Is Violet Flame ideal for beginners?

With THC levels in the lower 20s, Violet Flame is not a strain for beginners. So, exercise extreme caution when consuming this flower.



Important note: The information regarding cannabis strains presented here is for educational purposes only. It is essential to understand the regulations on cannabis and cannabinoids in your specific location before using or purchasing cannabis. Laws governing it vary widely, and what might be legal in one area or location might be restricted or prohibited in another.

It is vital to comply with the laws and regulations of your area in terms of cannabis use and possession. We support responsible consumption and urge our readers to consider this when reviewing cannabis products. At Botany Farms, we aim to share insights and information about cannabis for educational purposes while promoting legal and safe consumption per your locality's regulations.

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