What Are Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies?

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If you are unfamiliar with various types of cannabis or hemp edibles, then you’ve come to the right place, because we're about to talk about some of the most popular ones out there. Today, we want to take a closer look at the Delta-9 THC live rosin gummies.

These are special types of edibles made with Delta-9 THC, and a specific type of Delta-9 THC concentrate known as live rosin.

Right now, you're going to find out everything there is to know about Delta-9 THC live rosin and gummies including what Delta-9 THC is, what live rosin is, what potential benefits these gummies have, and much more. You might know what cannabis edibles are, but what exactly makes these Delta-9 live rosin gummies so special? Keep reading and find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Live rosin is a special cannabis extract made with live plant matter, which is pressed in between heated plates.
  • Live rosin and live resin are not the same things. Live rosin does not use solvents, whereas live resin uses solvents during the extraction process.
  • Live rosin gummies feature many potential benefits of Delta-9 THC, and as long as they don't contain more than 0.3% of Delta-9 in terms of dry weight concentrations, they should also be totally legal.
  • Check out this guide on the best Delta-9 edibles for more information.

What Is Delta-9?

Delta-9 is a specific type of THC, otherwise known as Delta-9 THC. This is the regular type of THC that people refer to when they talk about this cannabinoid.

Whenever you see a cannabis product such as flower or concentrates to vaporize that says it has XX THC percentage, this Delta-9 THC is what is being referred to. This is the most abundant and commonly occurring major cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. This is alongside CBD, which is the second major and most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis plants.

For the record, if we are talking about hemp plants, not cannabis plants, then it is CBD that is the dominant cannabinoid, with Delta-9 THC taking a back seat. Delta-9 THC is an intoxicating and psychoactive substance. It is what people look for when they want to get high.

However, Delta-9 THC does not necessarily have to come from cannabis plants, because, through special scientific processes, it is possible to convert CBD into Delta-9 THC. This, therefore, helps keep Delta-9 THC on the more legal side of the spectrum, specifically if it is derived from the hemp plant and made from CBD.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis or cannabinoid products in the USA are only legal so long as they are derived from CBD and the hemp plant, and contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

What Is Live Rosin?

We then have live rosin, which is a specific type of cannabis or hemp extract. The first half of the equation is the live part, which means that live or fresh frozen plant matter is taken to extract the cannabinoids from.

This is opposed to many other types of cannabis extracts which use buds that have already been dried and cured. The buds used for making live resin have not yet been cured, which allows for a much richer terpene profile, and therefore better flavors.

Then, we have the rosin aspect, which is a very easy type of cannabis extract to create. The buds, in this case, live or frozen buds, are taken and pressed in between two heated plates.

Great amounts of heat and pressure cause the cannabis oils, in this case, the Delta-9 THC, to be released from the rest of the plant matter. What you are left with is a relatively thick, sticky, and oily substance that you can then vaporize, put in your bong bowls, and even make edibles with.

What Are Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies?

Delta-9 THC live rosin gummies are therefore gummy candies or cannabis edibles that are made with Delta-9 THC live rosin extract. That live rosin which is pressed from live or frozen plant matter is then taken and used to infuse these gummy edibles.

How Are Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies Made?

What's nice is that the live rosin manufacturing process already decarboxylates it, which means that this substance is ready to use to make gummies. You do not first have to decarboxylate it.

You can simply mix it right in with the other ingredients that you need to make gummies. There is really not very much to it. You just need a decent recipe for Delta-9 THC gummies.

You take the live rosin, mix it with the other ingredients such as water, gelatin, emulsifying agents, flavorings, and more, cook everything into a thick syrup, and then pour it into your favorite candy molds.

How Do Live Rosin Delta-9 Gummies Make You Feel?

Delta-9 THC live rosin gummies should make you feel just like any other Delta-9 THC product. We'll take a closer look at the difference between Sativa and Indica strains further below, but generally speaking, you can expect to feel a fairly strong head high and body high.

Delta-9 THC live rosin gummies may produce a potent head high that could make you feel euphoric, happy, and mentally relaxed, and just puts you in a better mental state in general.

