Watermelon Haze Hemp Strain Review

Watermelon Haze Hemp Strain

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The sun is going down in front of your eyes; the sand feels cold and soft under your feet, the warm wind caresses your skin, and the waves play their music while clashing on the beach. Sounds like a good time to try the exquisite Watermelon Haze hemp strain.

The tropical fruity taste raises the mood of a calm, warm day with the pleasant effects of CBD. Watermelon Haze is a robust 80% Indica-dominant hemp strain with 16% to 21% CBD content at 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Its terpenes profile and its Indica influence make it a perfect strain to relax while watching the sundown and the sky turning from orange to purple to stars. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other indica dominant flower:


Watermelon Haze’s terpenes are a whole tropical experience of fruity fragrance and well-known attractive earthy notes. You just need to open the bag to fill the air around you with the sweet scent the Watermelon Haze hemp strain has to offer, which maximizes when you grind the buds.

The flavor is just as pleasant as its smell. The fruity taste mixes in your palate with a slight acre tone, which feels spicy as it leaves your mouth. Then, a fuel-like aftertaste fades away quickly but endures like a whiff in the thick smoke. The seductive terpenes combined with its potent CBD effects create a memorable experience for any new or accustomed user.


The Watermelon Haze hemp strain creeps on you and it takes time to feel the effects, so be careful with the quantity you use. In the first minutes, you will only enjoy its fantastic aromas and flavors, but then come the calm body effects and the mental clarity that makes you feel as light as relaxed.

An improved concentration follows a constant psychological relaxation, empowered by a clear mental state, making further connections between your ideas and pulling out new details about them. The Watermelon Haze hemp strain creates a perfect moment for doing creative tasks and having friendly and long conversations.

The body effects are the characteristic incidence of a potent Indica. Watermelon Haze relaxes your muscles, takes off the tension from your elbows and back, and, with time, comes the warm hug of the couch-lock perfect to go to bed. Users report waking up refreshed after sleeping on Watermelon Haze effects; this is one of the medical benefits besides pain relief, anti-inflammatory action, and helps against depression and appetite loss.

Watermelon Haze Hemp Strain Genetics

The Watermelon Haze flower is a tropical dream. This strain has big green buds covered by beautiful orange trichomes. Being the cross of Watermelon and an unknown Haze strain, this bud has a lot to offer to make any day a tremendous tropical story.


Watermelon or Watermelon Kush is a potent Indica strain whose linage is unknown, but its genetics are powerful. Watermelon produces a body high with relaxing effects, making it worthwhile to fight insomnia. Watermelon Haze inherits its fruity terpenes profile from this strain with a distinct fruity watermelon flavor profile, reminiscent of grape with spicy undertones.

Although the second Haze parent is no well defined, Haze strains are Sativas that provide high-energy and creative effects. Since the 60s, Haze has made a name and today is the parent of countless hybrids around the globe, passing on its genetics from Latin America to East Asia and India. Haze's aroma is typically an acre scent empowered by citrus notes and earthy taste.

Growth Information

Watermelon Haze’s growth has an intermediate difficulty, so you will need some experience and knowledge to get good benefits from it and a good yield if you want to cultivate it. It is best to grow the Watermelon Haze hemp strain outdoors in a warm climate or a well-managed greenhouse with warm and mildly humid conditions.

Flowering Time

  • 55 - 60 days

Watermelon Haze Hemp Strain Price

Watermelon Haze is a must-have strain and an experience you can not lose to live. Fortunately, you can buy it online from 7 grams for 15.99 USD to 1 ounce for 45.99 USD or an entire pound for 509.99 USD. Indulge yourself and share with your friends this fantastic tropical experience of flavor.

If you like how the Watermelon Haze experience sounds, you will love the Bubba Kush Delta 8 THC hemp strain from Botany Farms. Thinking about you, Botany Farms offers top-quality cannabis products that procure your joy and health. The Delta 8 THC variation of the famous Bubba Kush gives you an unparalleled smooth experience from the legendary Kush family while staying on the ground.

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