There is usually also a body high associated with Delta-9 THC gummies, characterized by bodily relaxation, pain relief, heaviness, tingling of the limbs, and general sedation. There are then also subtle differences between Indica and Sativa strains that we will look at further below.

Are Live Rosin Gummies Stronger Than Regular Gummies?

Whether or not live rosin gummies are stronger than regular gummies depends on the exact types of extracts used. Because of the way that live rosin is made, with live plant matter that has not yet been cured, it is generally slightly less potent than other types of extracts that are made with cured cannabis buds.

For instance, many extracts can reach up to 95% THC potency, whereas live rosin often tops out at around 85%, although this is not a steadfast rule. Even if live rosin gummies are not quite as strong as other gummies, 85% THC is still very respectable.

Furthermore, it really depends more on how much of this concentrate is added to the edibles. A manufacturer could easily add twice as much live rosin to their edibles as other concentrates, which would therefore make the live rosin and edibles much stronger.

Does Sativa Or Indica Matter In Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies?

Yes, whether the Delta-9 THC comes from a Sativa plant or an indica plant makes a difference. Sativa strains tend to produce more of a cerebral or head high as opposed to a body high.

Sativa strains often make you feel a bit more energetic, creative, talkative, giggly, and social. Sativa strains do also produce a bit of a body high, although it is the head high that is more prominent. This may also be characterized by general mood improvement, happiness, euphoria, and elation.

We then have Indica strains, which tend to produce much more of a body high. This is generally characterized by a sensation of heaviness, tingling limbs, bodily relaxation, and pain relief, and a feeling of sinking into the couch, along with sedation.

There will also be some mental euphoria and relaxation here, although the head or cerebral effects are not nearly as pronounced as the body high. There are also hybrid strains of cannabis that provide you with the best of both worlds.

Does The Terpene Profile Affect Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies?

Yes, the terpene profile does affect Delta-9 live rosin and gummies, particularly in terms of flavors. As you might know, there are many different terpenes that cannabis and hemp strains contain. Some of the most common ones include limonene, linalool, caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and many more.

Each of these terpenes has a specific flavor profile, and most strains of cannabis contain many different terpenes which therefore work together to produce very complex aromas and flavors.

Also, worth taking note of is the entourage effect, which refers to the way that terpenes interact with cannabinoids.

Specific terpenes may also have potential benefits, such as reducing anxiety, reducing pain, making it easier to breathe, and so on and so forth. Depending on the exact terpenes contained in the Delta-9 THC gummies in question, those gummies could also provide you with added benefits.

Potential Benefits Of Live Rosin Delta-9 Gummies

Delta-9 THC has a wide variety of potential benefits both for the mind and body. However, before we talk about those, let's just quickly talk about the benefits associated with eating gummies or edibles, as opposed to smoking or vaporizing.

The biggest benefit here is of course that eating edibles does not negatively impact your respiratory tract, unlike smoking and vaporizing which are unfortunately not the best for your lungs.

There is also the case that with edibles, it's much easier to dose exactly how much of the cannabinoids that you are getting. Many people also like ingesting their edibles because they end up hitting much harder.

Due to the way the body processes THC when it is ingested orally, it ends up being much stronger than when it is inhaled. It's just more cost-effective. That said, we're really here to focus on the actual benefits of Delta-9 THC, so let's do that right now.


Delta-9 THC is believed to be an anti-inflammatory agent. This means that it may be able to help control inflammation, such as that caused by arthritis, which should therefore also help relieve pain in the process. Delta-9 THC may also have other anti-inflammatory benefits, such As for your skin.


Delta-9 THC is also thought to be an analgesic agent, or in other words, a painkiller. Although analgesic agents don't actually cure the underlying cause of the pain, they do prevent your nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. This, therefore, reduces the amount of pain you feel.

Anti-Anxiety & Stress

By affecting various neurotransmitters and hormones in your brain, specifically related to cortisol, anandamide, and serotonin, THC may also be able to help reduce symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. THC is therefore believed to be an effective mood regulator.


THC may also interact with dopamine receptors in your brain, with dopamine being responsible for feelings of reward, happiness, and elation. Dopamine has to do with the pleasure and reward center of your brain. It is believed that THC may increase the functionality of dopamine neurotransmitters in your brain, therefore potentially relieving symptoms associated with depression.

A Sleep Aid

THC itself has the potential to act as a strong sedative, therefore allowing you to get a good night's sleep. THC is something that may act as a sleep aid.

Anti-Nausea & Pro-Hunger

THC is also believed to be an antiemetic, which means that it should help prevent nausea from occurring. Simultaneously, it may also increase the amount of hunger hormones produced by the body, therefore making you feel hungry. This can be beneficial for people who often suffer from nausea and have trouble eating.

Potential Side Effects Of Live Rosin Gummies

There are some potential side effects that you may suffer from taking live rosin gummies, albeit they are usually fairly minimal. First and foremost, if you take way too much Delta-9 THC, you may induce slight paranoia and anxiety, so always start slow.

Furthermore, Delta-9 THC, once ingested orally becomes quite potent and long-lasting, so you might still feel the effects the next day, especially in terms of feeling burnt out or groggy.

Some people may also experience some slight gastrointestinal upset, such as stomach pains and diarrhea. Many people also note getting red eyes and a dry mouth. One of the biggest side effects here is hunger, otherwise known as the munchies.

Live Rosin vs Live Resin Gummies

The biggest difference between live rosin and live resin has to do with the extraction process. Yes, both of these types of gummies use live plant matter as opposed to cured plant matter.

However, the difference here is that live rosin is made by pressing the plant matter in between heated plates, whereas live resin is made through a solvent-based extraction process.

Many people prefer the more complex flavor profiles offered by rosin as opposed to resin. Furthermore, rosin is something that you can technically make at home without too much risk, whereas the resin making process is much more dangerous, difficult, and costly.

The process of making live resin is lengthier than making live rosin, but also easier and safer. The other difference is that the process used to extract the cannabinoids when making live resin may result in a slightly higher potency.

Live Rosin vs Wax

The differences between resin and rosin are very similar to the differences between rosin and wax. Wax is also made with a solvent-based extraction process, which generally means that it could be slightly more potent than the rosin, even by just a few percent.

On the other hand, the live rosin generally has a more complex flavor profile. Wax tends to be a lot thicker than live rosin, which can be quite oily.

However, most of the differences here will lie in the strains used to make the final products, whether live or cured plant matter was used, and how closely the correct manufacturing processes were followed.

Are Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies Safe?

We always recommend consulting a healthcare practitioner before starting any new medicine or substance, but generally speaking, Delta-9 THC should be safe.

There is currently no evidence to indicate that Delta-9 THC, especially when taken in moderate quantities, is in any way toxic or life-threatening.

Yes, Delta-9 THC, especially when taken in high quantities, may produce some notable side effects, such as paranoia, anxiety, red eyes, dry mouth, tiredness, and hunger, but nothing overly severe.

At this time, the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States of America states that any cannabinoid product that is derived from the hemp plant and contains no less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC should be legal.

Therefore, Delta-9 THC in the United States sits in somewhat of a gray area. If we are talking about pure Delta-9 THC extracts or Delta-9 THC cannabis flower, these would generally not be considered legal.

However, tinctures, edibles, and other such products that are made with Delta-9 THC, may be legal so long as they do not contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC in dry weight concentration, and as long as it is derived from the hemp plant.

This means that a THC edible, so long as it does not contain more than 3 milligrams of Delta-9 THC per gram of edible, should be considered legal.


If you have never tried Delta-9 THC edibles made with live rosin before, we definitely recommend doing so. These are some of the tastiest and most potent edibles that you will find, and they're generally perfectly legal as well. If just one of the benefits we talked about could be useful for you, then this is worth a try.

Where To Buy Delta-9 Gummies And Live Resin Products Online

If you are looking for Delta-9 gummies and live resin products, there is no better place to look than right here at Botany Farms.

One of our most popular products at this time is this Delta-8 Sour Space Candy Live Resin Vape Cart. If you want to try some live resin, then our own Llama Kush CBN Live Resin Vape Cart could be right up your alley.

If you would like to try some gummies, check out our Blue Raspberry Delta-9 THC Gummies or these awesome Watermelon Microdose Delta-9 THC Gummies.

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